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MyBB Guide Suggestions & My Future Comings

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Hello Initiates!


My main focus and knowledge resides with MyBB therefor this thread is inclusive to suggestions and my future to do list regarding MyBB only. This thread is also meant ONLY for guides regarding coding and customization aspects (such as but not limited to some of these guides I've already added: Auto Counting Additional StatisticsRecent Posts w/o PluginUsing Style Tags (CSS) In Posts).


Make a suggestion?

If you are looking for something specific please drop it here. While I make no promises that I can achieve a guide from what you are looking for I will do my absolute best to do such! I love to learn along with the process so no matter the size of the suggestion I will take it into consideration (or someone else will).


My future comings?

These are all things I plan to add in the future, if something is crossed out it has been added to the guides area.

  • Using Style Tags (CSS) In Posts
  • Setting up HTTPS & Maintaining The Green Secure Tag
  • Recent Posts w/o Plugin 
  • Auto Counting Additional Statistics
  • Custom Board Time
    • A custom board time will include a simple script to use 'game time' which is different from a users set time.
  • Absence List w/ Account Switcher Attached Accounts
  • Templates/Skinning Quick & Dirty Run Down
  • Admin Control Panel Overview
  • Face Claim Listings (Plugin)


Lots of love,

iso ❤️ 

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More in the introductory frame: but what about a guide to helping you identify what template to edit when you want to edit something? I think this is one of the first issues people new to myBB run across, what template do I need to edit to make a pretty forum??


I think the next question someone new to myBB might have is how to customise their mini profile area, specifically, custom profile fields.


Current myBB guides (for the punters at home)

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I totally forgot to mention one about the templates, that is on my list of things so thank you for the reminder. ❤️ 


Speaking of customizations I was considering one for how to customize profiles and post bits (mini profiles)!

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