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Finally Got that Plot!

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So we've had threads about plots we've always wanted to play, and never gotten the chance to. 


I thought it'd be fun to share a few success stories! 


What are the plots that you waited a long time for an opportunity, and finally found a partner to run them with? 


Personally, it took me a couple of years to find a good partner for a Metro based RP - went so well that we built a site together after our initial RP ran well over a year with almost daily posting. 



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I approach plots as a sort of seed catalog or trade. You vaguely know what you’re getting, but you don’t know what or how it will bloom in the given circumstances.


A lot of the things near and dear to my heart I had no idea would be until they actually played out.


I put a Wanted up for family members of one of my mains, and 4 different people have taken up various siblings. It’s a beautiful, ugly, all-around disaster that has taken on such a life of its own and I had no idea how amazing it would end up.

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Posted (edited)

It took me a while to find somebody willing to roleplay a romance doomed to end badly, and finally managed to for six blissfull months. It eventually came to the point both characters parted ways, but rarely I have had so much fun rping!

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I've gotten many plots with my RP partner that I am happy about. One of my favorites that we've done a few dozen different ways is one that I really like to explore with my hunter character and her family with supernaturals that are constantly living in fear of them meeting a hunter family that does it in a way that values life of both a human and of a supernatural creature, that doesn't innately choose to believe because you can do harm that you will do harm. In fact, over the course of time that we've RPed together we've intermingled a few of our favorite characters into families and friends that date back 30 years.





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I've tried to get this plot going several times over the past two years but it never worked out until just a couple days ago - basically a prince that falls in love with the captain of the royal guard and it's all complicated and secret and great. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all plays out!

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I've always fancied the idea of running a Star Wars game from the perspective of the Empire. I've seen dozens with a focus on Jedi and the Rebel Alliance, or the 'good guys' so to speak, but never the ordinary folks of a terrible organisation. I've finally found a friend who wanted to setup a game in that universe, and thus the ISD Dominance was born. It's still in its infancy, and only time will tell if it works, but it is a long held desire that has finally come true 🙂

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