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  1. Came up in another thread, and I'm curious! To clarify: this thread is about romantic/sexual relationships. Not friendships/platonic relationships. Do you plot relationships? How do you do it? Do you plot characters as being Meant For Each Other, despite not having met before? Do you make characters specifically to end up with each other? Or do you prefer to play them off each other first before deciding? Do you Decide, or do you just let the story take its course? Do you have relationships that aren't healthy or that aren't intended to be Forever?
  2. Good Day, I would like to get some feedback and discussions on RPG management best practices. We have done things a certain way for so long, I feel like my sites are getting stale. I run a western set in Hollywood reality, a fantasy (blend of numerous fantasy genres), and a Hollywood 1980s style action-adventure set in current time. We're a very small group of writers and most of us are at all of the games. The lore is minimal at the western and action adventure but there's a massive amount of reading before joining the fantasy. How do you use Discord for your sites? Especial
  3. Hello Initiative Fam! Been a minute since I posted a thread. And well, not only was it about time- but I got a thing going on. Mind you, I'm not against pregnancy plots- though I've never done one. And I hate being a plot killer, but I got a bit of dilemma. I have a member who wants to do a pregnancy plot, the outcome being a baby. We are a 3-3-3 site, DC Canons Only (We'll get that right out of the way). We've been pretty strict on aging up character just due to the explicit nature of the site, and unfortunately we had problems in the past, so we are probably a bit mor
  4. I think we can agree that roleplaying is for fun and isn't a competitive event. But what about improving one's writing skills or expecting others to be good writers? As a roleplayers, I don't see much discussion or emphasis in techniques and improving writing skills. We talk about making better characters or describing the characters' surroundings or the age-old "quality vs. quantity" argument, but the only time we ever get into being a good writer, it's encouraging things that DON'T make someone a good writer. For example, going in-depth with description doesn't make you a better
  5. Hey guys! Some of you may notice that I have been recently working on a site. BEaconRock has been officially in my back burner for...probably a month now, and is slowly being built by myself (with a bit of help from a friend here and there). I recently came to the conclusion of a few things I'd like to feature for the site, and I'd love advice, and to bounce ideas, off of fellow RPers, and forum owners. Here are a few of the things going on that I'd love to hear from you about: 001. I've decided that I'd like to add the ability to decide between forum RP and chat based rolepla
  6. Alright, alright, alright... So, I have a question: What IS a sandbox site? I've heard Phoenix called that, but we've always just called it a multi-genre.
  7. Salutations! I'm a very new Admin. Although I'm not a fan of Activity Checks (AC), i have seen them as a necessary evil. On our site we have an soft AC and a hard AC. Soft ACs consistent of the members simply tagging the characters they wish to keep and those they wish to drop. Hard ACs give a time frame in which a post needs to be made by each character, a link to the thread and who they are threading with. Of course all of this is time consuming for staff and members. I'm looking for alternatives, that will still yield the same results.
  8. So we have all had our preferences, and we've all had experiences, some good and some bad. I've joined chat RPs that were just shoddy and irritating, and I've joined forums where I couldn't find anything, and just didn't click with the people. I'm sure it's happened to the best of us on both regards. Pros and cons stack up for and against both sides of this argument, but what is your opinion? Do you prefer forum RP? Why is that? Do you prefer chat RP? Why is that? Do you believe there can be a happy balance of both? A chat based RP that includes a forum optio
  9. First, a Disclaimer... This is a discussion thread. This thread is not for hate, arguing, upset, pointing blame, or insulting people. This thread is specifically for a discussion about the pros and cons of Group roleplay versus One on One roleplay. Please keep that in mind when replying here. Respect others opinions as you always do here. <3 We all have our preferences when it comes to roleplay. Some of us greatly enjoy a good group thread. From the controlled chaos, to the not so controlled confusion. From the unpredictable replies, to the emotional
  10. Here's another thread on chats. This one is about OUTSIDE the forum. Something a lot of RP forums are picking up now is actively holding a Discord server outside of the forum. This is for many reasons. For one they allow multiple channels for different things. For another it allows the cbox to be used for guest questions without a ton of members drowning out the voice of the guest with their own personal chat and banter. On another hand there is FULL security, banning, roles, moderation, and endless possibilities with bots. With all of these options Discord has become pretty
  11. This is a conversational topic and doesn’t require “advice,” per se. I just thought the topic was fascinating and many of us have experienced either as staff or members how challenging it is to balance free speech with site harmony or the perceived safety of individuals. I’ve seen many larger sites struggle with the concept of free speech. In our modern world, many of us are used to the topic, and we see that “free speech” is a right we can use just about anywhere. However, sometimes sites don’t know where to place the “okay let’s stop now” line. If you draw it too soon, you ha
  12. We all get into those slumps. The one where writers block just slams us and we cannot figure out how to reply, how to start a new thread, how to get our character to interact with another. It can be difficult to get out of them. One of my favorite ways to do this is to come up with a random list of character prompts. Just small one sentence thread descriptions that could be fun, random, silly, hectic, chaotic, or insane for anyone to be a part of. What are some of your favorite thread prompts?
  13. I'm bouncing off of @Samantha's post: but it's a sentiment I've seen many times and I don't get it. So I wanted to find out what's going on here. Why do you or don't you have a revulsion towards an underaged character* being RPed on a mature forum? I personally, have zero qualms about it, but I'm not putting these characters into sexual situations (gross) and it's not something I commonly foray into it. I've only RPed one child character recently and this was on a mature forum...but that doesn't mean every single thread is going to be in some way m
  14. I'm building a new site and I'm trying to make it as easy to admin as possible. Therefore, we'll have profiles but no applications which I'm comfortable with, so no worries. I trust people to make decent characters. The question I have is that I've seen some sites where plot pages and profiles are the same thing, and people reply to the profile itself rather than to a separate thread. The major pro I see for this is that the member doesn't have to go out of the way to make a whole new topic for a plot pages, which many members never get around to. The con, of course, is that people
  15. I've played in scripted plot games (scripted to various degrees) but I've never played in a sandbox game. The benefit to a scripted plot is an easy to follow storyline and everyone follows the dots to the end. In my opinion, the bad thing about a scripted plot is the feeling that the story is moving along on rails and I don't need to post because nothing my character does makes a difference. From reading the mention of sandbox games other places, I get that liking or disliking sandbox games is a matter of personal preference, but what are some benefits and pitfalls to
  16. I started RPing on a Marvel site and didn't look at any other game sites for several years but eventually I looked around and joined another site, an original game. But I always thought it was weird and stifling to the flow of the game that the admins had a half-dozen or so canon characters. They had setup a game narrative/script of two rival criminal bosses trying to control the city. I was there about two years and during that time we rarely had anyone playing either boss. We had about 3 or so characters on each side as lieutenants to the bosses but no one directing us. And for s
  17. Animal rp was one of my early rp settings/subjects/third-example, and it's something akin to a guilty pleasure these days. I'm not interested in quite a few aspects of this genre, I know fuck-all in comparison to the average animal rper. I like a very specific kind of basic talking animals rp, which isn't very popular. So, I have a few questions for experienced animal RPers who're active in this genre. The point here is to get a better insight and to help with game creation. What are the pros, aims, and purpose in the following list of popular themes? For example, is xyz pure
  18. I don't know how common a problem this is but It absolutely drives me insane, and particularly right now. I'm a pretty lenient admin, so if someone misses something then I just shoot them a PM, let them know and wait for them to fix it. I'm probably a little too lenient because I will do this several times. Especially on a new site when I'm trying to build a member base I want to be accommodating and helpful. But what do you do when a member is blatantly either ignoring or not understanding the simplest rules? Example: The number one rule on my sites is
  19. One of the things we recently did on Blue Windows is allow members to RP with NPCs. There are a certain number of "non-player characters" that were thrown into the mix for the sake of reality (so that we could have some characters that weren't 'main' characters, for example, or who could get seriously injured beyond what the members were comfortable with for their personal characters). Members are allowed to 'rent' these NPCs and RP with them for awhile. Technically the NPCs aren't allowed to survive, so members can really do whatever they want with the NPCs. I've been having a
  20. What are your thoughts on RPing sensitive content? Do these sorts of things need warning tags in all threads? For example, let's say that you're playing a character who had unfortunate childhood experiences. It doesn't come up every post, but it comes up occasionally through narrative and maybe dialogue. But the point is that it's not like woah hey obvious content that needs a warning. It's subtle. And let's assume this is a run-of-the-mill RP. It's not a G-rated fantasy land, but it's not an anything goes, NC-17 RP.
  21. What are some special features or unique concepts that you have seen in a roleplay? Maybe you thought it was neat, maybe you tried it and loved it, maybe it just made an impression, or maybe that you still remember as 'wow!' ? -- I'll start! Personalized comfort zones A site I played on once had a form that every player filled out asking a little bit about yourself, but what it was really after was to help you convey if you had any areas that you would be uncomfortable roleplaying with, as well as spots to lis
  22. Have you ever sat around, doing your RPing and come back to reality and found....you started acting like your character? This isn't just pinned to sitting upright for a character who is more proper or anything...but more... I have a character, she's a vegetarian (she'll eat fish). The other day, I went grocery shopping, tried some new stuff and realized...I really like eating vegetarian...oh god I'm my character! Please tell me I'm not alone on this...
  23. So it's something I do pretty frequently. I look at the things that make me happy, that make me meh and make me upset. When they are meh or upset I search for ways to improve them or get them out of my life. As I considered these things I always look at my situation in RP. One of the things I noted is that I haven't been very adventurous lately. Not necessarily with my plots but just in RP in general. I've gotten into this rut of basically going through a circle with an RP partner and it's comfortable, I know everything that likely will happen, I know twists that will make things f
  24. So I was thinking of making it so bio forms can only be done by the OOC account of a site rather then being done by the character account, then wondered if this would count as a turn off, or even if another site has done it before, whether it was successful or not? I mean I can see pros and cons of doing it this way (but for me the pros outweigh the cons!) Pros - Easier to see how many characters a person plays if its all off their OOC account Easier to 'prove' who the character belongs to on the board (and to find who to discipline should someone have stolen
  25. Just because these types of things are fun I think. You know you have a good RP Partner when.... you don't discuss the path that you are going down with your character but they catch on it's like a beautiful symphony of words.
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