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Old Writer, New Site

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  • How long have you been RPing?

            20+ years in a wide variety of formats. Chat room, forum, e-mail, table top, and more.


  • What are your favorite RP genres?

            I typically prefer science fiction and superhero genres, but I'm liable to play anything that strikes me as interesting.


  • How do you like to RP (Forum, chat, email)?

            My preferred method of role playing these days is forum based, though I do some live chat RPs as well.


  • What country are you from?

            United States, North Carolina


  • What is your favorite book, movie or type of music (or all three)?

            I like science fiction and superhero movies and books. As to music, I listen to whatever I happen to find enjoyable, regardless of type.


  • What other interest/Hobbies do you have?

           I'm a prolific writer, and I've authored a few fan fictions. Writing is really a big thing for me. It's how I kick back and relax really, writing stories, be they fiction or RPG related.


  • What's your favorite color?

            It's a combination color, black accented with gold


  • What's your favorite drink?

            Dr. Pepper, no doubt.


About me: I'm new to the site, but as you can see from both my introduction and profile, I'm hardly new to role playing. I've never been big on self biographies, so if you want to know something about my, just ask.

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@DragonI prefer science fiction that resolves around space travel, exploration, discovering new alien races and cultures, that sort of thing. I don't have a real subgenre favorite, and I don't overly dislike any of them either. To be honest it really depends on what I have an itch to write about.

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Hello! I adore your name. Agamemnon is one of my favorite Greeks from that era! 


I also looove scifi and super heros. :3 (Pretty sure the Agamemnon was a ship in a semi-recent scifi... Because I was super excited? Battlestar Galactica maybe?)


Regardless, welcome to the initiative ~


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The Agamemnon was the name of the ship captained by the second commander of Babylon 5, which played a reoccurring role as it often returned to the station to provide muscle for the space station its old captain took over.


But anyway... welcome to the board Ag! Hope you have fun.  

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