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Black Kitten

Award Icon sources?

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I'm not really sure where else to put this. It's not entirely either a coding request, or a graphics request as such. So I wasn't sure which forum worked best.  I apologize in advance if this is the wrong place.  But it is site related.  I'm looking for a source for icons which can be used for awards & in the site store.  Or even,  something to make them specifically?


I do have photoshop. But I find by just resizing things, making them small, you lose all the definition and details.

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I buy mine from Creative Market, they can be less than 10 bucks. If you don't want to wrap your head around Inkscape (free vector program and the ideal because you won't lose any quality from resizing) make sure you're looking at items with PSDs.


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game-icons.net has a ton of different icons, including awards, ribbons, etc. They have a search bar so you can find what you need and download the icon in svg or png format.

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Honestly, I feel as if it's easier to make them yourself if you have the skills required. Everything is within your control and you can do whatever you like! There's a certain satisfaction in doing so, but that all depends on if you're willing to try and learn how to do these things. Personally I would suggest using Illustrator or Photoshop to do this.


Resizing things in Photoshop is... interesting. How are you doing this? Are you going to 'Image' > 'Image Size' or changing the resolution when exporting it? I have personally had some problems with quality and a white outline if I resize it when exporting, hence why using 'image size' is more preferred. 

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