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And while we're all flooding you with answers to your question....


You can also fill out an RP Request form HERE and see what responses you get. But you do have to know what you're looking for like fantasy, science fiction, historical, etc.


Good luck!

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2 hours ago, Madison said:

How and where do you get to rp?


Depends on the type of roleplay you're interested in. Did you want to play a tabletop game, like Pathfinder or D&D? Check Reddit, Roll20, and your local gaming or comic shop.


If you're looking for a chat-style roleplay with short responses and a casual atmosphere, try finding a group on Discord, Skype, or Kik.


If you're like me and like writing paragraphs, browse other RP forums to see if any have a story or setting that catches your eye. If you don't have a specific idea of what you want, perhaps join a either larger site like Gaia or Flight Rising that happens to have a general roleplay section but isn't specifically a roleplay site, or a general roleplay site that doesn't have a specific story, like Iwaku or RpNation.

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You are new to RPing as a whole, right? I'd suggest first looking for what kind of RP you want to join, like deciding if you want an original or fandom one and then the genre (like fantasy, modern, modern fantasy, sci-fi etc.). There's also an RPG Directory in the navbar where you can look at RPs to try to find one that you might like.

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