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Does music help or hinder your RPing experience?

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I find that I write better when I have music playing. I have a specific RP playlist on Spotify that I usually play while I'm in the RPing mood. It includes songs that I feel match my character's personalities or sometimes the emotional things they are going through. I guess it's just the music that speaks to my muses. I also find that more often than not I include specific song lyrics into a lot of their signatures as well. I have also found that if I'm in a voice chat with friends (one in particular) I have a much harder time concentrating on writing at all. 


What about ya'll? Do you need music or complete silence? Can you write with distractions?

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This varies a lot for me. Some of the people in my current roleplay community have gotten me into the idea of character playlists! Which is basically just a bunch of songs that make you think about yo

Oddly, I prefer silence. I think this stems from habit more than anything, and a distinct lack of appreciation for music. At some point, I just stopped listening to it. I honestly think it's because I

I literally cannot write without music playing.

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Oddly, I prefer silence. I think this stems from habit more than anything, and a distinct lack of appreciation for music. At some point, I just stopped listening to it. I honestly think it's because I'm having a difficult time finding music that speaks to me again. I suppose I could do some stations on Pandora for the bands that used to do that for me, and see where they may or may not be now.

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I listen to lyric-less music, usually a brand new playlist -- why? Because if I know the song/like it, I'll often start daydreaming scenes to it. City pop is my usual go-to!


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Helps! I will put a song on repeat if it speaks to the scene. For me it enhances my ability to write the character or that specific scene. 

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On the rare occassion that I have music on while writing, I have something on that helps me focus. e.g certain types of celtic music / gaming soundtracks. ANything with words during writing is too distracting because i start to focus on what they're singing, and usually this means I'll get annoyed (because most music lyrics do not make much sense). But this is another discussion 😂

It really depends for me but like 80% of the time i prefer to work without sounds

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Depends on my mood and which RPG that I'm posting for. Sometimes playing a certain type of music will stimulate stubborn muses. 😄 

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I often have some music playlist or some tv stuff in the background. I find silence distracting and music or background tv docs or movies just help. So long as it's not something I really want to see-so something i don't mind missing bits of or something i've seen before. 


Music wise, i usually have a playlist styled to the genre i'm writing for. So my supernatural playlist differs from my sci-fi playlist which is different to my real life playlist. I pick what fits the mood and reminds me of the site theme

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I love, love, love having music on while posting, but I can just as easily write with silence. Distractions I can typically write pretty well with, though I find things like TV/YouTube videos very hard to write through.

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I believe that music is my best motivator. I have a good 20+ playlists on my Youtube account, one for each of my characters. Each have their own specific songs that I picked for them and that allow me to get inside their heads and role-play them as perfectly as I can. This music also allows me to stay focused for longer periods of time and therefore allow me to make better structured, longer, and more entertaining posts than I would normally be able to write up.


So yes, music is certainly a boon when it comes to my role-play.

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I love music when I write. I forget to put it on a lot of times, but when I do, it always helps. There's something about typing in time to the music that really helps me find a rhythm and keep that momentum going. Sometimes I listen to specific songs or playlists, but usually it's the music itself that keeps me pushing forward.


Back when I was in school and used music for studying, lyrics would distract me while I was reading and I would listen to tv show soundtracks instead.


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I have character playlists that I'll listen to if I need a little help "getting into character", but when it comes to actually writing I have found that I need it as quite and distraction free as possible or I won't get anything done.


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Music definitely helps if it's a song I can have as background music. Lyrics or otherwise. But if the song just clashes with what I'm feeling or writing, then it's a huge hindrance!

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