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Does your character have siblings?

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Flynn has all kinds of siblings! Half- and full. I usually go single child families for my characters so I wanted to change it up with him. So I gave him a complicated family.


Mel did have a sibling! But she mysteriously disappeared at sea years ago.

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Okay, there are a slew of characters and they all have a dynamic of their own.


Elizabeth - No siblings adopted, half or otherwise. Her parents couldn't handle more than her.

Mordria - 6 brothers. 4 older, 2 younger. She is the only girl.

Alice - 2 brothers, both older.

Violet - 1 brother, twin and a younger sister.

Charlotte - 1 sister

Tonka - 2 older brothers

Richard - Older brother, younger sister

Josephine - Only child


I'll be honest, for some of them I don't think about siblings always and I realize looking at my groups I hardly ever have my characters come from divorced/divorced-remarried homes. I maybe should change that up.



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So, I have quite a few characters, so let's focus on some of my active ones:

Amelia Waterhouse has a little brother, Noah. He's an artist and a pastafarian minister. He has his own ship, and he just wanders about making art and spreading the noodley word. (I love a pastafarian minister swanning about in the Star Trek setting.)


Zola has a twin brother who's younger, and two and a half decades older (yay time travel!). They have an odd relationship, as they were raised separately (her by their moogie, him by their father) and only after Zola's time travel did they connect and form a bond.


Elle Corvi had a little brother, but he died of Quietus not long before the game I created her for got started. I may one day explore their relationship some, but they didn't get along so well. She's pretty selfish and likes to be the center of attention... which caused some problems when she'd steal the spotlight from him when it was legit his turn for it.


Qi has a brother, but like the rest of her family, she's estranged from him. She ran away after her family treated her like crap after returning from Companion training without actually joining the guild (the guild blocked her from joining for political reasons), and hasn't looked back. Maybe one day she'll run into someone from her estranged family, but she's pretty bitter about how they treated her after what happened with the companion guild.


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Yes! I actually am really getting into this too. I had a brother sister duo that I wouldn't feel right giving that sibling up for adoption since the character flat out belongs to her, but in her place their dad has put a "stand in" as though to make it all better while he tries to get his son back from insanity. 



So far it has been fun! Though Laurent hates her.

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I have several characters that have siblings, and in most cases, I play all of them.  (Full siblings in each case)

When I came to forum RPG, I initially found it strange that people would advertise for siblings or anything for that matter. I was used to things playing out organically (love interests etc. ). 


Currently, I have two sets of siblings in the game, although for one family, not all the siblings are in play.

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I just answered this question in a previous question.


Kalani had three sisters and four brothers. He is the youngest of eight children. Unfortunately for Kalani, he lost his family when he was four years old because four men broke into his home and murdered every one except him.

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Orla Quirke - originally was an only child, but talks have been in the works of giving her a younger brother for a friend to play

Belle Reed - No siblings, always wished for one.

Valentine Trampoline - neglected only child

Ettienne Adelborough - cherished only child

Rob Hankering - Sibling to Olive

Olive Hankering - Sibling to Rob

Bernard Oswald - Older sister

Jasper Tattersall - cherished only child

Hibertus Hux - only child



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Abraham has one older brother who has casually outshined him since childhood. Resentment? No way! 😉


Beauregard is an only child, though not for his parents' lack of trying. Let's just say their genetics are not the best...

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Asche is an only child. 

Red had three full sisters and five brothers, with a few hidden half siblings out there. 

Seth has a younger brother and sister, full, in his modern incarnation. In his original he had an older and younger full sister, and seven known half siblings from his father's various affairs. 








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One character is the oldest of four (two brothers, one sister) but they don't have contact due to separation in childhood, another the youngest of three (one sister, one brother), and another is an only child.


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One has an entire Island of adoptive sisters plus one magically created younger genetic twin.

One has no blood siblings or siblings of any kind, but now has an adoptive sister in the universe he's in.

One has an older brother.

Three are only children.

One has a twin sister.

One is a middle child of three.


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