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  1. So, if you're running a game or plot arc that involves a military or military like group (assassins, police, search and rescue, etc) and there needs to be directions/orders given, or planning and brainstorming how do you keep it on track and avoid it getting bogged down? In the past, the two problems I see happen: the log/thread stalls while everyone waits for someone else to tag, or brainstorming ends up going in circles when we end up rehashing the same thing over and over. I had this happen enough that I really try to avoid writing briefings if I can help it. However, I've come
  2. Sooooooooo guys and gals… this is going to be a bit long winded. This was a delicate situation that happened recently. I’m looking for feedback. I literally just dealt with as best as I could, and tried to take all of my own personal emotions out of the equation…. Here it goes. I use to role play on a Site A with two other people that now currently role play on my site. I’m going to call them Phoebe and Stella. I role played a lot with Phoebe. She and I had a major canon ship and lots of plots and it was pretty smutty so it was very popular. I also had a rar
  3. How much information is to much information? What I mean is when we join a site we all head right for the plotline, lore, setting, and world information, as well as any species breakdowns. Are you willing to read novels of information in order to roleplay somewhere? Is there a point where there is just to much information, to many details, and you're no longer having fun? I know that I have issues when things become to technical. If I have to follow levels, items, gadgets, upgrades, and such for one character it has become a text based video game, and I'm no long
  4. I, personally, have several genres that interest me, but really only one that will draw me at all times. That being said, however, the genre isn't always enough to get my attention. This is for several reasons, all of which I'm completely unashamed to admit:: My biggest pet peeve- The site has to be aesthetically pleasing. I know this is something not everyone agrees with, but I'm a huge sucker for a well put together site. This includes graphics, the way the site is built, the colors, the fonts. Do I have trouble finding things? Do I understand what the roleplay is about fro
  5. My staff and I have been toying with the idea of reintroducing the idea of sister sites for our site. I would think that sites that are sisters would vote for each other on the topsites and review each other's sites. Anyone have an opinion as to what that involve other than standard link sharing?
  6. I write a lot of threads with deep questions that provoke discussion, opinions, and ideas. Advice and the like are important when it comes to being a part of a roleplay community. This is true. I decided it was time I wrote something that could potentially be more helpful. Here is the idea. I'm going to post a bunch of completely random roleplay thread prompts, some will just be random sentences, some will be longer ideas. Others might make no sense. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to post with some idea prompts of your own! Keep in mind the following:
  7. I have recently been around to a few new forums and seen things I'm just jealous of. Lol. I'd like to include some of these things on my forum that I'm working on, but I legit have no clue where to even start with these things. Some of them include: Rotating Member of the Moment spot <-- This is just badass, self rotates when you refresh the page, and I have NO CLUE HOW TO DO IT. There was also a site that had a weather widget on their site, and I'd definitely like that, though I think I can accomplish that by picking a small town somewhere int he vicinity of the fictional one I'm using and
  8. Hey guys! I've seen a few option for this in different locations. Cbox is the most popular, even though they require you to pay for their premium service for really any kind of protection, security, or true personalization. I've also seen SmartChatBox used, and I've used this myself. SmartchatBox is actually pretty nice, they allow for more options without paying for the premium. With premium you get more options, like personal messaging system through the chat box, but that's hardly needed on a forum. It also allows for a lot more security, plus admin and mod positions without paying fo
  9. When I first joined an RP on this part of the internet, I was flabbergasted when I was asked to choose a “real face” for my character. Until then, we used either drawings or nothing at all (a few sentences of description was enough to get us by), and now nobody would RP with me if I didn’t go this route. Not only did I not know any celebrities (I wasn’t much into pop culture), I was extremely uncomfortable with the thought of attaching a stranger to a character they had no control over. It really limited my character creation opportunities because I wasn’t comfortable using actors at random
  10. How often do you guys find yourselves trying out new things in your RPs? By new I mean, almost obscenely different than your "normal" go-to. And how do you FEEL about these new trial characters/situations? For example, I don't do animal RPs. I might play with a shifter or ani-morph sort of character once in a blue moon, but never (traditionally) a flat-out animal. And I laugh at myself, because now on my new site I'm playing a Cat. A magical cat who creates hauntings in houses, but, a cat nonetheless. It's....strange. And exciting at the same time because I have absolutely have no
  11. Not so long ago, I had someone sign up on my forum, and I noticed something very peculiar about their character application. It was mainly due to the style they wrote it in the history section and I noticed that the character descriptions for personality and appearance seemed a little off, too, like the descriptions didn't quite fit the character. After some rudeness from them in which they refused to make changes I'd asked them to, I banned them from the site. Still feeling like something was suspicious about the app, I ran the description through a plagiarism analyzer and discovered that the
  12. The problem with using celebrity PBs is that celebrities are, well, pretty. You're not going to find an ugly character because there aren't really any 'ugly' celebrities out there. You're in a tough spot to find an overweight or pudgy character because plus-size models are still made up to be pretty and aren't really that 'plus size' to begin with, and you're not going to find people who look like folks you meet on the street. Wrinkles on 40-year-old women are nonexistent, pot bellies on middle aged men don't exist, and the dorky girl who wears glasses and doesn't do her makeup is secretly
  13. Recently, I happened upon a roleplay forum that caught my eye. I liked the mood, I liked the staffing style, I liked the creativity, and I thought the skin was cool, even though it wasn't the current style or wasn't very complicated. Even though it wasn't something I'd normally join, I felt drawn to it and I admit I lurked for hours and hours just basking in its light, reading, exploring, etc. Has anyone ever felt like that? Not so much that a board is cool or neat or that you like it, but that you find it irresistable. That something about it just makes it feel like it
  14. I think this would be a nifty thing to do every month. As the month goes along, chatting about site accomplishments - Boards hitting X amount of posts, successful plots, happy site-family moments, whatever you consider "important" to your board/your members. Post multiple times, drag your members in to post, brag about stupid things! Whatever strikes your fancy. Cry Wolf hit 33k posts this month! We also trapped another one of the "I'm done making characters" members into another character. xD
  15. Imagine you have an old friend. Years spent together. In recent months, Friend is taking longer & longer with replies. Imagine a month+ between replies. Friend regularly throws in the I Have the Flu excuse. They're online every day, but haven't been vocal about your 'ship/role-play for a long time, UNLESS they see you playing with others, and you can feel their jealousy/envy across the seven seas. Friend doesn't chat anymore; gossip, discourse, headcanons. What do you do with Friend? I have 4 in-progress role-plays; one hasn't been ack
  16. In the rp I run, most of the group has characters with a similar personality albeit very different background circumstances and/or augments, magic powers, etc. Do you prefer to have a character similar to yourself or not? I'd love to know why you would want to have a different personality in a character and how you achieve good results with said changes.
  17. So, how diverse is your cast? I speak not only of skin color or origin, but also gender (or lack thereof), sexuality, age, religion, occupation, personality, and even species. There's a lot of different kinds of diversity, after all! Do you tend to make characters that share the same set of traits? What can you do to increase the diversity of your characters? Why is diversity in RP important (or not important) to you? I lean strongly towards making male characters in the age range of 30 - 50. I simply prefer males to females, and that's the age range that typically allows for the m
  18. So something that is huge for me, I hate apps! I hate looking at them. Thinking about them. Maneuvering through them to find what bits go where. I blame it on laziness but really I just want to jump in and PLAY! That being said I know that I have a basic formula for creating apps. From personality to appearance it's almost like it's math but with words. Character name is XX tall with a blank figure..... It's not always the same per character but the same details come across in every character in very similar ways. My question for you is, do you have a m
  19. My friend and I are creating the matriarchs of a family of elementals, and I've been a bit stumped on the name of mine. The surname is Cardinale, and they are of Italian descent. The face I want to use is Carolina Sanchez, and she's going to have power over water as a naiad. We've narrowed the names down to Carmina, Liana, and Narcisa. We've tested them on How to Pronounce, and they all sound great, but I can't choose!
  20. Fandoms are easy in the sense that the material of the board comes at its core from a world already developed - Sure there's still the question of plot or theme, but the background is already set up. Some historical periods probably fall under this too. So my question focuses specifically for boards that are promoting "all original content" in their genres. As a member, what's the middle sweet spot between no detailed lore and a world "too" fleshed out (possibly making it intimidating to join under a feeling of stuffiness)? I personally like the "skeletal" setup where the boundarie
  21. So I have come across this a few times in my roleplaying time and recently it came up again and I'm looking to get advise on how you would deal with it. So someone has a character that your on a site with and you put up a wanted ad or two. That person becomes interested in one of your new wanted ads and they tell you. "It looks interesting, what are you looking for?" etc. You give them the details and they choose to deny moving forward with it. Not that there is "possibly" hope. Straight up, there is no hope. That's fine right? So you continue to try to get
  22. I was chatting with @Elena and the subject of aliases came up which made me curious. I've been going by Morrigan for Over 15 years. I picked it up in High School and haven't looked back since (probably why I'm going to get my legal name changed to Morrigan Marsion....). I have used multiple renditions of this name but I haven't changed it up at all as my online Alias. Heck you google Morrigan Marsion and 95% of the results are me, related to me (on a page that I have even the Wit'ch books are on a page with my name on it) and everything. Continuing on!
  23. So I reminisce about old times with some of my favorite characters. Ones that I still have and some that I don't. Writing Partners that I've lost and those that I've gained. Sometimes I just think about the characters that I've lost from old games that I simply can never find a place for. Now this isn't something that I'm looking for a roleplay. I've looked and I just can't find the place that I would feel comfortable pulling out these characters for the most part. This thread is mostly to post a snippet about a character that you just can't find a home for anymore. Now
  24. As a staff members and member I like fluid real time. Basically to the point that if it's August 3rd and a post is made on that day then it's happening on that day unless otherwise stated. Now that doesn't mean that if it would fit better elsewhere in your characters timeline then you can't move it but I like the real time forward movement of life. I hate to be stuck in summer when it's freezing outside. I would rather be in winter in the game. For some people this doesn't work as they don't post as often or something but I was curious as a member, as a staff member what are your p
  25. So it's always nice to vent and get rid of steam, but sometimes, something so awesome and great happens that it feels like you just miiiight explode if you don't share that, too. So, share your happy moments of RPing here and spread the love! I loooove it when everything aligns for me to be able to rapidpost with my partner. Mood, timezones, everything! It happens rarely, but when it does, I'm high all day on it
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