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Bad Staff Experiences

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One time while the whole staff was asleep/AFK, we had a user come in and post 5 whole pages of furry sex gore. We had to explain to that user that "roleplay" wasn't just about sex and it was a very big trainwreck.


Another time, we decided to move the placement of one forum. We then had one of the staff come into the chat and start swearing and flooding at the admin and having an emotional breakdown because of this.

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So I was also staff on this site, but my god.


Once upon a long time ago when I was a less salty little codefish, I had a friend that started running a self-hosted site back in the daaayyye and had no idea what they were doing. This was a resource site so it was going to be A Thing, and I was already running my own server by then so they asked me to help and I said sure why not. So I get onto staff and they've got this bunch of other staff members and they've all got their things they do, so I took over the affiliates management with occasionally helping the head admin when he broke something. IIRC it was IPS like 2 or 3, so it was... a thing.


One day, some other staff member gets their britches in a bundle and starts screeching all over the staff chat about how "those ignorant little fuckers" are getting "removed and banned," and I'm like what? Cause I recognised the name drop and it was one of our affiliates. Said staff member explains the site was using a word very similar to an infamous racial slur that starts with N flippantly and nonchalantly in their public chat, and I was like Oh okay that is a problem, I'll investigate, like I always do because I don't trust other people, I have to see shit for myself before I make a call.


So I go over there and start scrolling around the cbox and I don't see this word. Except there is one in there that's similar, so I ask staff member, "Did you mean x?" and she was like "Yes." And I said, much politer but I can't remember the exact wording, "Well you're a fockin' idiot then because that's Tagalog. It has nothing to do with the English N word."


She lost her s h i t.


I was just sitting back and watching this gigantic tirade about how racist and terrible and ridiculous the blatant casual usage of that word was and how stupid foreign people are and how offensive it was and on and on and on and LAUGHING because oh my god you have no idea how racist and intolerant you're literally being right now. I refused to delete their affiliate button. She went around behind me and deleted it when I wasn't on. I put it back. She deleted it again.


Finally, I said, "I'm sorry my friend, but at this point, it's either me or her." Headmin chose her. I quit. They couldn't keep members very long, and then headmin finally broke something and didn't have anyone to help fix it. I laughed. A lot. If you don't know what you're on about, just sit down and have a cup of tea mang.



(Fun aside: Tagalog is the national language of the Philippines. I am Filipino. ccccc: )

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The last forum I was advertising on before my current one, the admin was... a mess. I informed him that I was going through a busier than anticipated bit of life related stuff and he was upset. Not to mention that I was never given character acceptance guidelines, or told anything about how to approve a character, but expected to be able to do so.


I think within a 6 month period the staff team there turned over at least 2-3 times.

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There were a lot of weird things that went down, but one of the key things was that they stole credit for my ideas and booted me.


Honestly, they did me a favor. Hadn't occurred to me that my ideas were worth stealing before that.

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They argued with me about lore I wrote, because it wasn't tailored to their tastes. And then had the audacity to expect me to write the lore around them. I was like nope.

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