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I'm Kaisa. If you haven't seen me around on The Initiative already, then you'd probably be thrilled to know that I'm a very shy person. Basically what I'm trying to say is, if it hasn't been for a more professional reason, I haven;t really said much on here at all because I'm very awkward and nervous about meeting new people. In fact, I probably should have already done this since I've been around The Initiative for a little while now, but I got too nervous when I first joined and chickened out. Since I'm doing it now though, please have patience with me and be gentle. I'm a precious bean!


Don't know what to say? Try these questions (not mandatory):

  • How long have you been RPing? I've been in and out of RP communities since I was in middle school (I was around 13-14). I haven't been as involved or active since my Sophomore year of high school though, so I've had a nice vacation from RP. College also took up a lot of my time after high school, so I didn't do much during that time.
  • What are your favorite RP genres? Some of my favorite genres are supernatural and fantasy with the occasional modern twist. I'm also really into medieval inspired RP as well as the recent discovery that I enjoy animal RP. I'm definitely open to try new things if the story intrigues me or something catches my eye though.
  • How do you like to RP (Forum, chat, email)? I very much prefer forum RP. Chat RP tends to be too difficult because the current story can easily be lost in a conversation or even removed after a certain amount of time if your settings aren't set to allow all of your history to remain in tact. The same really goes for email RP. I get so many emails in my inbox that I'd likely lose the RP or accidentally delete it. 
  • What country are you from? I'm from the U.S. I live in a small town in Eastern Kentucky. My area is mostly rural, so I don't get the pleasure of enjoying city life.
  • What is your favorite book, movie or type of music (or all three)? I don't read many books anymore, but I greatly enjoy watching movies and listening to music. My favorite movie is probably the adaptation of Stephen King's Rose Red. As for music, my favorite type/genre is definitely metal. I also enjoy rock, alternative and occasionally rap/hip-hop.
  • What other interest/Hobbies do you have? Outside of RP, I enjoy art as well as actually writing short stories (I have an English degree so I'm a nerd for stories). I'll also casually play video games. Now, if we're talking about getting outside, I love to go riding in the hills and mountains on my ATV. The sights you can see here are beautiful and I like to get out during the summer and see them.
  • What's your favorite color? My favorite color is purple, but I also greatly enjoy red, blue and green. As for my favorite color to wear though, I wear a lot of black. I swear I'm not goth though lol
  • What's your favorite drink? Uh...I guess I'd have to say Pepsi? I swing between Pepsi, Mt. Dew, and Sprite so if you give me one of those, I'll be gucci.

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43 minutes ago, Rune said:

I know (kind of) where that is!


They say it "Pi-akville." with the twang.


A lot of people say it that way lol I try not to speak with such a thick accent, but sometimes I slip up.

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