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Found 16 results

  1. Good Day, First, I hate cboxes, but the site owner wants one so there we go 😉 I have the cbox installed and have played with its width and height. I have the blocks layout set-up how we want them, but the cbox makes a mess on mobile devices. Below is the code I am using to set the blocks layout. Is there a better way to do it so that everything still works with mobile devices? Note: #block_12 is the cbox. Site URL: https://mpiw-rpg.com #block_6, #block_7, #block_9 { max-height: 250px; overflow: auto;} #block_3, #block_10, #block_12 { flex: 1 1 100%; }
  2. StormWolfe

    Image Removal ?

    Good Day, I have a gallery album set up in my World Building coterie. There are several images that now show blank with a title of Recovered Download. To get this removed, do I just report each image? Thanks lots!
  3. Hello There! This is a minor thing I found in our custom theme on Aereth (Dragonheart). The Move button does not work (at least on my computer and I confess, I did not check it in other browsers). I needed to move some posts to new forums and when I clicked it, nothing happened at all. So, I switched to Eros and it worked just fine there. Again, this is not a major issue since there is a work-around and we don't move posts alot. Thanks and Hugs ~ StormMom
  4. @Arceus I have installed Gaia successfully with not even a hiccup! I am so excited! I do have a question though... How do I do what I need to do to move the URL to https: instead of http: ?? I know! Very basic Village Idiot question, but it's not something I've ever had to do. Current URL = http://aereth.com/ Thanks much!
  5. URL: https://aereth.com/ I am having a bit of an issue with getting my header image to fit and display properly on all devices. Amongst my many tech failings, I am barely at apprentice level when it comes to site graphics. LOL Consider me the tech Village Idiot. I promise I won't be offended. Details: I created a header based on the one that ships with Gaia. In fact, I named my file the same. Per the dimensions of the default header image, I made mine 1630 x 252. My main computer is a 15" MacBook Pro, my secondary device is an iPad Air. On my laptop, the image starts to repeat, on my iPad, it is cut-off. I use Chrome on both devices. When I set the image for no-repeat, it will not display at all. Other Changes: Reset the wrapper width to 90%. I can upload a zip of the PSD or the finished png if you need it. What am I doing wrong? Any and all help is much appreciated.
  6. Looking for some opinions on the subject. My website is currently based in SMF but I'm perhaps looking towards switching to MyBB... What are the pros and cons of both?
  7. Good Day - and this is totally not urgent! I ventured into creating my first block in Pages. It is a plugin and for what I want it to do, I think I might have to do a custom block (am totally intimidated at the thought). I want to add a block that displays the newest character added in our Pages Character Directory (you're so awesome @Morrigan, we love our character pages). Where / How would I go about figuring this out and creating it to pull only the most recently added character record? Give it to me in Village Idiot's Pages for Extreme Dummies language please! 'Cuz, I'm like a total doofus when it comes to this stuff. Thank you all! Site URL: Sagas of the Wild West Screenshot of current block - which I'd also like to figure out how to get it to only display the character name (title) and who added it (member/player).
  8. I may have jumped in too soon... but I saw that RPG Initiative offers RP hosting... and I signed up. However, I... don't know what to do from there. I am an inexperienced newbie with this sort of thing, but I want to get more experienced with hosting / backend stuff. I just... don't know where to start or where to get information on this kinda thing. I've got my site link and my AutoSSL Certificate, but I don't know what to do with it / where to edit the site/forum. Any direction anyone could provide would be awesome! I signed up for this to practice and well, any practice would be great My site link thing: http://farfromparadise-rp.rpginit.com/
  9. My shout-out goes to Morrigan! We moved from a Nova site to IPB for our wild west RPG. I was floundering when it came to finding a really great solution for our character bios. I posted as much here and Morrigan offered to help me out after showing me examples of what could be done with Pages at IPS. The end result is a beautiful layout for our bios (although I'm still tweaking the actual bio content) that is easy to use for my players. Our Character Pages add a unique graphical interface for browsing our bios. Thank you, Morrigan for the hard work and your patience with the changes I asked for after the install!
  10. Good Day! Help me! LOL (This topic might wind up moved to a different forum. I couldn't decide on a home for it.) So, I may have mentioned once or a hundred times that I am working on the revival of my sword and sorcery RPG. It ran for many years and then we ran into a wall with plots. Nothing horrible, just had vital peeps have to leave and whatnot. The core group is still together and still planning on being together for the re-opening. I have engaged (begged, pleaded, whined, and wheedled) someone to do a custom theme for us. This means I need to give them some design ideas. The site's timeline is somewhere between medieval and Renaissance in *feel*. It's not Earth so exacts do not apply. There are intelligent dragons, an Elvish sort of people, humans, and other things. We're limiting weapons to pre-gun tech (swords, bows, crossbows, war-hammers, what-have-you). Now - I am kind of hidebound. I like dark sites. Part of that is because my eyes just can't see shades of gray on white anymore. The glare is also painful when the background is stark white. I also have members that have issues reading text on any kind of a light site. We'll offer a light variant, but the default will be dark. Here's where I need the input, help, some ideas.... While keeping the overall dark backgrounds, I would like to get input on how to get a really great Medieval/Renaissance Magical feel.
  11. Good Day, I installed the Affiliates Database and am loving it. I have a couple of questions before I set the permissions for everyone to use. I am a little hazy on this part of the instructions (how to show the Affiliates separately on main page of forums)... So, I know I'd need to pin certain Affiliates, whichever ones I want as a resource site, etc. BUT, do I then need to create two custom blocks? One to show Resource Sites (pinned sites) and one to show unpinned? Next question.... Where is the best place (and how) to host my site's button for the button code in my Affiliate's directions. I'd like to avoid using an image host if possible. My IPS sites are in the cloud so can I still host somewhere on my site or would the best option be my image host? Thanks in advance!
  12. If this question is Duh! You idiot! questions, just smack me. LOL How do I change the "Title" field title to something else? If I change it on the character mod, will it affect OOC profiles?
  13. First, let me say that I am wow'd by this latest Character Mod update. Now, for the help.... Would I follow the directions here...but look for the bit that refers to the Characters tab on our OOC Account page so that the images and text is all aligned properly. Right now, on the OOC Profile tab, they are aligned left. I added screenshots. Make this.... Characters Tab on the OOC Profile... Look like this ... Other Characters tab on the Character Profile.
  14. Good Day! Question: Is it possible to make the reactions list collapse like the ones here on IPS? Thanks!
  15. Good Day, I need a little help and/or advice. I have two IPS sites, both hosted at Invision Community (IPS in the cloud). On one site, I have the new Brilliant Discord Integration mod (love it). On the other site, I have the old, very pricey, but no longer supported Discord Integration. I need to get rid of the 2nd one and install the active one. As I understand it, I need to do the following.... Disable the Discord Integration mod. Probably also need to disable the webhooks set up for it. Uninstall the Discord Integration. Install, enable, and activate the new Discord integration mod (Brilliant Discord Integration). Anything else there? Now, here's my question and there may not be any good answers beyond submitting a ticket if there are issues. I had a FAQ mod at one point that I uninstalled in favor of a better one. However, the new one failed because the old one had made template changes that conflicted with the new one. Is there a way to avoid having this happen when I switch out the Discord mods? Thanks for any and all help!
  16. First and foremost let me preface this by saying these few things:: 1) I know it's a long shot that anyone will take my skin request. I've tried several times before, but it never hurts to attempt. 2) This request is not open anywhere else. I respect a designer and their hard work to much to set them on a task someone else is already completing. 3) Anything and everything you see below can be negotiable. I'm not HARD SET on things. If they clash, they clash, if it's illegible, it's illegible. Request Type: Skin Size: This is a full site skin, so I would like it to fit the screen naturually. I would like the header space to be 500x200, and the forums to be at least 550px in width in the sections where the posts show up. Code Type: Css and html, I suppose, along with whatever else you deem needed for a skin. I've never skinned before so I'm not so sure. Code Help: No. I am knowledgable in basic css and html, and can usually recognize problems, I also have installed skins before. Text/Font: Not particularly. I am happy with giving creative freedom here, as long as the font is legible and not to curly or tiny. Preferably about 14px, unless using a particularly small font in which case maybe a bit larger. Colors/Patterns: I like any of the following palettes, and am happy with which ever one you choose. I'm giving options because I know in some cases one just doesn't sit right. Choice One Choice Two Choice Three Examples: I do like pSinner but the forum descriptions are WAY to huge for me, as well as the moving cbox. This is nice too Ventage But, again, the forum bits are huge. Really, all in all, I'd like something unique, and fun, and awesome. SO NO PRESSURE. XD Link to Where It'll be Used: OneMoreDay Anything Else: [*]Even though I gave color scheme options, I do have a request that it isn't made to bright. For one, it's a horror themed darker plotted forum. For two, bright color on bright color on bright color burns the retinas. [*]I would definitely like a space FIXED on the side for a cbox. That is to say when you scroll the forum, I'd like for it to remain on the side where it is, not scroll away. [*]I do NOT like forums with those huge bulky description pieces. I like room for a written description, even a slender image strip, but those enormous bulky ones that take up tons of space just don't suit an RP environment in my opinion. [*]I would like to have blanket permission to change colors during holliday times, which will be moved about to match graphics of my own making for the site. This will NOT include any other changes, as I do NOT know what I'm doing for the most part on coding a skin, and have WAY more respect for someones hard work than that. I do, however, know enough coding to make posting templates, anchor boxes, and the like, and am perfectly comfortable with my ability to change a few colors without confusing myself or begging for help, or breaking anything. [*]I'd also like a place for a basic set of male/female statistic ratios, staff, an announcement box would be GREAT right on the front page, or IN the header somewhere. [*]One more thing. The bottom of the forum where it shows all the statistics, who is viewing the forum, who is the last to join, how many posts, that sort of thing. I like for it to be pretty and designed as well, instead of just a colored version of the basic list that comes with the jcink default skin.
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