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Personal Rules that you Abide to

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So I have some rules that I personally abide to when it comes to roleplaying. Whether this is posting or plotting or whatever. These rules are something that I adhere to for my own sense of sanity and my own sense of "good roleplay".


  • If it's said in a post it's said. No Post Splicing, the last thing the character said was the last part of their speech (or posturing or whatever). Basically my character wasn't able to speak until the last line of dialog.
  • Plot plot plot but only start half the threads. Switch off the thread starter or burn out is eminent.
  • If they read my character's mind then the thread is over. Try again next time.
  • Godmoding/Powerplaying is actually fully allowed. If I feel it's done incorrectly then I'll let you know so you can adjust.
  • Sometimes I roleplay drunk, if I'm confusing ask.


What are yours?

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I'm so guilty of this. I have my own personal standards that I go by and at times have been called archaic and even too strict. 


  • Don't use outside info in character for any reason. It's just being lazy and it's not fair to others. Just don't do it. Expect the same in return.
  • Have patience. Give some time for someone to return to a thread. If they haven't in X amount of time, pm or msg. No response still? Move on.
  • Know when to say no. I don't have to be in 20 threads with 5 characters to make people happy. Write to make myself happy.
  • If I don't want it done to me, don't do it to others.
  • If you're not sure or confused, ask me. Don't ask everyone else, ask me. 

Okay, maybe I am a bit strict with myself. Not always a bad thing though, not always a good thing.

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- Like @Morrigan, the last dialogue from the previous post is where my character gets a chance to reply. So if my partner has 10 lines of dialogue, I write so that my character responds after the 10 lines are finished.


- I don't make a new character until the previous one has connections and threads that go somewhere. Exceptions include if I need another to rp with new members and the like.


- If someone ditched me a couple posts into a thread, then that interaction never happened unless it is absolutely needed to further the plot.


- Some of my characters are "secondary" and I'm okay sharing claims since I don't roleplay them as much. Since the concept of secondary or supportive characters is pretty much unheard of in roleplay, people may think I'm "hogging" or being insensitive, so I freely share.


- I don't post in a specific order when I'm replying (ie: start with the oldest, or go by character, etc.). If I am not going to respond to someone's reply in a timely manner, I try to let them know.

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I got rules I count 'em~  


+ Don't metagame the OOC knowledge and use it ICly
+ Write dialog as per what feels like the natural flow of conversation. 
+ Adhere as best I can to the "Yes, And..." philosophy

+ Never break character for the sake of plot
+ If it doesn't work, find something that will/does
+ Communicate if I have an issue with something posted, for whatever reason

+ If a thread is abandoned and nothing major happens, I pretend the encounter never existed

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- Don't do to others what you don't like done to you.

- Always think about your writing partners and communicate with them. Also if in doubt, ask!

- What is written has happened; it has no retcon. You have to get out of the mess someone left you in, through a story twist. 

- Plot with the others and meet them halfway, don;t throw major unilateral surprises. The story belongs to all the writers involved, so it is to be liked by all the writers involved, at least 60%. (It isn't supposed to be liked by the characters, though 😛 ).

- No plot idea which is possible is rejected. If one is rejected, the reasons why it doesn't work are explained, and the closest working alternative is found together with the writing partners.

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  • Do posts in batches by character, starting with the one who has the oldest-due reply.
  • Almost never start a paragraph with dialogue, instead embed it (this is just an aesthetic choice).
  • Biggest rule I have is an improv rule and regards thread starting: the person in media res of an action should start the thread, and the person jumping into the scene goes second, otherwise it's kind of awkward.
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On 8/12/2018 at 8:10 AM, Uaithne said:

- Like @Morrigan, the last dialogue from the previous post is where my character gets a chance to reply. So if my partner has 10 lines of dialogue, I write so that my character responds after the 10 lines are finished.



  • Keep character's weaknesses and flaws at the forefront of my mind.
  • Read the post twice, second time, focus only on the exterior bits (ignore what's internal.)
  • Think about your partner's characters as much as I do my own.
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My personal rules:


- I ALWAYS roleplay in 3rd person (past tense preferred), and I absolutely won't roleplay with anyone who writes in first person;
- I don't mind some mild post splicing, but if everything before the end was not important to reply to, I'll jump to the end and pick up from there;
- I totally get wanting to do some plotting before we start, but if our characters haven't even met and my partner is already plotting the names of their grandchildren, I'll get bored quickly. We can plot as things go, it's okay;
- Minor godmoding (aka, assuming my character sat down when asked to) is perfectly okay to move the thread - it doesn't bother me at all;
- I automatically write off anyone who ghosts me. I'm not going out of my way to tell people not to roleplay with them or anything, but it burns a bridge with me;
- If I know my partner's character is 100% a self-insert and you'll get butthurt if mine doesn't automatically love them, I'm gone. I'll politely inform them that we're not a good fit and that's it;
- If it takes my partner more than a month to post back for me (save illness or other extenuating circumstances), I won't bother you about it, but there's a chance I won't even remember what we were doing, let alone want to post back and carry on (unless it's the best thread in the history of ever, then you can take six months and I'll still post back).


There's probably more, because I have a 3-second memory, but these are my ground rules. Others may vary per genre or specific partner. Oh, see? Probably the most important rule. TALK TO ME and I'll give you as much as I can - want to do this crazy plot? Let's do it. Have you always wanted to roleplay against this one canon or historical character? Tell me and I'll try. Were you daydreaming about that one scene you could never have happen? Let's do it. I want to make you (partner) happy too, so we can both have fun!

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Shady McShaderson

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My rules:

  • Talk. Do more plotting than threading.
    • A good relationship thread isn't going to go anywhere if I just let my awkward ass sit in a coffee shop. I'm not good enough at small talk to have it develop into a beautiful multi-year romantic epic. 
  • Patience. If a thread isn't plot-critical for that character, I'm not going to worry if I don't get a reply any time soon. 
  • Don't start a plot-critical/hard-shipped thread with a player you haven't seen in action. Get at least one non-critical thread with them to get a feel for their personality and post speed, and if I like both, I'll let the ship sail. 
    • This has the side benefit of forcing characters to interact at least once before they start deciding to have each other's babies.
  • Accept the splice. Some people I write with are just splicy. That's what happens when they start writing novellas and expecting me to respond. I will accept the splicy nature of the post, and work with it.
    • Don't allow the splices to get nested. If you can't write a flow chart to make this look like an actual conversation, at least, then it will swiftly be unspliced.
    • At the same time, if they say something my character will react violently to, that bit of dialog is either shifted to the end, or all things afterwards stop being things that are said. 
    • NOTE: this one shouldn't be a problem if rule 1 is followed. If we've plotted out how this conversation is going to go, it shouldn't matter that the conversation looks like a fractal tennis match. We should both know what is going on. 
  • No major godmodding, unless covered in rule 1. ESPECIALLY dialog. You don't know what my character is going to say, even if you think you do. If you godmod what my character is going to say without my permission, I will change it even if you were RIGHT about what I'd say. 
  • Chatter is not canon unless otherwise agreed upon in rule 1. Just because I say my character is a moron doesn't mean your character can joke that they are if they haven't done anything dumb in the thread. 
  • Don't dodge if you don't have to. If I'm in a fight thread, I will always take the punch unless it will (a)knock my character out and make the rest of the thread not happen, or (b) was agreed upon that I'd dodge in rule 1.
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  • Character actions always have in-character consequences. Sometimes they're positive but don't assume they'll always work in your favour. If you're not prepared for your character to take the backlash, don't post it?
  • Don't pester/guilt-trip someone into replying. It'll either make them more nervous (which doesn't help them) or less interested in writing back at all. Nothing kills my muse more than someone expecting me to be at their beck and call.
  • Try to share the weight/direction of a plot. It's not fair to expect one person to lead a thread.
  • Similar to the above, don't just post a bystander's reaction. Add something, even if it's as something as small as a gesture or one line of dialogue. Give your partner a character they can interact with, not just perform for.
  • Don't try to force something which isn't there. Romance is great and it is totes worth a wait.
  • Strive for your character to grow and/or be challenged. Flaws should be embraced, not erased.
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