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Found 301 results

  1. You thought I forgot, didn't you? Are you turned off of older sites? Or do they get your engine purring? Is there anything you prefer about a newer/older site in particular?
  2. Hey peeps, This is more or less a question of curiosity for myself....cause am well bored dammit! What do you guys think the most popular plotline in role play is? I don't just mean "romance", "apocalyptic" . I want specifics like love triangle, best friend turned love interest. Lastly what is your favorite type of plotline to play? Some of my personal favorites are complicated romances with a lot of build up or darker plotlines with a heavy power struggle.
  3. A thought occurred to me some time back while browsing TvTropes - why is it that I've never seen a deiselpunk RP setting? I've seen countless steampunk RPs on Gaia and other sites. I've even seen some "clockpunk" (think Da Vinci on steroids) settings in media, like Wakfu and Avatar: The Last Airbender, but haven't yet seen then in an RP. What other settings appear to be damn unicorns in the RP world?
  4. Lately I've been itching, and it's something I've scratched at before. My problem here is that I itch and want, but when it comes down to actually joining another site I just can't ever seem to become actually invested in the people. I'm itching for something new,a different scenery. Somewhere with a new storyline, and atmosphere and genre. I don't want to give up what I have, because I adore what I have, but what I need is ...something...new. How do you deal with these urges? Do you just go out and join something new? Do you make new things? I'm getting itchy and it's driving me batty. Making me antsy and just all around causing a loss of muse.
  5. Just curious if anyone has an opinion on this? You do a post... How long do you want to/have to wait before that new reply arrives from your partner? Does someone immediately replying put you on edge, or do they just have to wait however long until you reply again? Does it matter more about platform or board than about speed?
  6. I'm just curious as to what other people look for in supernatural creature-type role plays. This is a pretty broad subject, so for example: How much variation do you like to see in character type? Do you prefer a certain mix (i.e. the traditional vampire/werewolf blend), or do you like to have a lot of choices? What are your thoughts on lore? Do you prefer things to stay more traditional, or do you like unique spins or type-builds that reach for as much realism as possible? Is there a kind of creature that you'd like to see more of on such sites?
  7. I’ve been thinking recently about the amount of communication that comes from messengers, Private messages, and Cboxes. The rp world is in constant communication, but I never feel as if the OCC chat boards see much use on my site. It is there, but it is mostly for games and communicating absences. So I’m curious what it is like on other sites. Sure, Initiative has plenty of communication (here i am!), but what about other roleplay sites.
  8. Another ginormous poll because I love polls. Anyway! The Character Concepts You'd Like to Try thread has gotten me thinking about this topic. I don't think there's any arguing that characters with any kind of disability are underrepresented in RP, and I'd like to talk about that! Why do you think disabled characters are so uncommon? Why do people shy away from plotting and posting with disabled characters? If you've played one before, what made you decide to play them? What was your experience with them like? How did other people react to the character? What challenges did you face? Was the experience rewarding for you? How so? If you've not played a disabled character before- why not? Is there anything we can do to increase the representation of disabled characters (outside of 'make more!')? I think that characters with disabilities are uncommon because people are concerned about portraying it accurately, and sometimes it can be hard to find the right information on certain issues. But I think that a large contributing factor to the lack of disabled characters is the fact that people are very concerned about their characters being likable and about getting plots with a character. That's understandable, as RP is a hobby that relies on other people, and if no one else is posting with you then you're not going to be having any fun. I'm not really sure where the stigma on plotting and playing with disabled characters comes from, though. I guess a lot of people are into romance in their RPs, and for whatever reason don't think that disabled characters could ever be considered attractive????????????? I'm just taking a stab in the dark here, since romance is never the point of my RP and I don't really know. I've never avoided plotting with a disabled character because I think they can provide challenges- which are fun! The disabled character that was not my own that I played with most recently had been severely messed up by the mob, and had even had her poor eyes poked out. My character fell in love with her almost immediately, not because of how she looked, but because he greatly admires strength and perseverance and there really is no better way to say "fuck you" to the people who fucked you up other than going out and making a life for yourself, which Miss Eyeless did. My guy thought that was really great and was just smitten from the get go because he felt he could only aspire to be that tough and was amazed that anyone could be as tough as her. I've played characters with disabilities before as well. Most recently, I played a Templar Knight who lost both an arm and a leg as the result of a fight, which meant that he could no longer fight (of course). This loss happened ICly, so it was a wild ride while he tried to cope with the fact that the thing he was born to do and had done all his life was a thing he couldn't do anymore. There was a whole storm of emotions to go through and deal with, and it was really interesting to see parts of his social circle fall away, and how other characters came to help repair it. It was fun to have him try and figure a way around his disability as well, as he's never been the type to be content to have other people taking care of him and has always had a clever mind for inventing things. It was INCREDIBLY STRESSFUL to write about and whenever I had to write with him he was always kind of simmering in anger, but I'm glad I got to go through that experience with him (even if he's not LOL) because I got to see a whole different side of him and the RP he was in. It made me think on my toes and stretch muscles I hadn't used before. Aside from playing more disabled characters, I think that there needs to be more information provided on them. The RP community has a great wealth of information and experiences on these matters within it, I'm sure. At some point in our lives, all of us have probably known someone with some sort of disability. For example, my mom is legally blind, so I know a lot about the problems that blind people face even though I'm not blind myself. It could be of help if I wrote some information about that in a guide or something, so other people can use my experiences in their RP. The reason I've not done this before is simply because I literally didn't think of that until right this very second LOL. But I'll add that to my list of things to do.
  9. When I was younger and in the rp community I had a tendency to make my characters mirror myself, with only minor changes to give them their own breath of life. At times I'd make them into who I want to be, at other times they'd become who I'd never EVER want to be. I had enemies and lovers and friends all crafted after my own ideals and personality traits. After awhile, I always grew bored with them. They felt far too predictable, two dimensional, and overall no fun to write after a month or three. Recently I've been analyzing my own characters now, both past versions of them and present. I noticed that eight years later I do the exact opposite. I try to include as little of myself as possible, and give them an entirely different set of traits, goals, and even responses than myself. Different from being a complete opposite...but not too far off from becoming one with a tad bit more charrie devs. I'm usually more surprised with these, but I also end up disliking them to a certain extent - even wanting to see my own characters suffer more, as well as being much more willing to throw them into risky situations. So with that, I wanted to ask you guys; Do you think it's more character-productive (for lack of better words) to make a character holding some of your traits or ideals, or make a character without them and watch them grow on their own with little sway as to what you - the creator wants? How do you draw the line between clone and chaotic? Can you still predict your character if it's a Chaotic one, or do you feel surprised by clones despite putting a lot of yourself in them? How on earth do you keep yourself from getting bored with either after a period of months...?
  10. I’d like to thank the people of RPG Initiative for being really awesome. For quite some time, I was struggling to find a forum (non-roleplay) community to be a part of, and I’m constantly impressed by the discussions and responses that people provide here. The content of the discussions are solid, and for the first time in a long time, I find them engaging and thought provoking. I never get the impression that people are trying to be “cool” and jump aboard bandwagons. Further, I appreciate that people have differing opinions and as far as I have witnessed, people have respectfully stated their own and questioned others’ without being pushy or using a condescending attitude. One of the things I’ve found most important over the years as a roleplayer is learning that different people come from different backgrounds and have different perspectives on everything from writing to life in general. I won’t delve too much into my personal life, but there have been times I’ve been talking to people only to realize that the ways in which we view the world are so fundamentally different from each other because—quite literally—our brains don’t process information in the same way despite having similar upbringings. It’s something that people online seem neither to understand nor to care about, and yet it is so imperative that we understand this when we try to communicate with other people both IRL and over forums. I imagine that RPG Initiative will be growing larger over time, so I ask that people keep having respectful discussions, bringing new ideas to the table, and understanding that we don’t all have to follow a trend, nor is a trend always a bad thing. Sometimes as you add more people this becomes challenging, especially when people begin to form “groups” or “cliques” of likeminded folks. Disagreeing with someone doesn’t automatically mean that they are wrong, for example, just as agreeing with someone doesn’t mean that they are right. People who speak different languages might disagree over how to pronounce, say, the letter “A,” but it doesn’t mean that either is inherently right or wrong—they are only right or wrong in the context in which they pronounce that letter. I’d like to have hope that as this corner of the RP world grows older and its members more experienced, that we can figure out how to treat each other with respect. Anyhow, with that out of the way, continue on with your discussions.
  11. Which term do you personally use and prefer to see on roleplay sites? Personally I'm a playby person. It's just the term I sort of grew up on but I'm curious which you prefer.
  12. I am on a fandom board which I like being on, and feel like I could fit into, especially after ages of searching for one in that fandom, trying out various sites, including pan-fandom was and finding no one in that fandom is on the board. The only problem is that after coming up with plots people seem to disappear and not post starters or respond to them. Sometimes, I don't know if I should be the one to post the starter or if I should wait because it wasn't made clear to me. This appears to not just be a problem with regular members but staff as well and to further compound the problem, the site has introduced an activity check. It's low and manageable, but I don't want to lose my character because of the circumstances I've described. What's the best thing to do? Anonymous poster hash: bab7b...741
  13. I have been working on a roleplay concept that appears somewhat novel, but I feel utterly stuck with how to go about it. But I don't really want to talk about that. Instead, I want to talk about the concept of pushing your ideas out from little baby thoughts to full-grown things. Maybe it's a site concept, a site feature, a character, or a character plot. What are some of the things that you do, or that you find helpful, in order to get that particular meal idea from ingredients, into the oven, and out as a new, fresh, entirely-baked idea, ready to eat?
  14. How do you guys feel about Offsite Lore and board related information? I know some boards have facebook pages, or twitters, that pretty much handle newsfeed type stuff and tags. But has anybody tried things like, a "Hype Blog", using a Wikia account to map Original Content (like location information etc), etc. Rather than clogging up a whole board with a ton of lore threads that end up looking kind of overwhelming at a certain point.
  15. I could really use some advice from other admins out there on this issue I'm having with a few members. We have two members who are literally trying to change how we run our board. We have them posting docs on the site that we never approved of, things that would confuse a new member, and trying to push us into making changes to our setting to fit their very particular characters. One of the more recent issues is them comparing us to what they have seen on some other boards. "This and that site do A,B and C and so you should do it too." I'm all for feedback and suggestions but when they keep pushing it when we've said no and have explained why we don't run our game that way, it seems to fall on deaf ears. On top of that, when have someone literally trying to skirt around our rules and rewrite our lure, so much so that they lied saying we approved it. When asked by the staffer they changed their story. Again, to fit their particular character. I'm trying to be fair and run a game that I can be proud to be a part of and I could use some advice on how to handle these types of things, I feel like I'm over my head Anonymous poster hash: 6509f...b6d
  16. This is an ongoing debate among the staff of the site that I'm on, and I thought it would be wise to pose it here: in an rp, how long should a site-wide event last? While I'm of the mind that an event should last as long as it needs to, there's also the question of how long is too long before members lose interest? If you participate in an event, how long do you expect it to go on for? And if you're on a site that revolves around site-wide plot development to move along the story, do you get frustrated if a single event is going on for several months? My staff and I are finally wrapping up an event that has lasted roughly 3 months, and I've personally been feeling some frustration with how long it's been going (which is not a secret, I've been equally excited and complaining about the event the whole time). It couldn't be helped, due to the current system we have in place and real life obligations, but it leads me to wonder what others have experienced in plot-heavy games. While we're currently brainstorming ways to move things along faster, I'm interested to know what it's like in other games. Our game in particular relies on these events to reveal certain story elements (i.e. magic, hierarchy, reincarnations, evil, etc.), so there's currently little to do in plot development outside events, relying instead on non-event threads for character development. While I realize that, in itself, presents some problems, it's not something that will last forever. Once we get through this event and get the ball rolling, things will begin to snowball and everyone will be able to build on what's revealed. But getting to that point is proving difficult and time consuming. Maybe it's just that I'm being impatient? It might be that I want to jump into the meat of it without building up the proper suspense. So, maybe if you're not involved with a plot-heavy site, how do you deal with that as a storyteller? Do you want to jump right into the action in a roleplay? Or is building up that necessary background with your fellow writers frustrating for you, too? Would you rather be a part of that initial story building suspense yourself or have that as part of the site premise and jump into the action immediately?
  17. So, a friend and I have been working on a whole new futuristic sci-fi site for over a year. It has a lot of content that requires people to read, and I'm afraid it's scaring people away (even though we did include a newbie guide that includes tl;dr stuff). We had out soft opening about a week ago, and we did our grand opening not that long ago. However, it seems that no one is interested. We have four staffers at the moment and we all talk in the C-Box in hopes that guests might pop in and talk. No one has even tried to talk. I've advertised everywhere I could think of, including site searches and whatnot... Are worlds this descriptive just a turn off for new members? We've put a lot of effort into this site, and I really don't want it to go to waste.
  18. Continuing on my questions about roleplay development. This one is more specific to forum roleplaying but my question here is, what do you prefer as far as forum viewing. The options are relatively clear and I want to know your preference as a staff member and a perspective member (I figure they may be even but you never know). For me I have no preference. If I understand the setting then the image will hopefully give me a feel for the location I'm going to post in. Descriptions are nice but can be too lengthy on the board index (sometimes I feel that a topic would be better). Otherwise I really have no preference. Note that I'm an avid advocate for subforum-less forums for easier browsing.
  19. So another thing that this site does, in order to both encourage members to donate to the monthly costs of the site they offer things for donations. From a plot prompt to powerful in game items to a special super powerful being that is created for you are just some of the things you can buy with actual money. How does that sort of thing make you feel? Do you think it's enough incentive to get people donating? Would you donate if you got one of those things as the item? So far I think it's great. It's an incentive to help out your community and gets you something fun to play with in game that could help you in future plot.
  20. So I've been on a site that you have to earn currency and with that currency you can purchase things on the site. Be it items, special abilities, you name it. And it's a very interesting concept, it's something I've wanted to implement in a survival horror game if I ever find some interested parties. Now my curiosity is, how do people feel about this? Do you feel like it's too much effort to earn special things and you just want to start off the baddest of the bad? Would you play on a site that you had to earn things through playing? I know that most people may think it "stifles your creativity" when in reality I believe that it gives you plot opportunities. I mean if you don't start off with the nuclear switch in your head but you earn it through posting actively then apply for it. Now the kicker here is that you can either outright pay for it with this in game currency or you can earn it through active posting. With the active posting you get a prompt in order to start off getting the thing that you applied for so that you can act out getting it in character.
  21. A couple of weeks ago I signed up to a local MeetUp group for tabletop rps, something I have always wanted to try out but have never gotten around to actually doing. With me getting a new job and finally leaving the nightmare behind me that is called my thesis I figured why not try it now. I got in touch with one of the leaders of the group and they got me in touch with a GM who has been running a group for sometime now. He was very willing to help me get into the game and join the group. All of them have been very kind and helpful when I expressed that I wanted to get into it. I was a little afraid at first that because I didn't have so much knowledge. It turned out that fear was unjustified, they were very excited to introduce a newbie to the game and help me out to the best of their abilities. The first session was a private session so that the GM could set it up so that I could join the group, as the group had been playing for quite some time already. After discussing some more details of my characters background we started. At first I was a little uncertain as to what to do. Soon I started to get into it and was looking forward to came next. Apparently my character didn't respond the way the GM expected, so he had to improvise himself which was fun. Are there any others that are doing tabletop rps? And would anyone be willing to try an online tabletop rp, because I would love to try something online.
  22. Who was online has been a popular feature of many an RP since I can remember. It tells you which characters or players logged on in the last day (or since midnight depending on the mod). I've always thought that those things could really harm a site but I still conformed and added one. overall I think it can do one of two things, give people hope that isn't there (lots of logins but the result is that none of those people are posting) or no one logs on (the site is small and someone hadn't logged in in over 1 day which happens). Now on the flip side I can see it helping by telling you who logs in to check out their wanted ads etc that the staff is still active and whatnot but I don't think it's a good indicator as someone (like me) I can re-open my browser and it will auto-log me on without even looking at the site or switch to the wrong tab on my phone etc. What are your opinions? Do you even use them?
  23. Are IC rewards useful, or a waste of time? I was thinking of a basic advertising reward system where you can earn an in-game reward for your character, that is otherwise unobtainable: things like access to a part of the game world that is inaccessible by normal means, as maybe early access or as a random event. Other rewards could be a lottery ticket of sorts, a voucher that 'automatically' grants the winner a shiny unique weapon, spell, artefact, or a curse. A randomiser might be utilised, might not. yay or nay? I'm the only staff member on this wip game, and I'd like occasional help with adverts- if there's an incentive for players, of course! I was thinking that tangible rewards would work best, as it would generate more threads, yeah?
  24. Currently my board is on proboards, but after looking through the directory and reading through some of the posts, it looks like people like jcink better and I was wondering if moving hosts to there would be better. It's not a big deal membership wise as there's only myself and another member who have even posted, but I don't like having to do the work again. (I didn't know about jcink when I made the board, I chose proboards because I'd used it in the past.) I don't like moving hosts either as I've done it in the past and seems to take something away from the site. One problem I've had with proboards is that I have to use outside image hosts store images and I recently found out that the image host I'm using doesn't like users hotlinking (this seems odd, for an image hosting site, because why else would you use them?). If I decide to do this, are there any support forums for skins, etc?
  25. Do you ever write "behind the scenes" of a roleplay? And by that I mean do you ever write something for the roleplay- but never actually post it on the site? This could even be with another partner! If so, why? For example, I do do this. On Google Docs, usually. There are two main reasons why I do it: 1) what's being written isn't at all pertinent to the story and so it doesn't need to be included on the forum, or 2) literally the exact opposite. But if it's important to the story, then why wouldn't I post about it on the forum? Well, technically I do and I don't. I give hints about what's going on, but I do not like to flat out tell people most of the time and enjoy surprising others. As an example, a friend and I once wrote a thread in secret about two characters plotting out specifically how they were going to make a grab for power within the castle. It wasn't a secret that they were going to do this if you had read their posts previously- there had been some dialogue already alluding to this fact. But we wanted the exact method to come as a surprise, so we let them talk about it "in secret" and only posted the thread to the public after they had done the deed. It was fun!
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