Membership Allowing junior players -- a turn-off?

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I'm of the mind that it depends on the board. I'm on one HP board that does allow folks under 18. It's pg-13 with pword areas for those who are over 18 if they want to write smut. If the content is not appropriate for those under the age of 18, then I'm not interested in those who aren't 18 being on the board. 


I also get weird about my characters being in romantic relationships with characters written by those who are under 18 on any board that does allow under 18. I think that's straight up because I'm a former teacher though and I like to dot my i's and cross my t's.

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I like having younger writers on a board. some of them are great writers, and have more energy and time to roleplay than the older players. I base judgements more on how players act than their age. if a player acts mature enough to self-moderate their content, and make judgement calls about which threads aren't appropriate for them to join, than I'm fine with them being around.

Chances are that 18> players will find ways to expose themselves to what they want to discover, and if adults were hiding it too visibly that would attract more curiosity rather than less.

That said, sites don't always need an age limit to attract certain kinds of players. The way a site is designed, its theme, the culture of the existing players, and the posts on the forums are likely to attract players of certain age ranges more than others. Players often clump with others of similar interest and maturity level. There were always be individuals who come on sites just to try and explore 'forbidden lands' who are obviously younger than they say they are, and try to play content that is actually against the law for their age, but i think those should be dealt with as they come. I'm not keen on keeping out younger players on sites that are thematically and content wise clearly not R rated.

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