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 Membership Love our Lurkers: What made you lurk a site?

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So what usually draws me to a site is the story - the plot and world being interesting is a quick way to get me looking around. A site being too big will make me hesitate, or there being a lot of open threads sitting around with no responses. Another thing that will make me hesitate to jump in is if I manage to talk myself into saying something in the cbox, and get no response despite people talking around me.


What usually gets me to convert is the member base or staff being easy to talk to when I finally do enter chat (this is something I do almost 100% of the time before actually joining a board unless it's a directory type board).

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So I'm shallow af and the layout always draws me in. If a site has amazing aesthetics, i'm drawn like a moth to a flame. I'm here for the pretty. I might not be into the plot/setting/whatever, but I'll lurk so I can be on the pretty.


Funnily, if I like the story/setting/whatever of the site but think it's ugly af, I'll also lurk??? Like I want to be involved but I also don't want to write on a site that's ugly af. Don't judge me.

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I lurk if I find a canon/wanted ad that really catches my attention. I'm guilty of not even reading the lore or plot until I've decided I want a canon or a wanted ad. Also, I do a lot of lurking on ads that are posted on my site, and sometimes, if I find something that has been an interest of mine that doesn't line up with my site's plot (for example, angels and demons are not a playable race on Tempest and I've always wanted an angel and demon site), I've been known to lurk. it takes a lot for me to make the leap onto a new site because I have my own, but I have been known to dabble with a character or two to keep from getting burned out. 

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I didn't lurk long (was quickly converted), but here's my experience!


  • I saw the admin on another site (this one, in fact!), and was drawn in by their signature and board's concept.  
  • I spent a lot of time reading the lore, since although I'm familiar with the setting, I wanted to be SURE. 
  • I spent a lot MORE time reading the character forums. I wanted to get a feel for the applications, how much people were willing to write, what kind of writing people had to offer etc. 
  • I lurked on some threads, for the same reason as above. Did people reply fast? Were the replies generally very short, or was there a good level of effort? Spelling, punctuation, etc. 
  • The hesitations:
    • Proboards. I've never used proboards, and am not really a fan™
    • The discord wasn't embedded. Just a link to join the server. Also not a fan™
    • Navigating the site isn't very easy. Could be a proboards problem, could be an "i'm a dumbass" problem. 
  • Joined the discord server after almost a week of reluctance. I just kept coming back to the site, and really what I needed to see was the community. 
  • What drew me in:
    • SO FRIENDLY. The moment I joined the Discord server I felt welcomed. They answered my questions quickly and with enthusiasm. 
    • Making a character was easy, and the application process made me sit down and really think about how my character fit into the world. 
    • I mentioned ideas for another character and was greeted with positive responses even if it wasn't that fleshed out. 
  • Why I stay:
    • Community is so nice. V nice. Good people. Love them already. 
    • Proboards isn't complete trash. only mostly trash. 
    • Still disappointed about the discord thing, but I don't feel like I'm missing out on TOO much if I'm away from my phone for too long. 
    • Community on the whole writes well. 
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The very first site I joined was a free form chat rp that I lurked at for about 6 months.  When tried to create a character during that time, I had trouble figuring her out so I lurked a few more months. When I created my second character it was like magic. I had met a few of the members and they were helpful. What I enjoyed most about that Character developing time was I could post something about her past and one of the more experienced members would take it and run with it. One of my best memories was my time playing there. 

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