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 Membership Roleplay Prompts (Pg13 Edition)

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I write a lot of threads with deep questions that provoke discussion, opinions, and ideas. Advice and the like are important when it comes to being a part of a roleplay community. This is true. I decided it was time I wrote something that could potentially be more helpful. Here is the idea.


I'm going to post a bunch of completely random roleplay thread prompts, some will just be random sentences, some will be longer ideas. Others might make no sense. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to post with some idea prompts of your own! Keep in mind the following:


1) Any and all prompts found in this thread are being given with permission by the author of said prompts to be used anywhere, on any forum, for any reason without credit. If you have an issue with this, don't post any prompts. Super simple.


2) Try to keep the discussions to a minimal, this thread, I'm hoping, can be used for people to jog ideas for roleplays. 


If you're like me, you struggle sometimes with starters, especially if you find yourself ALWAYS being the one nominated to start the threads. These are always a life saver.





Character A lost their purse in a movie theater, Character B has found it but doesn't stop to give it up, instead they're on their way out of the theater with it to turn it in. Missunderstanding anyone?


Character A's car is being broken into. Character B sees this and thwarts it, savior of the day! Character A, of course, missed this, and only sees Character B standing there seemingly red handed.


Character A is in a rush, to late, to little time, need to do so many things. Character B is also in a rush, they're both late, they end up running into eachother, literally. Head on collision, huge argument...only to find out they were both late for the same meeting with eachother. Uh-oh character B, how do you get that job now that you've already cussed the boss out?


Sudden thunderstorm knocks the power out and the elevator completely stops. The emergency lights are not working, and neither are the emergency call buttons. How long will you two be stuck there?


The bank has been robbed, the job was sloppy, at best, and the police are running late on arriving to the scene. Character A has been taken hostage, and Character B suddenly has a strike of "Hero complex". Character B to the rescue!


Character A is looking to spice up their life, they suddenly decide that a local advertisement for a meet up and hike through the woods sounds like a great idea. Meet new people, get out of the house. That sounds great, in theory, until a huge storm hits the area in the middle of the night, and the low land they've made camp completely floods, sending the people there scattered in all directions. Character A and Character B (potentially more?) are now stuck in the woods with only what they washed away with!

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