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 Membership What weird things have you learnt because of rp?

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The old saying is "Write what you know?" Isn't it? But that's not true, is it?


One of the joys of roleplay is being in settings you would never have the hope of being in, and seeing that environment change. But, hey, lets face it, I don't know how how to fly a spaceship or how to fight with a sword, so what do I do? I go to the internet and read up about it, and I know a bunch of you guys do too. 


But what weird places has your character's interests taken you?


For me, I've been reading about 18th century literature, cold fusion and virus replication. 

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39 minutes ago, Gothams Reckoning said:

You have no idea how many krav maga videos I've watched for Ganon.


And the best part is! It's all completely irrelevant to him now SINCE HE GOT AN ARM AND A LEG CUT OFF. xD



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In worldbuilding for a soft-science roleplaying board, I had to do a great deal of reading in theoretical science for weaponizing entropy, and then writing an explanation for a superweapon using weaponized entropy that didn't simply sound like technobabble. 


I typically stay within the realm of what I definitively know when it comes to RP itself, but the world behind the RP is where I go in-depth in learning something new. 

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I have studied the following peculiarities for role-play's sake:

  • Frankish, Germanic, Scandinavian, and Slavic names translatable into English, Italian, and Latin.
  • Greco-Roman folklore and mythology.
  • Modern voices closest to castrati' voices.
  • Translation of my Oliver Twist character basis.
  • Nineteenth century ballroom dancing.
  • Nineteenth century cooking.
  • Nineteenth century female attire.
  • Nineteenth century female etiquette.
  • Nineteenth century female makeup.
  • Nineteenth century poorhouse and workhouse life.
  • Scandinavian folklore and mythology,
  • Seventeenth and eighteenth century musical training.
  • Seventeenth and eighteenth century operas and oratorios.
  • Slavic folklore and mythology.
  • The history and teachings of Romanism.
  • The history and teachings of the Waldenses.
  • The history of castrati.
  • Werewolves in the historical and in the modern West.
Edited by Jacob
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The evolutionary history of the penis and testicles. Also whether a dick big enough can kill someone (answer: it can. I am terrified).


Other things:

- The history of sequins

- Roman marriage practices

- How doors work in Roman houses (they didn't have doors! they had curtains)

- Bats

- Genetics of purple eyes (It apparently skips generations. So if you've got purple eyes your kid can't have them)

- How the Triad hierarchy works

- I still have no idea how Roman names work, honestly.

- The history behind Real Life Troy

- Sumerian deities

- Exactly what psychedelic drugs went into Roman wine (answer: EVERYTHING. The Romans were always high as fuck. This explains so much tbh.)

- Ancient textile manufacturing methods

- The evolution of blacksmithing

- Ancient books. Like, not the words, the books themselves.

- Herbology. Granted, this was as much for myself as it was for roleplay.

- Indo-British relations throughout history

- Racial demographics in Bristol

- British accents (THERE ARE SO MANY)

- The deets behind criminal psychology

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Off the top of my head, not including the expected 'ALL THINGS TOLKIEN':


  • Historical wedding practices
  • Brain damage
  • Eye damage and blindness
  • Heart attacks
  • Medieval weaponry
  • Pirates (including nautical terms, sea shanties, superstitions, life on board, homosexuality)
  • Manners and etiquette
  • Edible bog and pond plants
  • The Anglo-Saxon language
  • Old Norse names 
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All things regarding whores and whorehouses in the mid 1800s, particularly in the pioneering and western frontier towns. 

There were a lot of things I really would have preferred not to know  O.o  ; however, a character I have insisted I became correctly informed.


Some other things:

  • The origins and history of cuss words
  • Resources or lack of in the nineteenth century for the blind

The remainder of the topics I have learned about in researching for RP aren't what I would call weird, although I might say some of it was a bit tedious.


The main thing in historical research I have found is answering the ever persisting question: Was it invented yet, and if so, what version?

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Was once on a website where I was in a battle, had to do extensive research on many different fighting styles, as well as videos. Then I also did extensive research on Japanese folklore mythology, Greek folklore mythology, Roman Folklore mythology. Assyrian, Babylonian, Pre-Islamic Arabia folklore and mythology. Damn it is a never ending list of me learning folklore mythology. I also learned how people actually blacksmith, and differences in weaponsmiths, armorsmiths and the like. And so many more weird things that I have learned just for a single specific scene, character or an application.

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I've learnt a few weird things in my RP time. It's a pretty random list because I've RPed on a lot of different kind of sites, but also done tabletop RP and believe me when we I say we ask some weird questions and try insane things that we have to prove to our DM can be done. 


I've learnt:

- How quickly a body decomposes, and the different stages of decomposition

- Factors that can speed up or slow decomposition

- The signs of drowning

- What kind of poison the poison dart frog is coated in, and how that (batrachotoxin) works

- How much a horse can carry 

- Injuries and genetic disorders that can disrupt or completely stop menstruation 

- The mythology behind draugr

- How hallucinogenic drugs work, and side effects

- How the american school system works

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I know wayyyy more about Witch and Werewolf Trials throughout the entirety of history than I'll ever need to know — seriously. I mean when would this even be useful outside of RP writing or fiction writing, ya know? At most it has turned out to be an entertaining topic to some on occasion when I randomly bring it up.


I know there's a ton of other stuff, but for now that's the one I'll go with first since it's the weirdest to me given its lack of real utility lol

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