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Found 12 results

  1. Akatsuki is a mature, AU Naruto roleplay. We have seven villages to choose from, you can start at any rank and in any clan, and all of our positions and open slots are available to newbies! Akatsuki has an AU timeline but our lore and concepts are based off the original series. Whether you're a new fan of the anime/manga or a longtime veteran, you're welcome here!
  2. IT'S UP TO YOU TO DECIDE THE FATE OF THE GALAXY. Across the Stars is an intermediate-level AU Star Wars role play set in 3 BBY • sixteen years since Order 66 and a few years before the film A New Hope. The shroud of the Dark Side has fallen. In the sixteen years since the fall of the Jedi Order and the end of the Clone Wars.
  3. Being one of the Old Farts from this topic's title, I get to use the term ;) I am 61 years old and have been RPing in one form or another since high school. My RP journey roughly goes: Table Top >> Online Groups (true PbeM) >> Forums >> Nova >> Forums. Confession time! I feel like my recent RP experience has become very insular. I tend to write primarily with my generation and avoid "younger" RPs. I have nothing against younger RPers. However, I feel totally lost - even when reading some of the threads here on the Initiative. Things have changed drastically since I left forum RP for Nova and then returned. For example, while I understand at a high level what Shippers, Plotters, and Wanteds are, I am having a very hard time utilizing them at my sites. I have the forums for them, but my members (most are in my age range) simply post in our Discord channels, get some feedback and go for it. I am seriously considering removing these forums from my sites because they are simply wasted space. The only OOC forum we use on my sites is the one that we discuss site-wide storylines in. In reality, the other forums are simply there as a courtesy for those that might not like Discord. Next comes the RP lingo in general. This is a me issue that may not extend to other older players. Since my social outlets are with older people, a great deal of the modern etiquette regarding RP terms is just confusing. There's also the real fear of inadvertently hurting feelings or offending someone (OOC not IC). The end result is that I look at a great number of beautiful sites with intriguing storylines or premises, but then I shy away because I see hundreds of forums and terms or acronyms that leave me blinking. I am an old-fashioned storyteller when it comes to RPing. Does anyone JP anymore (Joint Post)? Is there hope for me? Are there others out there that feel the RP climate has left them behind? Please take this as it's meant, which is a humorous look at RP from the perspective of a member of the older generation.
  4. Well hi! Where do I begin in all this. On my search for a way to get my ever growing two year old site more attention I stumbled onto this site. It was just what I was looking for after all. I have been RPing since I was a child and the only thing we had than was that old paper notebook you would pass around in the hall and giggle at like school girls when the scene would turn interesting. Hahaha. When the whole computer times took off though I was right on those RP sites so let’s give a rough estimate of 15+ years of RP experience. With 2 years of running my own and even more years of working on them. my favorite RP genres is.. well.. all of them XD the site I own is apocalypse/zombies/walking dead. But of course like more genres it touches into all of the romance, real life, scary, and so much more. Along with that I am staff on affiliated sites with mine that range from fairytale/fantasy to survival to anything and everything in between. I also am in the work of coding an entire site for RP lovers that like that whole building your characters stats and so on in the Middle Earth setting so that has been fun XD so my favorite forum of RP is forum and private/mail. I like forum because it gives others the opportunity to see your character develop but I like mail because..well... sometimes things are better left in private hahaha. But I can also work in any form of RP from the *(stars for actions) to 3rd person past narrative and so on! Fun fun! I am a long time reader and a lot of people bash me for this but my favorite type are those romance smut novels. I know terrible woman I am xD but I like them. Especially with a touch of supernatural. It stimulates my creativity I think with all the worded details of everything. But movies are for sure horror. Give me a good horror movie and I will either scream, hide or just make a joke of it so I don’t do the two previous options. I have ave a lot of hobbies. I draw..a lot. I actually illustrator for sites. Currently my portfolio has 13+ sites in it with over 12,000+ (yes that’s twelve thousand XD) unique images in them. That’s a lot now that I write it down. I mostly spend my time on my Apocalypse site. Which is why I am here looking for love for it. So I hope you guys will check it out! Oh right! Last two! My favorite color is ... okay I got two. Purple and teal(mad hatter!) and my favorite drink is bubble tea that is matcha, banana milk or chai flavor! Mmm I might go get some now! Anyway! Thank you guys for checking me out! I hope to get to know your guys sites and you personally and also managed to bring you guys over to support a fellow creator on my site! Thank you again!!! *blows kisses*
  5. On some forums I've notices a kind of fear of open threads lately. Members gravitate towards pre-plotted situations which they play out in private threads. When a thread is open it ends up becoming as good as PAFP (private after first post) where one other player and no one else joins regardless of the fact that the thread might have been designed with the possible participation of multiple players in mind. In fact, aside from events per-arranged by staff, many open threads I've seen never get a chance to become much of anything. They sit on the board gathering dust while all other threads go at full speed. I can't help but raise my eyebrows at this apparent trend. When I make open threads, they are meant to be open to any group of players who wishes to join them. What's causing open threads to be treated as not-open, or end up as overlooked compared to more per-arranged stuff, and are there solutions or tricks to see more love and participation for this style of rp? To me its kind of discouraging to observe these threads falling by the wayside, and players myself included just sort of stop trying, or rarely make open threads any more as a result. Anonymous poster hash: 718bb...809
  6. First, a Disclaimer... This is a discussion thread. This thread is not for hate, arguing, upset, pointing blame, or insulting people. This thread is specifically for a discussion about the pros and cons of Group roleplay versus One on One roleplay. Please keep that in mind when replying here. Respect others opinions as you always do here. <3 We all have our preferences when it comes to roleplay. Some of us greatly enjoy a good group thread. From the controlled chaos, to the not so controlled confusion. From the unpredictable replies, to the emotional characters. Sometimes a good group thread can be just what you need when you sit down to roleplay. It can be fast paced, or slow going, but it always has interesting corners to turn, and you don't always know what's about to pop out at you. However, some of us prefer one on one. Be it a thread, an IM, Discord, Google Docs, or what have you. The idea of a one on one thread means more control, less chaos, less confusion. You're capable of turning those corners, but it's less unpredictable and more focused on a couple of character developments. What is your preference? Why is this your preference? Are group threads to chaotic for you? Are one on one threads to focused and boring?
  7. So we have all had our preferences, and we've all had experiences, some good and some bad. I've joined chat RPs that were just shoddy and irritating, and I've joined forums where I couldn't find anything, and just didn't click with the people. I'm sure it's happened to the best of us on both regards. Pros and cons stack up for and against both sides of this argument, but what is your opinion? Do you prefer forum RP? Why is that? Do you prefer chat RP? Why is that? Do you believe there can be a happy balance of both? A chat based RP that includes a forum option, or the other way around? Have any other things you'd like to add yourself?
  8. anthrxmilkshake


    How much information is to much information? What I mean is when we join a site we all head right for the plotline, lore, setting, and world information, as well as any species breakdowns. Are you willing to read novels of information in order to roleplay somewhere? Is there a point where there is just to much information, to many details, and you're no longer having fun? I know that I have issues when things become to technical. If I have to follow levels, items, gadgets, upgrades, and such for one character it has become a text based video game, and I'm no longer enjoying myself. Despite that I do like some structure, as having structure in certain circumstances is the make or break of a roleplay. How much is to much for you? How much is to little?
  9. Welcome new and old members of RPGINTIATIVE. I gotten my rocks very soft and very bored. I am open for roleplays of all kinds. I am playing a protagonist from the series Deadman Wonderland, Ganta Igarashi. Hope to roleplay in private or public, whichever. I am open to most genres; Mature 18 +, Horror, comedy, psychological, and crossovers are highly encourage. and etc. I had decided to move away from two previous websites, perhaps a load of you know a few them. This is my first time trying this website out, it seems easier to navigate and the vibes feel a lot more open and perhaps I finally found my resting place. Outside I am a student enrolled in an art's college, so I am also knowledgeable about art, graphics, animation, and the like. So if by any chance I seem away, I am mostly working onto my career future. Please don't hesitate to ask me anything, or if you wish to communicate outside. Thank you for reading, you may reply or whatever comforts you the very most. Message me for anything else if you like. Have a great week! There is more extra information in my about me section on my profile. I enjoy communication and new people so hopefully to meet you all, the admin here is very friendly and I appreciate her for coming out. Ya don't often see those around~
  10. A couple of weeks ago I signed up to a local MeetUp group for tabletop rps, something I have always wanted to try out but have never gotten around to actually doing. With me getting a new job and finally leaving the nightmare behind me that is called my thesis I figured why not try it now. I got in touch with one of the leaders of the group and they got me in touch with a GM who has been running a group for sometime now. He was very willing to help me get into the game and join the group. All of them have been very kind and helpful when I expressed that I wanted to get into it. I was a little afraid at first that because I didn't have so much knowledge. It turned out that fear was unjustified, they were very excited to introduce a newbie to the game and help me out to the best of their abilities. The first session was a private session so that the GM could set it up so that I could join the group, as the group had been playing for quite some time already. After discussing some more details of my characters background we started. At first I was a little uncertain as to what to do. Soon I started to get into it and was looking forward to came next. Apparently my character didn't respond the way the GM expected, so he had to improvise himself which was fun. Are there any others that are doing tabletop rps? And would anyone be willing to try an online tabletop rp, because I would love to try something online.
  11. So, I stumbled across a rather funny ban on a site during an advertising spree, and I was wondering if anyone else had come across something similar. The site in question is a Fanon site, with one popular role swapping actors through the years. So now that Canon has accepted yet another new actor, the site in question has banned all previous actors of the character itself, from the site as a whole. They aren't even down with letting someone use that actor for an Original Character or anything. This struck me as odd, and just one I haven't seen before.
  12. A Tribble rolls into a bar, to see what it can see. It finds a couple of peanuts on the floor and nibbles on them as it looks around.
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