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Fly Me To the Moon - Blend Tutorial
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  • A blend tutorial for blend Fly Me To the Moon





We will be making this blend: Fly Me To The Moon, which I made for the one-model Challenge.







stock1 (d/ed from google);

stock2 (littledevil);

stock3 (littledevil);

model1 (Aimee model pack)

Texture1 (ghislaine) ;

Texture2 (inconditionally @DA);

Texture3 (evey!);

Texture4 (I don’t know, I couldn’t find it, so I pulled it off my graphic. If it’s yours, tell me!)



Start with an all black canvas. Mine is 800x600. Cut your model (I recommend hardcutting, you can blend her in later) and place her in the middle-ish of the canvas. Take texture 1 and desaturate and then place on the canvas behind the model @51% opacity. Then take stock one, hard cut, and place behind the model, positioning the wings as you like. Set the layer to Luminosity @100% opacity.






The next three layers will go between the butterfly and the texture. Take stock2 and paste onto canvas. Set to difference and then take your eraser, make it large and set it to about 5% opacity and get to erasing. Do a lot of erasing. It should look like this when you’re done.






Then place texture2 on the canvas and set to color, then add stock3 and place on screen @52% opacity. Blend the same as described above.






Everything else will now go over the top of the model. Take layer2, the butterfly, and duplicate, rotate and move to place the wing over the model. Leave on luminosity. Take texture3 and add to canvas, set on color dodge @18% opacity. Erase the part over her face. Duplicate this layer, then change the settings to overlay @53% opacity. Duplicate layer7 (the color layer) and move the new layer to the very top. Set this @81% opacity. Then lightly erase over the face until the coloring looks ok. Finally take texture4 and set to softlight @87% opacity. Here you are:






Now it’s time for coloring.




Brightness: +13

Contrast: +10


Color Balance

Midtones: -8, -3, -10

Highlights: -6, +9, -7

Shadows: +15, -7, +15


Gradient Map

#d89b08 to #f37427



Add the following points:

RGB: Input: 43, Output 68; Input:140, Output: 238;

Red: Input: 27, Output 24; Input:190, Output: 208;

Green: Input: 33, Output 21; Input:188, Output: 288;

Blue: Input: 73, Output 39;


Selective Color

Reds: -11, -12, -64, +7

Yellows: -37, +16, +19, +20

Neutrals: -14, +13, 0, +13


Gradient Fill

Bottom to Top

#000000 to #FFFFFF



After that, I merged all layers into a brand new layer and ran a topaz clean, didn’t change any settings, then set the topaz layer to 37% opacity Text is sylfaen 12pt for the small and Baroque Script 54pt for the large, with a gradient applied and drop shadow.


Any questions? let me know! Let’s see what you can do, post them here! Remember to be creative! <3


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