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Looking for a new forum hosting site


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When Icyboards closed down, I did move it to my own web space, but I don't really want to keep it there. I'm not that certain about keeping the back end of the forum up to date (mainly in regards to keeping up with forum patches, installing plug-ins and the like.) I was quite happy for Icyboards to do that sort of thing for me, but I'm not really in a position to do that myself. I also don't want to have to keep asking for help in forums like this every time I encounter something that I'm not too sure about.


I have considered moving it back to proboards. The old board is still there - I just have to clear out the stuff that doesn't work, post the documentation that I've written for the mybb version of the forum, add a few boards, etc. (On the plus side, I find proboards quite easy to deal with even if there are some elements that I don't like about it.)


But before I do that, I'd like to know what other similar hosting options to proboards, jcink, etc that there are out there, so I can see if there's something better. I know that zetaboards has gone over to tapatalk and I'm interested in going to them as when that conversion occurred, everything I liked about zetaboards went with it. Had zetaboards remained the same, I probably would have moved the forum there. I did try jcink for a short while, but I didn't get on with it very well, so I'm not going to use them.

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Create Mybb? They're essentially the replacement for icyboards. Not sure if they have the account switcher though and I have no experience with them.


But if you've already got that start on proboards, why not stick with? I haven't heard of any recent stories of abrupt deletions.



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Thanks. I'll keep createmybb in mind, but I do think it'll be easier to stick with proboards as I don't have to start from scratch with it. I'm not even sure if I can find the modified plugins that Icyboard used.

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