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Strange profile field issue....

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For some reason, even though in settings it is set as a text area, the box to fill in the basic info field in the main profile in the user cp, it is staying small. And only extends horizontally. See image below.
Linky Here


Anybody have any clue what is causing this and how to fix it? I have even checked in different browsers, and it does the same in all of them. 

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Probably doesn't have enough rows in the code.


Find where it is and look for "rows=#" and if its not set you need to set it. 4 is normally good.



Profile set made by myself and original Artwork by Fae Merriman, my daughter.



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Thank you so much. Where abouts in the code would that be? For the main profile, or for the acp itself?

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I am SUPER unfamiliar with jcink templating system, however, I created a test board to inspect similar elements.


It looks like what you're looking for is somewhere in <!-- Start main CP area --> so where ever those templates are. 🙂 


If you use Chrome you can right click the input field, select "inspect element" and it will give you the popup window like in the screenshot. From there in the <!-- comments you can see what I assume they are addressing as templates (at least that is how MyBB does it). But this is a good place to start to figure it out.


@Blinder Devil



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Thank you so much!!

This issue has now been fixed 🥰

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