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Does Your Character Sabotage Themselves?

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This is like the major pass time of all my characters. XD


Reese: Does this continuously because he feels like he deserves to be punished for a crime that he feels like he commit (but it wasn't his fault).


Khalil: Sabotages himself by being overly forgiving to those who are not forgiving to him. He gets attacked all the time, and can't figure out why. He has literally no idea that he's doing it. ._.

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I'm pretty sure all my characters sabotage themselves. The reasons differ, for two of them it's unknowingly, probably with good intentions but not socially aware enough to realize what they're doing. One of them is too stupid to be truly evil so they sabotage their own plans, and one of them only does it when trying to flirt.

If I wasted my time on everyone, I wouldn't have any left for myself.

- A.

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Krepta sabotages herself quite often, particularly where relationships are involved. When she's protecting or 'fixing' someone, it's fine, but the moment they start getting close, or start to peek too closely beneath the surface of that tough hide, she usually finds an excuse to run away. She wants those deeper connections so badly, but she's so terrified of the vulnerability they bring. Whenever she starts to settle and feel comfortable, she'll do something to mess it up, because deep down she doesn't believe she deserves to be happy. She doesn't realize she's actively doing this, I think-- it's more of a knee jerk reaction, if a hell of one for sure.


Viro self sabotages, but he's aware he's doing it and does it on purpose. He knows he's got a habit of hurting people, whether it's because he's got no real plans of committing to anyone one person or thing, or because he hasn't quite shed the sins of his past. The safest thing for the people he cares about is for them to stay at arm's length. The souls who can handle the real him are rare.

image.gif.0e28797abb323b4ecf9947a8f114420c.gif rRJM42.png

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Kalani does sabotage himself, but he does not know he does it. He starves himself sometimes if he can't get food. He procrastinates and barely gets things done. He has no set routine, but he knows he needs one. He also criticises himself if he does something stupid or misses a deadline.


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