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What genre were your first rps in? (Member & Staff)

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Lol first genre was anime honestly, but I've never had a interest in much else besides various anime rp's or Marvel. Not everything is as appealing through roleplay personally, I tried walking dead and just didn't enjoy it that much.

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I started out on a fantasy wolf/dragon/horse/unicorn site, called The Everlasting Heart Territory (EHT), which took place on a fortunecity website (a now dead webhost), and the posting took place on InsideTheWeb bulletin boards. (They're also long dead.) 8D That was way back in 1997.


There were no written rules. None at all. We players basically all policed ourselves, so there were unspoken rules that were more common sense like...don't be a dick, basically. But there was no admin nor staff. Someone hosted the website and stuff, but she didn't act like admins do today. She didn't even think of herself as an admin, nor even the owner of the site; she just hosted the content and played there but she didn't act as an authority in any capacity. The game was truly communal, and community-run.


As such, it changed hands many times. When she got tired of hosting it, she passed it onto another player, and so on.


It sounds like it would be a chaotic place, and there was occasional chaos and drama, but people were pretty good about talking things out and resolving stuff.


It was also the inspiration for my game, SotE. 8D I made SotE in the spirit of the EHT after it finally died, because I was all frustrated that I couldn't find a game with that same amount of freedom.

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My very first rp -which I fell into by accident somehow was based around a British comedy show called The League of Gentlemen.  And shortly after that I found my way into my first proper more solid rp which was a Torchwood based forum.  As well as writing those characters on MySpace & SiteModel. 

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First roleplay I can remember joining on a forum was an inuyasha-based Roleplay, which, needless to say for those who know me, I was not that great at because I have this thing where I don't like to play by other people's rules/I tend to just do my own thing, although this habit was nowhere near as bad way back then.

Edit: also was bad at it because I was much younger, more inexperienced, more, shall we say, "stupid" about things, but still every bit the Sparky I am today, which leads to some not so very great things, obviously. Plus I wanna say I had no idea what I was doing n a social or a plotline-based way, at the very least. Let's just say Sparky was not a good Sparky back then and leave it at that.

The first roleplay I can remember doing possibly before that, maybe after, is- actually, that's way more than you want to know.......Just trust me on that.

Edited by Sparky Muse

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High school yaoi...

I kid you not. I was about 12 or 13 when I saw a chat on deviantart with "Yaoi (Something)" as the title and I was like "O_O PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET DEDICATE CHATS TO THIS?! /Internet novice, clearly)," so I checked it out and it turns out everyone was doing this thing called "RPing" and they encouraged me to join in. I liked the thought about it, but I didn't really like that chat cuz the writing was about 1-3 lacklustre sentences (and I've never liked high school RPs), so I proceeded to check out other RP chats on dA... and then a monster was born~


My first RP forum was actually Mousie's Tallygarunga. It was about 9 years ago, I think. I'm pretty sure I was 16 at the time. I had no idea it was a Harry Potter site but their teal skin with the beige text areas was purdy and refreshing and I loved it and I was totally confused when I read around; I can't remember if I found out it was an HP site before or after I made my first char. Hmm...

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