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When making macros, how do you guys pick your "perfect" button size? I've always done things through trial and error, but unfortunately that's pretty much left me resizing and redoing countless times before coming up with something I like. So I was wondering if somebody had a different way of doing things.


Do you have a pre-set size that you just use, or a particular button style that you stick to and just "skin over" the template?
Do you scratch it from the get-go and just adjust as necessary when you put it on the board?
Use the original macros as a sizing guide and reskin them?



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Any of them, really. I don't have an actual problem with anything I'm currently working on, just wondering if there's like a specific mindset or crafting people use when they create all the macro images for their skins: Side banners, reply/poll/topic buttons, stat images, etc.



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Oh, those! I think it depends on the skin and the headers. Personally I go for small but noticeable. I make them look like real buttons. I hate hate hate! when those are just text in some way.

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My macros could do with some love XD but as a general rule:


I avoid images (except textures) and just use css to style them. So the size is fluid. 


For things like hot topic and so on, I base it off of the forum default. 

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