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Site Mood playlists? Practices, media, and opinions?

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I recently got back into making personal playlists with themes and such, and realised I couldn't say I've seen much discussion on the matter on here. Unless I've missed the thread. I know a few people will have playlists fitting some moods or some specific characters, but do people also have some fitting an overall board?


I was wondering how other site admins or staff considered the possibility of catering to more musical media in lore/mood building.

For example, do you make personal playlists that is inspired by your site or a site you are on as a member, following more or less closely the theme of the board?

Do you share these playlists with the members one way or another? Say, somewhere on the forum itself or on the Discord if you have one?

Are members encouraged to help build one up or share their own playlists?

Do you have favourite medias for this then? Say, Youtube, Spotify?


In any way, I am interested to know what are your practices or habits or approaches to a more musical site of lore/mood building

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Yup, I have done this. I think spotify is better than youtube because youtube videos can have a habit of vanishing. Members were encouraged to submit their own songs to the playlist.  But if they want their own playlists they can just make them. I've never had a spot for them to share their link because personally, I've never been tempted to check out another person's personal playlist.


I feel like an overall playlist is useful for setting the tone of the board. I have no idea if other people have found it useful. It doesn't bother me if they haven't, I enjoy music anyway so it's not a chore for me to do.


I've also done a playlist that was just different creatures, instruments and other sounds that you would hear in the setting. Again, I'm not sure if people found it useful, but I did.


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Posted (edited)

We have a thread for theme songs and people just post links to youtube. There's also dev threads, where we post songs for couples or other relationships. I think it's pretty fun. I love music and I love seeing what other people post, too. <3


But as for a playlist, we haven't gone that deep with that. 


EDIT: I mean, I have them for myself on iTunes but we don't have a spotify list or anything official. 

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once upon a long time ago, lol, we had a pretty sizeable playlist for our site, comprised of the different kinds of music u'd find in the different nations. we jst made an xml playlist out of it, attached it to dewplayer, and embedded the dang thing into the sidebar. idk how many people actually used it, but i do know i did. i have more freedom w things like that tho bc i have access to server space where i can host mp3s and flash players and xml files and such, most people probably wont. i imagine other people dont do things like this a lot bc it is a pita if u dont have the resources to do so readily available, so if i had to guess as to why this isnt rly much of a thing, thatd be my guess.

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