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What stories will we create?

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Hello! I'm excited to join the site and eager to get some words going!


Most people online call me Valon after a character I played for about three years. I love world building and crafting unique settings. Currently I have some ideas for new roleplays that I'm hoping to find partners for! I recently lost my five year long writing partner so I'm a bit rusty in finding new people to write with. 


I like to write literate/novella post style pieces. Some of my favorite genres to write in are:

-Urban Fantasy


-Medieval/Medieval Political



I pride myself on being a cheerleader for my writing partners. We are all here to have fun regardless of skill level! Everyone has a unique voice and idea to share. I am a very active writer able to usually get multiple posts in a day. 


I like terrible jokes, playing music, and seeing how twisted I can make a plot!


I hope to see your pieces soon and can't wait to write!


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Good philosophy, Valon.


While I tend to save my novellas for my novellas, I often dig the elegance (and the stamina!) habitual meaty posters can have.


We've both got terrible jokes, music, and a driving focus (swap twisted for absurd) going for us.


Are you primarily seeking groups, or 1x1s?

By Wit & Whitby

[Plot] | [Rules] | [Wanted] | [Discord]

18+ | Victorian Era | No App | No Word Count |

PoC & LGBT-friendly | Newbie-friendly
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Hello Valon!

I can surely relate to a character name sticking - when I go by a nickname it's usually my main character's as well 🙂 


I love what you write about being a cheerleader for your writing partners and everyone's voice being uniqe - that's such a great mindset right there, I fully support!

Hope to see you around 


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