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Are you a Poke Warrior?

Found 4 results

  1. Original lore-based world with a long history, unique continents, and an easy process to add more to it
  2. Bezyle


    ESTORICA is an Original Lore-Based 18+ renaisance roleplay, set in medieval times in a world called Malice.
  3. Lawman

    Senki Academy

    Anime Academy of Adventure Roleplaying
  4. Alright so, I want to bring to attention a story I have for an RPG in the Mobile Suit Gundam setting. While, yes, the community for it has died down a bit since a few years ago, quite a few of use do actually lurk around. Now this will be hosted on a Proboards as I think Jcink needs a break in my book, so please be aware that this particular endeavor has already been chosen. The story itself revolves around the conflict that has broken out between the two factions of the Earth Union and the Martian Alliance. If you can't already tell by this first line, the setting is based on Iron Blooded Orphans where its essentially Earth vs Mars but instead of a Knighthood fighting a Child run Anti-Government Militia/Insurgency, its two warring military factions. I believe this idea is fresh off the drawing board because while it will still be a fandom, the setting itself is quite new and it would be interesting to see how a war story unfolds when the distance between both worlds is like a few million miles at the very least. Now, the machines will be Federation GM/Jegans vs ZAFT GINNs/ZAKU's but what I do want to try and keep contained are the fandom customs. I've run into quite a few people in the past who want to rush the tech levels and development lines into such a high tech state that there is literally no room for development or even just playing the story with what's available. I want a remote weapon system too but I want to wait for those to appear MONTH's or even a YEAR into the story before characters start to have these quite OP Systems. Right now the technology level has Machine Guns fighting Machine Guns with minimal Beam Weapon Tech. So, would anyone be interested? I'd love some feedback and whatnot.
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