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Articles on coding advice and helpful tips to help with coding your website.

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  1. Circular image with circular text around it

    When I have a circular image, I want the text around it to curve with it. Here's a quick guide to doing that!

    Type: Look & Feel
  2. Who Posted Today? -- Block for IPS

    If you're using a Linked Accounts mod (specifically, Adriano's Linked Accounts), you'll be aware that it doesn't acknowledge that a member has been online in the Members Online Today list. To get around that, and also give an accurate view of how active your forum is, this block creates a styled list of every member who has posted some form of content in the last 24 hours.

    Type: PHP Software: Invision Power Services (IPS)
  3. PHP Fundamentals I

    Part of a guide series, the PHP Fundamentals guide dives into the very basics of PHP and how it works, designed for people that have never worked with PHP at all, or only very briefly (or people that just want more solid info on the ostensibly easy stuff). This series is designed to build on itself, because PHP is like algebra, you can't just dive straight into the middle. ... well, you could, but it wouldn't be pretty. Fundamentals I covers variables, echo, conditionals, and comparisons.

    Type: PHP
  4. Simple, Flexible Templates with doHTML and CSS

    Video Tutorial: Want a unique post style that reflects your site, without mixing and matching a heap of pre-coded templates? Coding your own is easy! Here's how.

    Type: Look & Feel
  5. Jcink Themeing: What you Need

    This guide is the precursor guide to how to create a theme, step by step on Jcink. This will start from how do you even start a new theme on Jcink to exporting/importing it to s site. This particular guide is the expectations that I have for a member to follow guides in order to be successful.

    Type: Look & Feel Software: Jcink
  6. BBCode 101

    Want to make your character's speech stand out or place emphasis on all the yelling instead of CAPSING IT ALL OVER THE PLACE? Find out how to be bold with BBCode. :D

    Type: Other
  7. Tips on Skinning

    @"Claire" asked for some tips on making her first skin but my reply got so big I figured I'd turn it into a guide.

    You always wanted to know how to annotate your face, right? ;P

    DISCLAIMER: I am not actually a drunkard like this post would suggest. (Seriously, the most I ever drink is a (very large) glass of Baileys at Christmas. Every night for a month. It's like a grown-up advent calendar.) The "wine" stains were in fact blood stains from all the hair-pulling.

    DISCLAIMER THE SECOND: I don't really have one, I just felt like saying "disclaimer the second".

    DISCLAIMER THE THIRD: Oh, look, I did have a second disclaimer after all: I may or may not add to this list of tips in the near or distant future if my brain should decide to spill its guts some more. Who knows.

    Type: Look & Feel Software: Jcink
  8. Javascript Tabs

    A guide to making Tabs with javascript.

    Type: Javascript
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