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Found 12 results

  1. An 18+ roleplaying forum for those who love the weebier things in life.
  2. I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right forum on here but here we go! The title may or may not be well explained or not but i will go into further details. What I would like is for people to use the hashtag system that is built into JCINK [#][/#] to tag their open threads and then for that to post automatically to our discord server on an openthreads channel so that people can see when they've been posted. I was wondering if anyone knew how to do this? I have tried to google but to no avail (might be me not looking for the right search terms) If anyone knows anything it is much appreciated!
  3. Juls

    Listing a Discord Server?

    Is listing a Discord based RP group permitted? We have an advertisements channel for partnerships with other discord servers and could certainly add the RPG Initiative link there, which I think meets the spirit of the rule, but not exactly the letter of the rule.
  4. Sites feel pressured into Discord because it is popular, leaving bad experiences to build resentment I once heard a person say that they dislike stats so much that they will never join a site that has them; they went on to say that stats affected nothing in roleplay, were a waste of time, and were meaningless math. In a different time, stats were none of these things, but efforts to cater to -lovers and -haters combined created a common system where numbers exist, are work, but have no value and affect nothing. No doubt, this person had a bad experience because they tried something even the site's admin's likely didn't understand. This is the exact same trend as Discord. The first thing every site admin hears about discord is "Do you have a Discord?", and then they feel pressured to get one because everyone has one, usually not realizing that Discord has its pros and cons. I firmly believe this fad will continue the way of stats and people will eventually begin to dislike it because they don't understand. Unless Discord can fix the cons... Guests don't see activity Discord is a separate app that has to be launched and there really isn't any integration for a real-time chat on a webpage. There is a brand new widget for websites where you can see who's online, but that doesn't say much as they may be bots or people AFK. So, whenever people do things on Discord, a guest doesn't see that. All they see is what's on the website. In fact, in order to see, they have to launch a whole new app, figure out what the discord join URL is, choose a handle, and log on. It's not very guest visible, leaving a guest with more "Is this site active?" than before. Guest questions don't get responded to as quickly I don't know any staff who monitor both the Discord and whatever cbox/chatango/etc there is at the same time, especially while idle. Discord has a way of sucking up your attention, meaning that responses to guests take longer than usual. This also plays into how welcome a guest feels at the site, and their interest usually hinges on whatever the question was. Most roleplayers have very little in common Perhaps the most important point about Discord is that it creates a community for like-minded people. While in Discord, chat turns to personal lives, media, music, and video games pretty often. Roleplays have encouraged players to be a community for a very long time, but the truth is that most roleplayers just don't have that much in common, which can mean that even the most valued roleplay members are suddenly the least valued in Discord, falling through the cracks. Activity tapers off on the forum because it encourages players to plot but not play This is the one most important reason that Discord can be bad for a roleplay. It sucks up your attention and people go off to chat about other things. This is nothing new about chat, but now that the roleplay is no longer even on your screen and that you're surrounded by your buddies from other places inside the app, the temptation to wander is much stronger. Personally I feel that plotting has gone up due to players being more accessible, but actually playing the game is much less for forum-based roleplays.
  5. So here's something I've been mulling over today - a lot of sites have a cbox and.or Discord server in addition to the their out of character forums. For sites that you are run, or have run in the past, or will run in the future, what instant messaging clients do you like to use for your communities, and why? And if you don't like having an IM client on your site, why is that? Please someone make a Slack RP group so that I can be more subtle at work....
  6. We were chatting about this in discord and I thought it might be topic worthy. Do you invite guests into your discord? Why/why not? If you invite guests into discord, do you require that they join as a member within a certain time frame? Why/why not? What about members who become inactive? Do you clean them out? If you're a member, not a staffer, what are your preferences on the above?
  7. Alright. So here's something I've run into myself when I've been on the hunt for a site. I look at a site, and they have a cbox, but the cbox doesn't look to active. You ask a question, but it takes a while to get an answer, or, worst yet, those that are there dance around you because they're waiting for an actual staff member to answer leaving you thinking that you're being ignored. It's not the most welcoming environment, and can turn you off joining. If it doesn't turn you off joining, it is certainly a turn off when it comes to posting more often because it feels like you're having issues connecting to people. Some sites have upgraded to using Discord, by some I mean it's quickly becoming a vastly used resource for many RP sites. The thing about this is that it's pretty difficult for some users to judge a sites activity, or level of friendliness and welcoming, when there isn't any apparent chat ON the website. I've seen a bot, recently, utilized on a site I'm a part of that I -adore- that slaps the Discord main chat channel right onto the jcink forum. It's a GREAT resource, but you still cannot chat in it from the site. Not to mention you can't ghost as a guest, you have to actually join it just to talk. Not that I'm saying "nay" to Discord, because I"m a HUGE pro-Discord user. It's an AMAZING resource in my opinion that helps staff immensely and makes things easier. So what I'm asking is..basically...what are your feelings on chats visible and useable on the forum? What about swapping out cbox entirely for Discord? How do you feel about that? Other options I'm missing?
  8. Hey guys! Some of you may notice that I have been recently working on a site. BEaconRock has been officially in my back burner for...probably a month now, and is slowly being built by myself (with a bit of help from a friend here and there). I recently came to the conclusion of a few things I'd like to feature for the site, and I'd love advice, and to bounce ideas, off of fellow RPers, and forum owners. Here are a few of the things going on that I'd love to hear from you about: 001. I've decided that I'd like to add the ability to decide between forum RP and chat based roleplay. For this reason I've created TWO discord servers for BeaconRock. One is just for OOC/non-canon interaction. The other is the literal IC ChatRP option. This being said, I know that I will want to have the option to buy powers, upgrades, maybe additional character slots, utilizing the points for the website. My question is: How do I translate this to the Discord ChatRP. I'd hate for some people to prefer chat based roleplay in general, only to be left out of all of the point advantages of writing on the site. That being said all events and contests and such would still happen on site. So it's not as if there WONT be opportunities for them to gather points there. I'd still require all characters to follow site rules, be applied for on the forum, and approved by staff, in order to be played even in the chat. On my Discord RP server I have included a channel that will only be for a list of rules, and useful links, like an invite code to the regular chat server, and site things. Any advice here? 002. I'm in search of bots! BUT I don't want some weird fancy bot with tons of weird options like "meme" and "money" and all that. Basically I am looking for one I can program to announce when a "thread" has been posted in certain forums on the site, right into Discord. I know it's possible because I've seen it done, but I'm so new to this I don't even know where to begin. I'd like one I can program to "say" something ever two hours or so, like announcing 'vote' links, or reminding about 'contests', basically whatever I program it to say. It'd be ideal I wouldn't have to trigger the announcement, I'd like for it to automatically post 'new threads' in all RP forums into a specific channel, or maybe 'new character threads' into the staff channel. As well as pulling 'new threads' when posted in an announcement forum so that I don't have to manually post it everywhere. So, what are some of your favorite bots? Why is this? Do you have a suggestion for ones I could use for this? Do you have suggestions you think I could use and haven't considered? 003. I want to implement a store! What kind of things do you think are practical for an RP store to have? My site will have three species. Wolves, witches, humans. As well as being a modern-day-character-driven plot line. What sort of things to you like having the option to buy? Do you prefer to earn new character slots through posting, or points? Do you believe characters should be up-gradable in powers? How so? Should they buy items, or is this over kill and hard to keep up with? I don't know how much I like the idea of buying items...it seems a bit much. What about buying plots, or staff written goodies, or the ability to hold your own site events? Anything you would suggest store wise? 004. Stepping into owning a forum by myself is daunting. I've tried staff searches, and while there seemed to be hype and interest in the concept, there just weren't any bites in actual helping me out. That being said, I was considering a soft opening relatively soon-ish, once I figure out how to utilize the chat-RP correctly, and probably once I have a store in place for the point system. Anyone have any pointers for me? I'm dedicated to the idea of this forum. I've put time and effort into writing these things, and I'm determined to open. My dedication isn't in question...just staring ahead knowing I'll be on my own is a bit....you know XD
  9. Here's another thread on chats. This one is about OUTSIDE the forum. Something a lot of RP forums are picking up now is actively holding a Discord server outside of the forum. This is for many reasons. For one they allow multiple channels for different things. For another it allows the cbox to be used for guest questions without a ton of members drowning out the voice of the guest with their own personal chat and banter. On another hand there is FULL security, banning, roles, moderation, and endless possibilities with bots. With all of these options Discord has become pretty popular, or maybe it was popular before and I'm late to the party. A huge plus of Discord is having the option to log in from a web browser, or download it to your computer. It's WAY less intrusive than skype is, and has never slowed my computer down, no matter which way I use it...I have it downloaded on my phone and my computer for ease of access. However I've heard mention of Slack, and alternative to Discord. Which made me realize there must be many other options out there for chat services that are OUTSIDE of your forum and allow for a wider range of discussions and options for your member base. What do you use, if any? If you don't use any, why is that? Why do you prefer one over the other?
  10. Hopefully this is the right place to ask this. I wasn't sure! Anyway, I've been poking around Discord API because I want to create bots to pool all wanted ads from different sites for easier access for myself and my staff. The problem is that my coding experience is with the visual aspect of coding. I'm great with HTML and CSS, but I'm a little lost in the woods like red riding hood here when it comes to trying to do this. But, I know it can be done, I've seen it on RPG-I's Discord. Can somebody help me to grandma's house and away from the big bad wolf?!
  11. I like Discord. @Morrigan taught me to like it. I would like to implement it on my site too, but I wonder if I should do it or not, when neither the c-box is active enough on certain days. Strangely our members aren't very keen on communicating. Some because they aren't online at the same time with the others, and in the rare occasions when it happens, they are talking. Some are talking with me in e-mails or on FB messenger but not with the others. Some others even might have never talked in the c-box and they post on invisible - and not because they had any quarrell or bad experience with communicating with the other members here (on previous sites they had been on, I can't know). They are simply and obviously here to write and not to socialize at all. When in need of a PM to clarify something about a thread, they can talk, of course. Of course I would like it to be different, to encourage the members to talk more together, about the site, plot and characters but about life in general too... however I think in my particular case Discord is not a solution. It won't change anything and it will remain unused. I don't know how to encourage them to talk more even in the c-box, because I guess this has to come from inside, and no outside incentive can work.
  12. On the Matter of Off-site IM Services There are strong feelings in the roleplaying community about using programs like Skype or Discord for your community. This article is going to lightly dissect the matter and address some points of concern, as well as give brief instruction on how to fairly integrate such a service. Usage - Pros & Cons There are pros and cons to using an instant messenger service for your forum. I’ll try to cover the major ones here! Pros It can be much easier for users on mobile to communicate with the rest of the group. While you can get a direct link to a cbox, there can still be complications with using it. Skype and other instant messengers have programs designed specifically for mobile use. Most services allow you to create group chats, which can make discussing and plotting with a faction much easier- as it happens in real time, and most people typically find it easier to bounce ideas off each other this way. In that same vein, if you ever have an event scheduled for your forum, using an instant messenger program can make it vastly easier to coordinate events and keep in touch with everyone during the event. For example, if you are playing Cards Against Humanity together or are putting a link out there to a Rabb.it room! Many of them allow for voice chatting. This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it can make talking about plots or updates easier. Some people also simply find the experience enjoyable. It’s faster. Just in general, it’s faster to use than a forum. It also doesn’t require you to be on the forum to communicate with the other players. Guests can join, too. With Skype and Discord at least, guests can temporarily join your group. Cons Not everyone has it. There are some people who have one program but not the other, and the one they have might not be the one you’re using! Not everyone wants to download it. For many, if they don’t already make use of the service then they don’t want to have to download it. It takes you off-site. You might “have” to share contact information with someone you don’t want to. I include this as a con because there are people who feel pressured into adding everyone- however, we are all adults entitled to our privacy. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, you are not obligated to add them or engage in conversation with them. Everyone has a means to get in touch with you at any time. Again, this is something which is really only a con if you allow it to be- you do not have to respond to every IM you get, neither right away or at all. Still, there are many who feel pressured to. Lots of notifications! However, you do have the option to turn these off or specify what words or phrases will trigger a notification for you. Both Most messengers log all conversations, but that can also make it easy to fall behind sometimes. If the chat is moving quickly and you’re gone for a few hours, you can miss out on some plot discussion. It’s also all there for you to catch up on, but some people don’t like having to go back and read. Myths Having a method of chat off the forum makes it easier for cliques to form. A clique is a group of people who are not looking to let anyone new into their circle. They may make it a constant game of jumping through hoops in order to gain recognition and acceptance, but in the end you never make it to the same level as everyone else. An instant messenger chat is just as likely to cause a clique as is a cbox. If a clique forms because of the group chat, then there is already something about your forum and your community that is conducive to the formation of one. As it is the nature of a clique to be exclusive, the only way the entirety of the group chat can be considered a clique is if joining the group chat is an exclusive affair. In the end, this is on the admin’s shoulders. It is their job to maintain the atmosphere of the community, and they opt not to or encourage cliquish behavior then a clique will happen regardless of the method of chat being used. It makes a forum look inactive. While the activity of a forum is partially judged by the chatter going on in the cbox, a slow cbox isn’t what is going to make your site look inactive. Not having any IC posts is what will make your site look inactive, more than anything else. It’s true that having a group chat off of the site can slow your cbox down some, but in most cases it is sufficient to simply say “good morning” in the cbox in order to get some reply and generate activity. All it takes is a few extra seconds of effort, and you get that back from your members. It excludes people. There are two ways that people can be excluded from the group chat: by the admin’s choice, or by theirs. As the admin, you either select which people to invite or not invite. Or, the person is invited but they opt not to join for one reason or another. If it’s the former, then you’re promoting cliquish behavior as an admin. If it’s the latter, then that’s the choice of the player. One cannot claim that they are being excluded when the offer to be included was extended their way. Having a group chat and pointing it out to new people and offering to invite them into it is a good way to make a new member feel recognized and welcome, in fact. How to Implement One That’s all well and good, but if you want one for your forum how do you implement it correctly? Here’s how you do! Adjust the settings. Nearly every instant messenger has options for joining the group- adjust them according to what you want. Most of them will allow the option for people to join the group instantly, if they have the link. Put up the link! Or the join information, if it’s not possible to just join through clicking a link. Good places to put this information are by the cbox, in the starter guide, and in any areas where you put links to important things. Extend the offer to join! When someone new joins, always be sure to remind them that the group chat is there and that they are welcome to join! If your forum software allows you to automatically send PMs to new registrations, then it can be good to include a note about that in your welcome message as well! Say hello! In both your cbox and in your group chat, just say hello in the mornings or whenever it is you’re online. It’s usually all the nudge you need to get some activity going in both places. In Conclusion There is a right way and a wrong way to implement an external instant messenger for your forum, however an IM service is not a must have for a forum. A forum without one is not any worse or better than a forum with them, just as having a word count doesn’t automatically make a site better than one without a word count. As with all things, it is just a matter of the kind of community you want to build. Some might not need an IM services, others may benefit from it. Either way, they certainly aren’t harmful or dangerous! Is there something you would like to see a guide for? Reply to this topic with your request!
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