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Personal Rules that you Abide to

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Aside from the blindingly obvious ones like "don't OP your character", don't "Metagame"? (although in certain circumstances, these are fine)


These are all based on experiences.

  • (Character) actions have consequences and characters aren't always going to get along. That's fine, that's great even if it doesn't happen every other post.
  • Don't play with people who self-insert (cause that will get messy sooner or later)
  • Don't expect me to go OOC with my character every other post. I don't either and we wrote character sheets for a reason 🙂
  • Communicate with me. 
    • Help me build the story, plot events etc
    • Don't turn down every suggestions I mak
    • Life happens, but drop me a note if you get busy. Or if you wanna quit the RP. I don't need more than 'I won't be able to post this week' or "I don't want to continue this RP". I don't even need reasons, but let me know what's up
  • Don't badger me for a reply. I usually get multiple posts a week in and when I'm busy, I'm busy. Chances are I let you know and gave you a time-frame on when I'll post again.
  • If somebody is blaming you for anything... Quit. Doesn't matter what it's about, just politely walk away. It just turns into a negative experience then.
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Always believe in yourself and keep going. You don't have to have the most talent in the world. You don't have to be the smartest person in the world. If you persist and you persist and you persist, you will be successful.

Dean Cain

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  •  Don't join a site if...
    • It's my first visit (love at first sight never works out)
    • I don't have a character in mind and at least half-baked (am I SURE it's not love at first sight?)
    • I don't like the rules, eg, account gets deleted if inactive
    • The average thread response time is more than I can stand (I think I can wait 3 weeks for a response but with  5 threads and each of them waiting for a response > 7 days in I've dropped the site like it's hot...)
    • The skin or site aggravates my inner being. It takes me a while to realize that even though I think I like it, it also makes me feel physically ill and that is the site/creators telling me to go away. 
    • The site is not currently active enough to sustain me

I know all of that sounds like common sense but I don't listen so often and it causes me immense heartache and I just really hate feeling emotionally bad about something that is supposed to be entertainment and a hobby. 


Do you know why peppers are spicy? It's the plant's way of telling everybody else to fuck off. Yes, they really do ONLY want birds to eat their fruit because they shit the seeds in just the right way. Not a bird? Too bad, pepper plant doesn't want you there.


It is so very hard for me to reconcile this. My mind just drifts back to being a site owner and being so so desperate for members. Surely if I just follow the rules and play like a good member the site will be happy to have me? NO. Site says "fuck off!". 



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A relaxed, dark and gritty roleplay based on Disney's Zootopia. 

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  • If in doubt, ask the other player and check in to see. 
  • Third person, always. 
  • Work with and show an interest in your rp partner's characters/plots/ideas. 
  • Minimal post splicing is okay, no post splicing is preferred.
  • Be grateful for the posts you receive. People choose to do this as a hobby. 
  • No badgering. (I used to be terrible at this). 
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Active, fun, established 2008! Come join us. 
Aeterna Roma


Sites I am on; rpabutton.png 



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  • If the site layout triggers a migraine, it's not the site for me.
  • Look for communities that know how to laugh.
  • Look for people who listen, and resist the urge to try and get people who consistently don't to.
  • If one of my characters are doing something egregious/terrible/villanous/etc., always make sure the people involved know they have recourse and ways to opt out.
  • If I risk major fallout by setting boundaries, it's already a lost cause.
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lol guess who's learning the layout of the land
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By Wit & Whitby

[Plot] | [Rules] | [Wanted] | [Discord]

18+ | Victorian Era | No App | No Word Count |

PoC & LGBT-friendly | Newbie-friendly

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If I cannot scroll down the site, I leave.


There's this new trend to style the page scrollbar so wee that you can barely grab it with your mouse. Some sites style their scrollbar so there actually isn't one - you can't grab it.


On this laptop some of the keys are broken, so the choice is an easy one for me. 


You'd be surprised how many sites I've come to and asked the admin "Hey, um, I can't use the site because I can't scroll, my keys are broken, so uhhh...." and them still literally not getting it.

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A relaxed, dark and gritty roleplay based on Disney's Zootopia. 

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