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 Roleplay What's your character doing right now?

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LOL which one? #characterwhore


My most ~dramatic at the moment is freaking out at her husband because she is pregnant and doesn't want to be and how can she bring a child into a house where people show up to retrieve fingers they left at the pub.

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On one board, Kassandros is very viciously dealing with a guy that deals in child slaves for um, certain, specific purposes, if you get the drift, and he hates the dude so it's going very well /s.
On the other, he's glaring at his adoptive-son/figure skating protege like he's an idiot (because he is), and attempting to get one of his husbands to... like, talk about his feelings (wild concept). ... not in the same thread. xD


Rowan is having a reluctant conversation about her best guy friend (and yes, she did catch feelings for him too) who she's been avoiding due to a controlling ex, and now she's just afraid he'll be mad at her.


Noelle's meeting her adoptive grandmother's uhh. Boyfriend? ... frankly, everyone probably considers him an Essair already but you know, semantics.


Jordyn's introducing her daughter to her father. And you know ignoring the lil heart flip-flops going on, she didn't miss him or anything. Course. ... okay mostly she's just sitting there and letting them talk. She spent like ten minutes sitting at the top of the stairs eavesdropping.


Jesse is... pestering his... ex....? boyfriend... he died and came back as a guardian angel, in simple terms, and naturally went right back to his boyfriend because reasons. But they don't have water fountains in heaven, and he really wants tea or something.

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Most of mine are in various different roleplays so each point is a different setting.


Red just started a gang war after a calculated plan to unite them went horribly wrong. His son is begging him to go ask the other gang leader for forgiveness before it all gets out of hand. 



  •  is trying to adjust to being a father after his pregnant girlfriend was captured by bug mutants and assumed dead only to turn up later with twins in tow. In the mean time he's helping to organize a slave rebellion.
  • In another one Dag is being coerced by the police to help them bust a drug ring, unaware that its a much larger organization than that. 



  • Being captured by bandits in post apocalyptic Moscow while a fellow soldier essentially just threatened to rape one of their women. Because that's really going to help them get free. 
  • Working out a few kinks in his marriage while also helping to plan the aforementioned slave rebellion with Dag.
  • Trying to prevent the gang war Red started while grieving that his best friend was killed when the plan went awry.
  • Hanging out with a new member of his gun running circle, finally starting to let his guard down and trust her while they bond over monster movies - unaware that she's a deep cover cop. 
  • Helping his new wife over the death of her brother while they were supposed to be on their honeymoon - the problem is his family (hunters) are the ones who murdered him (werewolf). 
  • Chilling in the garage with a pack mate having a few beers. 
  • Being more or less tortured at a CIA black site after organizing an escape attempt. Most of his team and his girlfriend (formerly his handler) got free but now he's trapped with his girlfriend's jealous ex-fiance in charge of breaking him into submission. 


  • Captured by the guards to be interrogated for spending too much time with one of the slaves, secretly his girlfriend.
  • In the midst of abandoning his friends and former squad mates to chase after a girl he just met. He's comforting her because she just lost an eye in a fight. 


  • Just took out Ilia's crush's eye in a fight. Consequently bound and unconscious as a prisoner. 


  • On a vacation with her husband trying to avoid discussing what to do with their son who was finally returned from the Fae realm. 
  • Hanging out with a werewolf who doesn't know she's a hunter or that she knows he's a werewolf.


  • Arranging the kidnapping of his young nephew as revenge against his family for having him exiled over something he didn't do. He and his wife were assaulted by bandits shortly after resulting in her inability to have children and he blames them for it. 




  • Cheers 1

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Pearl (a Sea Siren) is luring a gentleman she met while clubbing into the water under the promise of NSFW activities with the intention of eating his flesh for nourishment; not knowing that instead of a tasty human male he's a Faerie and not editable. 

Vesta is complaining to the Vampire King that the subject he was going to send for her to experiment on (He commissioned her to find a way to allow him or his Kin to walk in daylight) never showed up: Unbeknownst to both of them that said missing vampire was intercepted by a group of clergy dedicated to killing "unholy monsters". 

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