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  1. When you're in a thread with 3+ people, do you adhere to a posting order? Or do you just kind of post as needed/your schedule allows? I'm interested in seeing different people's opinions and practices in multiple character threads. Is there an unspoken norm or expectation when there are several characters in a thread? Or is it more of a free for all? I've been involved with both, so I'm wondering what you consider normal or expected when you enter into one of these threads.
  2. What video games are you playing? What are some of your favorites? I'm currently playing Fallout 4. I love sandbox games, especially ones with a lot of exploration. I'm a big fan of other Bethesda games : the Fallout series and the Elder Scrolls series. The high fantasy setting of the Elder Scrolls is rich with potential, but I love the Atomic 1950s post-apocalypse feel of the Fallout games. I'm also playing a small, independent game called Sunless Sea, a resource management game with weird Lovecraft overtones. Some of my past favorites have been: Deadly Prem
  3. This might be a bit of a silly confession, but I have really low reading comprehension, all things considered. I speak English as my first language, but I have some difficulties fully comprehending posts and their meanings. Normally I miss words, or phrases, or I don’t really follow the entire thought of the post. In the end, meanings get misconstrued, and I have my characters react inappropriately for the real situation, and I miss obvious cues and details that affect the plot. What is your experience with reading comprehension and roleplaying, either in yourself or in others?
  4. What, ideally, would you like people to know about you when you join a site? This can be literally anything, from something that is acceptable to know (ex: "I have a busy schedule") to something you probably wouldn't tell people upon first meeting them (ex: "I'm chronically ill and it interferes with my schedule") or things that aren't deemed acceptable (ex: "I really just don't like some people and want to play only with a specific person"). It's kind of like what you'd like people to magically read your mind and know without judging you so that they can provide you all of the co
  5. I'm sure we all know the cycle. You start a forum with maybe one or two interested parties and you start advertising your site. Meanwhile, you and your buddies are RPing and hoping that your site gathers at least a few other people to play with you! But as folks visit your site, and they see that you have only a few people playing, they say, "You don't have enough members. I'm not joining a site that doesn't have lots of members!" and they leave -- even if you and your friends are RPing daily, and in many different places! So no one will join your site because it only has a few
  6. So I was looking at my characters and other characters and I noticed I tend to primarily play extroverts but I do play a few introverts. Now mind you the definition varies but for the most part what I mean is someone that outgoing or someone that is not outgoing. I personally prefer extroverts as they give more reasons to meet other people. I do know there is a place for introverts but I often find them difficult to get plot going with without forcing the player to push them outside of their comfort zone. Thoughts opinions?
  7. Alright, so this is technically from both a membership and adminship point of view. HOW IN THE WORLD CAN YOU STAND IT!? Mind you I'm a member on a site that has Jcink but these down times are driving me nuts. How do you do it?
  8. So something that has come and gone throughout the years is "text theming" by this, I mean where your site premise influences what you use for text around the site. Things like naming "guests" something that isn't guests like for a pirate site it could be "landlubbers" and for a Sci-Fi site it can be "Outlaw" or "Unregistered" or something like that. Now I'm not talking theming the whole thing like the applications form being named something insane and hard to determine. What I'm asking is how you feel about sites that go this far into their entire forum schema. Is it o
  9. So, more questions about things as I develop a site that was spurned by "Least favorite trends" and @Honorem. Playbys aka Faceclaims. With my new site I've been waffling over having them as they will have duplicates for androids and similar people. This means that I don't necessarily want the playbys to be exclusive since there is all sorts of potential there for copied faces and whatnot. Now I know that some people like to have a level of exclusivity to certain playbys because they are attached to them or something which may be a possibility depending on rank of the of
  10. So I've come across a few of these types of sites, namely ones that are more "mature" then others as they say and despite paying for the Jcink or being self hosted they keep their IC forums hidden. How do you feel about that? Would you join a site that does this? For me I don't think I care either way as long as I get to see them before I app a character.
  11. This poll may be restarted every once in a while so look for new polls but the question is exact how did you find your most recent site? If there is an option missing please feel free to let me know and I'll add it. My most recent site was from going through the directory here.
  12. I know this must plague many of you, it does me no end. While I can accept it from Non English speakers, I do find it painful as well as tedious to be constantly telling the same member/s to use a spell check before posting. One member in particular, who has been with us since 2012, simply cannot get the most basic words correct. Seam for seem; theres for theirs and so on: the list is endless. This from someone who had managed to graduate from high school, then gaining entry into University to study Modern History?
  13. So I'm not sure I like it or hate it. It's really a whatever sort of thing, if I want to say hello to a site I will pop into their cBox. I love doing that when I'm interested in a site. I, as a long time site administrator, know that a lot of guest traffic is spoofed.from search engines so it won't necessarily be an actual person that upped that guest number. So to me I think it's pointless but I can see it actually bringing someone out too, but it could also run them away. How does it make you feel as the guest? How do people feel about members of the site greetin
  14. So, been lurking on various Directories for a while and a lot of people in their "I'm looking for..." threads state they don't want a large site, as in too many members or too many posts already established. I've run sites that hit 1,400 Registered accounts and abandoned that forum because I felt the number was too big. I'm starting to hit large numbers again and am fearful that it's hitting that point of scaring off people due to it's size. So, I'm curious. To you, when does a site become classified as a "Large Site"
  15. Hello, I need some advice from others. I am new to owning a RPG forum and recently opened it up to the public. I have been advertising like crazy, doing affiliates, and redid my skin to make the apperance of my site better. I am starting to get worried since I am not getting any traffic. I know things like this take time, but how does one recruit members? i even have a special event for it, but none of the current members who have joined seemed to be interested. Is there any advice or help someone could give me?
  16. A few specific questions to answer/discuss, if you will: *If you feel like not joining an RP if there hasn't been activity/game posts for a few weeks, do you just x out immediately or do you check if that just happens to be an exceptional situation at the moment? * Does the number of members on the site matter to your decision when you consider what's active enough for you? Like, do you consider it in relative terms? * How likely are you to be the first to join a new site? Or even the second or third to join? * Do you prefer simple small skin/layout that's easy
  17. What does everyone do to overcome a lack of muse? Whether it be for world building, a particular character (I used to have different techniques that worked with different types of characters), plot, etc.
  18. So as a perspective member to a site I've seen it all. I've seen one click splash pages that have an image that just says enter to the flashy splash pages of modern web design to simply being directed straight to the forum. As I was going through other sites I was considering what I like to see and what I don't. I certainly don't like very basic splash pages with little visit counters as they are annoying as all heck but I'm not sure how I feel about splashy/flashy ones either. I must admit, it does pull me in when someone has a really pretty front pages with awesome scroll effects
  19. Are there any patterns you catch yourself falling into when creating new characters? Things like gender, physical/personality traits or things like birth dates/zodiac signs? Whether or not they keep pets, or the kinds of pets they keep. Any sort of thing, really. Are there any kinds of traits that you intentionally incorporate into all characters? As an example (arguably a particularly odd one), I was once on a site with a player who would literally only play characters with a name that began with C. So what are your patterns and quirks with character building? And, m
  20. On a sort of related note - if you've had a player who has pushed you to the point of uninviting and / or whose pre-teen temper tantrum and strop off has left the staff breathing a collective sigh of relief - and you then find out / get told / see / whatever that they've joined another site. do you warn them? Does how well you know the site owners / admins make a difference?
  21. How do you feel about character limits? Do you like having them? Do you like UNLIMITED cosmic power freedom? Are you okay with earning/buying additional slots? Or do you prefer the free for all? FEED ME YOUR OPINIONS
  22. Sooo I'm just bored and figured I'd ask a random-ish question, because why not, so my question is going to be, what's you favorite "Archetype" of character to play/write? I mean, do you like to play the criminal looking for redemption, the school kid with big dreams, the master of magic who's seen some s--- and seeks to pass on their knowledge, the amateur who's just beginning to discover the potential of what they can do, the working-class citizen just trying to get through another day, the tragic/dark protagonist/antagonist, the ambitious adventurer, the timid introvert, the sadist, the maso
  23. Do you like word counts? How many is too many words to expect someone to write? How many is too few? What do you feel is a good middle ground? What's your best/worst experience with/without word counts?
  24. Whether pop culture based, book based or what have you. Are there any style of board you are legitimately surprised you haven't seen around? Or, at least, that there aren't more of? I'm shocked there aren't tons of Wings of Fire rps out there.
  25. Does anyone as a rule adopt preconceived characters they see on the forums they write on? If so, why and what were the pros and cons of your experience? Reason asking is of all the forums I've been on with adoptable characters available I've never actually seen one picked up. I myself prefer going OC because of my own control issues. Beginning to wonder if its worth the effort of putting up Want Ads for them. Also, apologies in advance if this topic has been done before. I did a quick search but didn't see it.
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