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MyBB main page forum style

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So while I understand HTML and CSS, I am woefully useless when it comes to PHP other than "damn, I wish I understood that so I could do this thing". So this is probably the first of many questions. 


I'm trying to change the main forum list on a myBB site so it's not just a single list, basically. I can add images, change colors, etc. etc. What I can't do is figure out how to re-write the HTML so it pulls in the correct forums (I can try to hard code it and then crazy things happen). I'm sure I'm explaining this poorly, so attached is a screenshot of what I would ideally like for it to look like. If that is a complete bear, I would settle for at least being able to have two forums side by side (i.e. like The Commons section in the attached screenshot). 


If there's a tutorial on this somewhere, please feel free to point my blind self in that direction. I just wasn't able to find anything. 


Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 3.39.44 PM.png

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You don't need to touch the php! Just use flex to make it into a side by side layout.


To further customise individually, use .forum.noX where X is replaced with the forum's id number. You know the ID number by hovering over a link to the forum. The last number is the id. So for example


This forum


Would be individually styled as

.forum.no2 {
  /* your stuff here */

To get what you want, Threshold name and The Gardens flex-basis will need to be:


.forum.noX {
  flex-basis: 100%;

Hope that helps you!

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Sorry for the SUPER delayed reply, but thank you!! This is AMAZING. I've got some catchup to do with new(ish) CSS things it seems 🙂 

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