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  1. Happy September! (Yay the start of my favorite month!)... as autumn approaches, and also the 1 year anniversary of my own site, I'm trying to come up with an idea for an event or two to celebrate and involve as many of our characters/writers as possible. I've noticed that our "in character" group threads/events tend to get more participation and completion than our AU events. So while AU is easier to include everyone, it might be a bit more fun to do a few separate in character threads in different locations. We are a LOTR site so any 'medievaly' ideas would work... granted I would also l
  2. So when I had first started getting into RPG I noticed that sandbox RPGs were the most popular. Everyone seemed to want to do their own thing without an overarching plot to hold them back. These sites had plots to set up the settings, but their plots weren't stories that would be carried out. Then it seemed that recently site-wide plots gained popularity again. So what are your thoughts on overarching plots? How does your site progress the plot and how often? I personally think it is pretty awesome to have an overarching site plot so that your members can shape the site a bit. I've
  3. Back when I first started RPing, members would utilize NPC characters for just about everything. Fighting opponents in a thread starter; filling in members of that fearsome bandit band your character leads; family members; quest givers and plot McGuffins; you name it. If an NPC (or 10) were needed in the thread, the members themselves would attend to this by, well, controlling the NPCs themselves in their posts. Then, somewhere, I don't know if it was because of games where staff controlled all aspects of the story progression or too many arguments over control of the NPCs per th
  4. Not everyone knows or understands every genre. Maybe you don't get why people would play in a post apocalyptic setting, or you have no idea what a panfandom is. Ask questions! And if you can answer them, do so!
  5. Are they the world's specific holidays, or the seasonal holidays of real time? I had seen both. On mine, If the holidays are in real life, but they are far away in the story time (e.g. almost never Christmas or Easter or others align in real time with the story calendar), we have in character song dedications, in character gift offering, traditions discussions, greetings. We had contests too sometimes. We have celebrated Christmas, New Year, Easter but also local holidays like Thanksgiving, Halloween, March amulets, St. Valentine's day. If the holidays are in the story, our c
  6. So, I've been looking through the forums, and, I was wondering what people found works best for finding inspiration for characters. I personally find that music, beyond all other things, helps me to find and define a character. I often end up with a particular sound or even band or singer that when I hear, I can't help but think about and want to write for that character. I think music impacting mood is a common enough occurrence, but I've found that the song I pick to listen to changes the post. So like, if I were to write two replies to the same post, and I listened to song a for post a and
  7. Call me the poll master, because I've returned again with another question! When you look at a roleplay's index/home page, what makes more sense/what do you prefer to see? The forums, or some sort of splash page? And for further discussion - when you're browsing a new RP site or group, what information do you personally look for? What are some trends in home pages that bother you, or that you like?
  8. I'm not really sure which approach is the best. Yeah, I know, you can always just go with whatever you feel like for your site but I still want to do some research as to what people usually prefer since I can go with either and how people view the fourth option (which is what the site we RPed on used).
  9. This thread is meant to be a mixture of discussion and story sharing so go nuts. Character deaths are often a difficult part of role play even in settings where they should be pretty common. Other players don't spare too much thought about nixing their creations. I'm curious how many people have killed off characters through IC events (or even implied it though the event was never written out). Did you do it primarily for plot reasons, or because you lost interest in a character - or maybe loss of interest in a character caused you to volunteer them to help another character's pro
  10. When joining an original sci-fi board, how much do you want to know about the setting? How much detail do you think is required about technology? And what about history from now to the future age when the story is set? To put things in their right perspective, I'm thinking to a science fantasy / space opera kind of thing, as opposite to hard sci-fi, however I also like to keep some internal consistency.
  11. Are there fewer RP sites these days? I've been browsing through RP directories and it seems like that there are fewer RP sites than there used to be. I also noticed that sites seem to be clumped into "small town / big city real life" or "vampires/werewolves." Obviously that's a matter of opinion based on observation and isn't backed by hard numbers or statistics, but I don't see the variety that I used to. Or the numbers in general. Yes or no? I might be completely wrong.
  12. This topic was inspired by @MissQ's comment in I'm so tired of.... I am sure it has been touched on in other topics or might have been a topic all on its own at some point (a search did not turn up any results though). Although some ranting and venting is okay, that's not the purpose of this topic. The questions are just guidelines. Please don't think you need to answer all of them or answer them in order. They can be combined, ignored, etc. This is a free-for-all discussion for fun and elucidation. I'll weigh in with my thoughts once we get going. What character concepts do you l
  13. So this is something that I'm always curious about... What do you guys do when a new member joins or creates a character and then doesn't post a shipper or post in other people's shippers? Any suggestions for how to help these players get involved without making them feel pressured? EDIT: A shipper/plotter is a page/thread posted on forums that gives some basic information about a character's personality and who they get along with that is more subjective than the objectivity of the application and is meant to help people figure out whether a character would get along w
  14. Hi guys! So recently on my site, we've been faced with an interesting situation. Generally speaking, we have some overall plot ideas for each individual member groups to draw in characters and give people things to work with, but for the most part, we're super sandboxy and let the characters really drive the story in play. The admin team (there are four of us, with myself as the creator) who have some solid plots building and people are starting to assume that those plots are site wide plots because they impact the different factions and change the structure of the site slightly.
  15. How would you describe the importance of roleplay in your life? What have your experiences been with this? If roleplaying is just a game, how seriously should one take it? --- From the time I was 18 when I discovered roleplaying until a few years ago, RP was life. I lived and breathed RP, often neglecting IRL duties in order to catch up on things going on with the roleplay world. After running my Hunger Games site for four years and closing it when I realized I wouldn't be able to continue on with staff duties at the level of intensity required (it had become quite
  16. So, I've been thinking a lot about role play samples. On TNI, we really don't do anything with them, aside from having them there. I guess it can be useful to see that the person knows what they're getting into and perhaps getting a feeling for how they write, but I have never used it like that. So, questions: Do you use RP samples? What for? Do you like or dislike joining sites that have RP samples on their app? What requirements do you put on RP samples? What requirements make you roll your eyes? On a site where the characters are animals (cats, wolves, horses
  17. Hey y'all. What kind of extras do you like to stuff in those 'free for all' places to enhance your character development? I'm coding tabs for our development threads with different sections for people to put things in. So I'm trying to figure out what kind of things people may want to put in there... I've seen development used for playlists, extra photos / mood boards, thread trackers.... EDIT: For context, I'm adding a screen cap of the code so y'all can see what I mean by tabs / sections. I'm making my code into a tutorial so people can customize it and add whatever
  18. I've been thinking about this because I wandered onto a site with a specific Canon in mind. I noticed that said canon had a wanted ad attached. So I looked at the wanted ad and it had ideas and plots I wasn't interested in. So I guess my question is as an admin: do you restrict characters to match wanted ads? As a member: Do wanted ads for characters make you want to play? Do you like when they have plot ideas, or just when it's like "I'd love to see __". How do you feel/react when someone clearly doesn't want to run your plot idea (i.e. you ship stony, they ship stucky), bu
  19. Hey! First off thanks for dropping in! Hopefully am not the one and only lost soul searching for answers about discord. I'm ridiculously new to discord and have zero clue about how to use its features other then the obvious voice/text chat. I made a discord after noticing the popularity surrounding it on numerous rpg sites and now I have no clue how to fully utilize its use. Which leaves me floundering around like a fish out of water. For example what is a bot? Why are there so many of them? What purpose do they serve? Also how do you get more discord members?
  20. This is an observation I've made based on my current site vs others I've created/participated in over the years. DBD is the first site I've been involved with that doesn't really use post templates. We allow them, of course, but my member base just doesn't mess with them much. I enjoy them, but I don't really use them if my thread partners don't. This is the first site where I haven't had a request studio set up to make graphics for other players for that reason. It does seem, though, that sites which use them prolifically attract more new members; and they seem to bring them in m
  21. Okay, So I was at my favourite comic book store talking to some fellow nerds today about our usual stuff (aside from comics of course) and someone asked an interesting question with regard to Star Trek in its various forms. (Of course, I suppose this would also apply to any fandom really, but let's not get ahead of ourselves). If the various crews of Star Trek, from The Original Series right through to Discovery, got together and held a karaoke night. What songs do you think each character would sing? I instantly responded with Spock singing The Ballad of Bi
  22. So I'm pretty much the only person on my site right now. Everyone is either taking breaks or vanished. [Side note: If you're one of my members who is taking a break, that's fine. I'm just here for advice, not to blame anyone or make anyone feel guilty at all. Stuff happens.] I have one member who was pretty active until about a week ago, and then she slowed down and hasn't really come around. . . . What do I do? I'm sitting here scratching my head trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong. Horror isn't the most popular genre out there, but it's not niche. I'm con
  23. I propose to you this question: Is roleplaying harder than it used to be? This can, of course, have a variety of meanings. What I'm more specifically looking at is that I've seen people post many places on the Initiative (myself included) about how things are more challenging or more time consuming or more intensive than they used to be back when most of us started roleplaying 5, 10, 15+ years ago. This has been said about being a member and about running a site, so although I had to choose a prefix for the topic title, it could apply to either. In my opinion, I beli
  24. Chatplaying is something I've always found fun to do, so I thought I'd make a topic to talk about it! Chatplaying, for those of you that don't know, is typically just dialogue between characters with minimal description of actions done over some form of instant messenger, like a cbox, Skype, Discord, etc. Sometimes there is some setting which the chatplay takes place in, and on forums that have a chatplay cbox they often are considered to take place in an alternateish reality where villains and heroes alike can coexist in relative peace in some neutral location, like a bar. Those t
  25. This is a question for people who enjoy (or even dabble in) playing canon characters from various fandoms. It can be any genre or medium. When you choose a Canon, what type of history do you prefer in your choice of character: Do you like to take a character who's series/story is already completed or do you prefer to work with a canon who's story is still "in progress". If you take a character from the "middle" of a series, do you then incorporate the new information in your RP as its released, or try to work the same "reveals" into your RP in order to make the transition more organic?
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