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OTP, tell me about them?

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Ok so I have this couple I'm in right now on my WW2 site; A beautiful nurse and a former pilot that I love, but man...my Spanish doctor and his Romani lover is giving me liiiife, even though they are not lovers just yet. 


Tell me about your OTP??? I wanna know all the deets. What are they up to now?

"Everyone has been doing so much soul searching during all of this,

and I'm just over here drawing pics of my character's dicks."

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My Flahme and her husband, Landon. They adore each other and went through literal hell to find their love and be together.  Initially they didn't remember each other and once old memories began to bleed through, Flahme knew they were fated and then they finally married.


Currently Landon is going through a massive change where he has become a divine being (it's a long story) and Flahme is there for him while learning more about her powers and completing the assignments given to her from high ranking demons.


My writing partner and I thoroughly enjoy writing our lovebirds.

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"You tie the knot, I'll start the fire."

~ The Amity Affliction



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Romance is good for the soul, so is action and adventure!


In my 1920's RPG, my main male character and one of our other member's gals are about to go on a first date. He is a wealthy coffee plantation owner who runs a speakeasy with his brother. He is also a recovered alcoholic. She is currently working as a hostess in the speakeasy, is a former mill worker, and looking for a man to take care of her. We'll see if they click and where it goes 😄. We're planing on throwing some lovely complications their way.

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Someone somewhere went to sleep and dreamed us all alive.
Dreams get pushed around a lot, and I doubt if we'll survive.
We won't get to wake up, dreams were born to disappear.
And I'm pretty sure that none of us are here.
~ None of Us Here by Jim Stafford ~


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So when Ezio and his twin Morgyn turned 15-16, the baron of the lands they worked on decided he wanted to marry Morgyn. Let's say he had a habit of becoming a widower, so Ezio was like "Um fuck no," told Morgyn to run, and unfortunately got cornered by the baron and he was stuck in his mansion for about 12 years, it was about as terrible as you're probably imagining, yes. Ezio met the boy he'd eventually fall in love with during that time-frame, his name was Matheo and he was the baron's bastard nephew, around Ezio's age, and taught Ezio how to read (they were farmers, so they didn't have a need for formal education and didn't have one). Ezio's obsessed with books now, and Matheo, now going by Drake, is an author. c: Ezio owns all of the books Drake's ever written.


At the moment, they're still pretending they don't feel anything for each other, but they manage to be really cute and OTP-y anyway because they clearly love each other and it shows in the little things. Ezio's got a heart arrhythmia and is in heart failure stage now, so he has good days and bad days. Incidentally, Drake and Morgyn are the only ones that have stayed through it. He gets his strength from them, and even tho I hope they do eventually tell each other how they feel and stop denying it, I love what they are now, too.

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Strangely enough, my OTPs are mostly canon pairings - Like Captain Hook x Emma Swan, Lucas Scott x Brooke Davis, Cole Turner x Phoebe Halliwell.


The only real OTPs I have that aren't premade are my Mel Yates x Dolly Vera (A serial killer couple that put Joker x Harley to shame) and Kaleb Tate x Erica Dixon (Gang leader and his personal girl)

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I've got a few, but one of my favourites right now is my boy Greyson and his "friend" Ellie. He was originally friends with her uncle that died, who was like a father figure to her (Grey is basically right between Ellie and her uncle age-wise). Those two have been through hell together, both going through really nasty breakups, Ellie trying to figure out how to be a single mum, Grey kicking his drug habit and dealing with his abusive tendencies, and tons of mental health issues to go around.


Right now, they're not dating, but live together/sleep in the same bed and Grey's basically taken in Ellie's son as his own. Basically, they're stuck in this weird place where they'll 100% admit to being FWB, but neither will admit that they want more, despite getting jealous/upset when the other one shows any interest in anyone else. There's also the fact that Ellie exclusively calls Grey Puppy, and he only ever calls her either Princess or Jodi (long story, involving another guy she's messing around with while his partner is in prison lol), and just... They do something fierce to my feelings, man. I can't explain it, but its alarmingly wholesome for the little freaks that those two are...

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Candide: An original dystopian RPG

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My current otp is between my character, Graham, and his pull, Nora. Graham is a werewolf, Nora is a witch and while that may be fine to many, it's not with him. Graham's very uncomfortable around the idea of witches or the creatures themselves and to be pulled — like a soulmate! — to one has thrown him through a loop. Despite his feelings on the matter, his instincts want to be close to her and they've started to bond. Things progressed to the point that Graham confronted Nora on her


drunk driving one night

because he could sense it through the pull and they slept together. Graham felt it like a big mistake. Due to the current plot as well, he's been having dreams involving Nora doing some witchy rituals to him; all that progress vanished and was replaced with fear and avoiding her. However, because of a tornado and the way that losing his pull is literally the worse thing out there for a wolf, Graham rescued Nora after


she crashed her car and got her to the hospital.

Things are going to be okay for a little bit for them until Nora gets word that he's finally talking about those dreams of his but in the end, everything'll be alright!!


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Hmm -


Well my werewolf Alpha has his lupa and its been both up and down and everything in between. However she is not a were. So its made for interesting stories and history that goes back quite a bit.


Richard my vampire has a triad. Three sisters though not his bloodline that he is addicted to like a drug let me tell ya!



That is really the only duos I can think of

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