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  1. Apologizes if this is the wrong place for me to asking this, but I have been looking for a place where I could do some rp. Some of the changes on twitter now make it almost impossible for people to write long sls. Because of some experiences I've had in the past, I decided to self-ship characters (mainly to avoid drama which some people seem to create over them, and to avoid having long term sls disrupted because people leave or become inactive.) I was wondering if it was considered power-playing.
  2. I've seen once or twice (and attempted it once), a Facebook Page dedicated to a particular RP site. On an old site, we tried a Wikia at one point (mostly for site-wide plots and stuff to reference back to). And I've heard of sites using a Twitter account to supplement their forum. Anybody here have experience with either of the three? And how well did you like/dislike it? What worked, what didn't?
  3. Okay, so there's an rp forum I enjoy that I've been on for three years, but right now, there's a few glaring problems: -The current staff are very biased, lazy and inactive, and only really look at their friends' stuff- they even refuse to ban a literal pedophile who has publicly harassed a minor in the past -The current owner doesn't care about managing the site or fixing these issues. The only time they've posted in the last year or so was when I posted a public poll asking about replacing some inactive moderators, and it was only to defend their position. -The current ow
  4. This is from a staff perspective. Now I want to hear what members think! Purely as a member: Do you like apps? Yes/no Why not if not? Your reasons! If yes, what kind do you prefer and why? Traditional/shipper/freeform/etc Do you find that they help you in creating character? Do you for example, discover anything more meaningful about the character as a result from writing an app? Does it help you get a grip on them? Etc
  5. I'm having issues with a person who took my wanted ad and I need some advice on what to do. My ad was for a female partner on this spy site I just joined and I made sure to say no romantic ties. They took the character and we chatted on Skype, everything was normal. We started a thread, everything was cool and we were having a lot of fun. Halfway through they messaged me saying they want confirmation that our characters would be romantic. This hit me out of the blue because I wasn't looking for romance. Especially since we're in our first ever thread together and I don't know if
  6. so you all probably know that situation when you have a plot you're excited about that falls out, whether because of a partner flaking, life, or something else. I've heard it said here quite often that plots shouldn't rely too heavily on one person especially the site-wide ones, but I'm wondering more about how you tie up the lose ends and move on, especially with the more personal stories you want to tell after you and your partner have gotten so involved that its hard to find an alternative for that other particular character? It could be because of the nature of the relationship being hard
  7. What are the things every RPer must go through? They aren't always fun (though, sometimes they are!) but everyone experiences them at one time or another! What are the things every site/staff must go through? Some examples: Everyone is ghosted at some point. And every site has to have that person that wants a rank and only a rank... Then vanishes, never to be seen again.
  8. What's your opinion on sites having IM's like discord and whatnot that are off-site? I personally don't care for them because in my experience they just cause trouble off-site between members and then they come and complain to me about, and it causes the cbox on the site to be neglected (and I can't afford to pay to customize the widget and the default widget is funky looking on most themes lmao) but lately the RPing community seems to be very fond of them so I have a discord for my site because I get constantly asked "Do you guys have a discord?"
  9. I was recently informed that it is strange that on my board, we allow people to share PBs as long as everyone with a "stake" in the face is fine with it. From my perspective, grown-ass adults should be allowed to make basic-level decisions about their perceived "property" xD We tag accounts that allow it and leave unformatted those that don't, and don't penalize or reward people either way. Some people are protective of faces and that's totally cool, some PBs have lots of different looks to choose from, and some people don't even claim a face anyways! Just curious to se
  10. A pretty straightforward discussion - do you like it if there is always some danger for your characters (as long as it is not unfair) or do you never want to risk losing them? Deciding on permadeath or death protection seems like an important decision, so I'd be interested to learn which one you chose and why. Or maybe you have both in some way? In one of our old RPs that had a battle system, we had permadeath and lost a number of characters, I think over 10. While it is sad to lose a character it also allowed for some pretty touching or even outright devastating scenes, like a man
  11. I love statistics! So let's compile some data! How old are you? How long have you been roleplaying? What age range are most of your characters? The poll is (supposed to be) anonymous - no need to actually share your age here, unless you want to! Discussion topics (poll participation not required): Do you think that older players tend to play older characters? Is it strange when adult players prefer playing teenagers or children? In your experience, are certain age groups more common in different genres? Has your RP group aged up with you? In what way
  12. What things in an RP make you curl your toes in anxiety? For me, it would have to be sandbox games. I like things to be orderly and structured. I like rules that are clear and logical. This might just be me being anal, but I get nervous when the dates of threads aren't clearly stated, or even the chronological setting of the forum. How am I supposed to know what to include in my posts as fodder if I don't know when the thread takes place in relation to anything else? And sandbox games are just...too chaotic for my liking. If you like them, that's brilliant. I'm sure I would if they didn
  13. Very recently I joined a board that has been existing for a about a year. There are two staffmembers on that board. I created my first character and was eager to create a second character as well. I was interested in creating a faction leader. This was a canon position. Such positions couldn't be reserved, it was just stated „please contact a staff member if you are interested“. I told Admin A that I'd love to have this canon position for my second character. But Admin A tried to talk me out of creating that character already now. I should rather see first if I feel comfortable on t
  14. Assuming you don't mind apps/bios. (If you don't like them, then this isn't the thread for you!) This is specifically regarding the form itself. The blank character sheet. The empty bio. What you have to work with. What do you like to see in a bio form? What do you hate seeing? What do you consider a necessity? What makes a good app form for you?
  15. I was thinking about @Elena's thread about whether we write for audiences or not, and I began to wonder if there is a way to encourage people to read each other's threads on forums (if the individual likes that stuff, that is). For example, instead of just a plain old thread tracker, one can have a thread tracker in which one writes a brief summary of the thread. I, personally, don't read a lot of other people's threads. Part of it is the fact that reading on the computer is hard for me, so it takes lots of time and I miss many details. Part of it is that I'm not really
  16. How do you keep RPing from just becoming the same ol' thing over time? How do you keep yourself fascinated and engaged in what is going on around you? How do you think of plots that are going to keep you coming back for more and checking in on your threads throughout the day? (I'm trying to avoid burn out before I reach that place. Not burned out yet, but the fear of getting there has definitely slowed me down.)
  17. I have seen people who prioritize writing alone vs RPGs. I seem to prioritize RPGs, because there are people who are really awaiting my posts (being an administrator also matters, as much as the fact that I hate disappointing people/ making them wait, as I don't like being left to wait either). But since I opened the new volume/site, there have been 6 weeks that I wrote averagely 700 words/ day or more, and none at my novel. And I need to finish it, I have 6-7 chapters left Those of you who write both alone and with others, and of course have other life commitments too, how do you manage
  18. How does a successful buddy system work? I've never had one that's successful. Either no one signs up to be big buddies, or they do (normally I recruit them) and then they don't really go out of their way to interact with newbies more than they normally would. (Which in all fairness is sometimes sufficient, but it never seems like there's a true advantage of the system.) But I know that many sites have successful buddy systems, so I'd like to know about how you make them successful. Or heck, even how you set them up in the first place so that they are enticing to exi
  19. So a few colleagues and I were discussing discord bots and how people use them for their discord servers. I have seen people use few in the other servers that I often venture, I have even found some roleplay groups that do everything on discord and don't use a site at all which was somewhat unique and looked aesthetically pleasing. My server employs a total of 11 bots one of which I script myself and is not an official bot. What kind of bots do you use for your discord server? Do you use a plethora of bots or just one or two? How many bots are too little and how many is too much? We
  20. I am always seeking ways that I can improve my sites, improve how I manage them and interact with my players. I am pretty sure that perfection is next to impossible, but I am service oriented so I will always keep trying. As always with my topics, I appreciate any and all feedback. Answer one or more of the questions or ignore them and just give random opinions. It's all good in my book! How communicative do you like to be as an admin? How communicative do you like your Admins to be? Do you like seeing routine updates on the site as a whole, plots (where applicable), genera
  21. Rune's topic about site ages got me thinking about this... While I sometimes look at site ages, I'm more likely to look at the directory and character list for ages to see if I think we're going to be a good fit from a community standpoint. I often will shy away from places where none of the characters are over 30 (in appearance -- immortals don't count), because I assume that -- and usually this is somewhat accurate -- the age range of character appearance is with in 10 years of the players, so if everyone is in high school and college, then most of the characters are likewise you
  22. I decided to write a guide about how to roleplay traumatic events because my site is kind of based upon a town that's undergoing traumatic events. But as I'm doing research, I'm seeing all this stuff about how it's good that people write about their traumas as part of the healing process. (It took me awhile to slog through these sorts of links before google gave me the sort of stuff I was actually requesting, so there are lots of people who believe in the importance of writing about one's trauma.) As writers, we incorporate the world around us in much that we write about, sometim
  23. My site The RPG Organization, has had a long standing rule with a 'minimum 200 word count'. This is not an outrageous amount. It is approximately half a page in a word doc program No big deal. Right? The one problem I've seen with it is that some of the members would top out at 200 and post. Maybe they'd go over by 10 or 20 words. It was as if they were thinking "maximum" instead of 'minimum.- even though it's clearly posted as minimum. Fortunately, these players never stayed long. Since being here and at the other directory sites, I've read posts with clear distain for
  24. Mostly, I'd like someone to explain this one to me. What is a soft opening? Why do it? What advantages/disadvantages does it have to a "normal" opening and how else does it differ? As always: Opinions? Thoughts?
  25. When I was debating what characters I wanted to bring back with Tally, I almost decided not to pick up one of my old favourites. Why? Because I also play his wife. Is that a weird thing? Do you get put off by players who play characters on both sides of a relationship? It was weird when it happened. The characters had some shared backstory, but they were so different. Both were also in relationships with other characters, and one even had a character made for them. Problem was: none of it would stick. The more scenes I wrote that included these two characters, the more they sort of
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