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You know you have a good RP partner when....

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Just because these types of things are fun I think.


You know you have a good RP Partner when.... you don't discuss the path that you are going down with your character but they catch on it's like a beautiful symphony of words.

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You know you have a good roleplay partner when you're really excited to read responses to the threads you've got going. Like, really excited. I don't experience this that much, so when I do it's the nicest thing ever for me. A lot of my roleplays lately have been other people coming to me and asking for threads that I'm not quiiite interested in, and I feel pretty mean turning them down, especially as a staff member. </3

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When you can plot together awesome twists up to wee hours of the morning.


When you get replies promptly.


When you share NPCs.

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When they manage to respond to your INTENTIONS, not just the literal words you wrote.


Though, these days, I'm happy when an RP partner actually READS the entirety of the post, not just your character's vocal contributions and reacts off the environment/body language. Like in Improv. I mean, that's what we have descriptive language for, right?

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When the person who you're roleplaying with knows what kind of plots you want, and offers it to roleplay with you.


To be honest I find most of my good/old friends to be RP partners. I mean. You know you have a good RP partner when you have been RPing with the same person for three years without complaints.

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