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Epic Tabletop moments

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D&D has been a part of my life for almost 2 years now. I  been playing D&D 5e for 1.5 year now and it has been an amazing journey. There have been many moments during a game that I was stunned, amazed and that were simply epic. Most of this all happens randomly and not planned at all. 

There are so many adventures that you experience while playing and I would love to hear what epic moments or stunning surprises you have had in your campaigns.


I will start myself (and it turned out way longer than I imagined I apologize):


Last night I played with my online group the party consists of a sorcerer/wizard, druid, bard and ranger. The druid and ranger think they are very good at talking but have spectacularly failed multiple times. In this instance, the druid and wizard are talking to two people they have just rescued in exchange for a reward from the hand a criminal organization. The druid is looking for a way to get evidence against the Lord that the criminal organization is working with him. 

The best way the druid thought to get this was, to get a letter and some how with some horribly good and horribly bad rolls, the wizard convinced the person that she was really stupid and admired is work, frankly flattering but annoying him. The druid jumped into ask for the letter, to help of course because the lord needed to know they would be delayed. Since they were going back to get more funds. This is how it ended.

Druid: "Oh yes we certainly found something" -starts to rummage through her pack.

Wizard: -looks slightly panicked and uses message  "What the hell are you doing they can't know we took their stuff."  

Druid: "Well why not, if he uses his seal we have proof." 


Wizard: "We have the seal we can fake that too." 

Gnome(ex prisoner): Looks a bit confused between the two as they talk in silence.

Druid: "Right no we didn't find anything" -rolls terrible.-

Gnome: -looks suspicious at her- 

Wizard with very high charisma: "Oh yes we did find things." -rummages through her pack- "Look at this beautiful nail and this hammer.. and ooh yes yes we found a bell" - rings the bell and rolls well-

Gnome: -shakes his head- "Right here is the letter please give it to the Lord." -goes off.-

A few moments later. 

Wizard: "I can't believe he actually bought we were so stupid" 

Druid: "Right who is the stupid one now."

Wizard and druid high-five.

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A few friends and I were playing House on a Hill and the haunt (something that summons some sort of event you need to either defeat or escape from) began. Unfortunately some Haunts require a specific number of people, so there was little-to-no chance of me and my friend surviving the Haunt. Eventually my friend was taken out, leaving me to deal with the escape alone.


To give some atmosphere; I am an old man with little health, no speed left, and all my stats are one off from death basically. I'm hobbling my way super slowly to the door dying from the poison in the air when...


Old man: Fuck it, can I just kill myself? (Has a gun and dynamite)

GM: Sure! You have to roll against yourself though.

Old man: *Rolls perfect*

GM: Your gun locks.

Old man: *Rolls perfect again*

GM: Your trigger finger seized up from fright.

Old man: *Rolls perfect again*

GM: ...really?

Old man: Okay fine, dynamite then! *rolls perfect*

GM: You jump over your own dynamite to intimidate your foes. And also break your leg.


Dead friend: You're so bad you can't even kill yourself!

GM: Lol, get rekt.

Old Man: ...kill me.

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If I wasted my time on everyone, I wouldn't have any left for myself.

- A.

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It's the first game I've ever played. My character is a hedgewitch named Saskia that really hates going along with the rest of the group because she thinks they're idiots and going to get her arrested. First scene, everyone but her gets arrested. Within the first five minutes of starting the game. Because of the dwarf and the halfling. In a bar fight.  

DM: So, what do you want to do, Saskia?
Saskia: Do I have to save them? 
DM: You don't have to do anything....
Saskia: I mean, do I have to save them? Can we play the game without them?
DM: That's totally your call. 
Saskia: Can I light the tent on fire? 
DM: Well...I mean, technically......
Saskia: *Sigh* Fine. I light the tent on fire. 
Everyone escapes except a human named Hanz. And in a really terrible accent, he replies with: Oh, these shackles are nice. I think I'll keep them on and twiddle my thumbs before I'm taken to jail. 
Saskia didn't save them again. 


They get to the sewers to find a creature and come across a doorway. The first session is almost over. 

Saskia: Guys, I don't like this. 

Halfing: We don't like you so suck it. *enters the door*

Saskia follows with an eye roll only to be hit on by a demon. HIT ON BY A DEMON. 

Demon: So I have something you might want. 

Saskia, oblivious: Uh, you do?

Demon: Sure, why don't you come and talk to me for a minute?

Saskia: I'm starting to sense some stranger danger. 

Demon: I can give you limitless power. I just need something in return. 

Saskia: I don't want limitless power. 

Demon: You don't....you don't want limitless power? You're a hedge witch. You don't have a lot of magic at this point in your adventure. 

Saskia: Nope. I want a tiny dragon. 

Demon: I'm afraid that tiny dragons don't....

Saskia: Take it or leave it, Stranger Danger. Tiny dragon or no deal. 


Saskia officially attempted to barter with a demon during her first game. It was beautiful. 

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Not epic....tragic.


My sorcerer is squaring off with a priest. She's smiling, divine weapon above her. My sorcerer spits acid at her and she dodges, very well. Thus the acid flies past her and hits my ally, the barbarian dwarf, in the face. The dwarf by this point is bloody. He's bruised. He's poisoned so he's rolling at disadvantage. Frothing at the mouth and growling, the dwarf makes his attack.


He rolls a natural 20.


He rolled a critical failure.




We wept.


And then priest stepped into melee and put a mace into my sorcerer's face. She dropped.



PSI: an Occult Investigations RP

Roleplay Architects: Grab a friend (or many friends!) and just write.

You can also find me at:

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