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Found 7 results

  1. What character types are you tired of seeing? What would you like to see more of? Personally, I have yet to see a character from Mexico. A handful from Spain, no Mexicans. Which is a weird thing to notice, but I had too much time to think. I'm also terribly tired of the Girl who had wonderful childhood, has a single bad thing happen and then her parents shun her/she can't handle it and freaks out characters.
  2. Well we have the Good ones so why not the bad as well? Tell us what bad experiences you have had. For me? It's normally staff related. When the staff members have a falling out and someone goes crazy and starts deleting things! That was literally one of the worst experiences I had ever had. Afterward they got passive aggressive and rude to all of the members on the site until I had to ultimately ban them as they were toxic. It was a bad day for me because they were a good friend up until then.
  3. So most of us have been staffers before. There are the good, the bad and the ugly. This thread is for good experiences as a staff member. Ones that made you go "God I'm glad I'm a staff member". For me I have too many to count. I just love having supportive staff members, ones I can rely on. @Zozma and @AKNyx are two I could list off the top of my head. I think another one would be that I love when my members inspire me. Things like the DF Bake Off! They are amazing things that make me feel good about being a staff member, especially here at DF.
  4. Advertising should be the easiest and probably most ignored part of your site. That makes it no less important, but there are a wide variety of ways you can make it both easier on you and more tolerable to handle. I'll try to sum up how to effectively advertise, how to handle your own advertising boards and some common issues people run into. All while simplifying things as much as possible in order to make it a relatively untouched part of your site in terms of the work you have to do. The purpose of this is to simplify your advertising and make it so you have to dedicate only the time you want to it. It should not take up the majority of your time on board and should be easily delegated if you so decide. This is going to be horribly unorganized because I've been doing this so long I have it down to a machine-like routine and am trying to remember things as I go. I am, of course, not saying this is the right way to do things. I'm just saying that I've been advertising for years and this is what I've noticed to be the easiest way to do things while simultaneously dedicating very little time to it. The Unspoken Rules: Advertise on each board only once a month. Do not use doHTML, most sites don't allow it. Make sure your code works before you post it. (align=center vs center, urls link back where they should, etc) Keep your ad PG13, even if your site is not. Don't advertise in Cboxes or outside the advertising section. This is a dick move. Do not criticize someone else's site. Keep your images under 500x500. Most things over will be resized and will direct to the full sized image instead of your board. Your ad should contain: The Site Name (This should also be the name of the advertisement thread) Any age limits The genre A link to your board's index. I've seen so many ads that are just SITE NAME! With no description and a vague image. This does nothing to indicate what your board is about, and who should be interested in it. You don't need to cram a ton of information into the ad, but you have the thread title and description to work with. Utilize them. The entire point of advertising is for other people to see your ad and go "Oh man, that looks nifty!" And click it to explore your board. If your ad is a stock image of a pie and your board is about horses, no one is going to bother because they don't want to RP on a board about pie. I recommend having the title be your site's name. The description being your genre and any age limitations. I also recommend having your ad contain several links, to things like availability, rules, index and plot. Many also include a link back link, which while super helpful, isn't the sole purpose in advertising. If you want to, you could just link to the advertising board in general. Things you should worry about with advertising: Linking back/New ads. That's it. Don't worry about organizing them, don't worry about making your advertising board pretty or fancy. Advertise, provide a place for people to link back and be done. Anything else is more work than it's worth and takes up time that is better spent RPing. Don't worry about sorting them or deleting them. Don't worry about locking them or posting fancy 'THANK YOU FOR ADVERTISING' nonsense. No one goes back to look at their own ads unless its to bump them. Your Own Boards: Have a first link and linked back section. You don't need anything else. Anything else means you dedicate more time to it. You can split them up based on hosts, but I find that's more trouble than it's worth. You generally won't get many ads outside of your host if you don't advertise off your host. Splitting them up isn't worth the multiple clicks it takes to get to the ad to link back. Having these two available makes it much, much easier for you to keep track of what you need to link back to as opposed to trying to rely on your own memory. Have rules. No one will read them. I assure you of that. But have them and keep them simple. They're there so you can delete ads as you feel and if anyone decides to bitch you can point them in that direction. (This has happened and I find it utterly ridiculous but covering your ass is always good.) Because no one will read your rules, don't bother making a big deal of them. Don't go and hunt down the rule breakers to yell at them for breaking the rules. Just delete the ad. They won't come back and look and if they do, you can point them at your rules. Your rules should be simplistic. Ie: No boards from X host. No DoHTML, no porn, every ad you post, we'll post back, etc. You do not want to limit who posts to your board because that, in turn, limits whom you can post to. If I see a board that advertises on mine but then makes me jump through hoops to advertise on theirs, I'm just deleting their ad. Don't make a rule about posting multiple ads. It will get broken. You will spend more time than anyone needs deleting them. Either link back or delete it, whichever you prefer. Most sites will post once a month, maybe once every two weeks. Your board will get hit multiple times. It's part of life. No one can memorize every board's rules and no one should bother trying, for that matter. Remember: You want to keep things simple and easy for you to manage. That means letting go of some control. Don't Lock Boards. This takes up more time than you need to dedicate to it. Plus, some boards prefer to bump their post as opposed to posting multiple ads. Don't hesitate to delete ads. Not comfortable with a site? Their ad is broken? Can't get back to the site or figure out how to advertise on it? Delete the ad. Done and done. It isn't your job to police them or to make sure they receive exposure. It's their job to make sure their ad works. You do not have to justify why you delete an ad. (The rules are just so you can, if you so decide.) When sites advertise in your First Link section: Link back. That's it. You can always reply to that thread with "Linked back" so you can, personally, keep track of things. Or, if you have multiple people handling advertising, this makes it so there's no confusion and no one winds up spamming another board. When sites advertise in your Link Back section: Do nothing. You are done here. Don't bother sorting ads once they are posted. Don't bother going to other sites to tell them how they broke your rules. Just let them drop the ad, delete it if you don't like it and go on. You should barely ever touch the linked back section and only hit the first links to link back. I just opened a new board! How do I get started advertising? Well, presumably you have all of the above set up and have an ad made. Fantastic! Go to a directory or to really, any other forum. Go to their advertising section. Drop an ad. Go back. Find another site. Rinse repeat. Do this until you're tired of doing it. I recommend knocking out 5-10 ads a day when you first start a board. You do not have to maintain this, nor do you have to do it every day. Just make sure you're getting out there and advertising. List your site on directories, get affiliates with other new boards and established ones alike. Then go back to dropping first links. Link back within a week. This is so you don't get too bogged down. I generally hit up my advertising before I start writing for the night. Knock out a couple link backs, then go enjoy myself. I'll also frequently hit other sites that have posted on the one I just linked back to and first link them. There, look at that! You got your 5 ads done and it took, maybe, 10 minutes. I can easily dedicate several hours to advertising and legitimately enjoy it, but I know many people hate it. I think one of the reasons I can enjoy it is because it isn't the focus of my day and I have it set up so its incredibly simple and requires very little time or attention outside of actually dropping ads. Questions? Concerns? Want to tell me why I'm wrong? Feel free to do so!
  5. Hey guys. I need some advice. Since we opened our site, it's grown quite large and, to account for the extra work, we've recently brought on some new staff from our existing member base. However, it's come to our attention that one of these new staff members isn't respected by some members of the community. We'll call this staff member Red. There was an incident with Red a few months ago when she was still quite new staff that was a huge misunderstanding (not Red's fault, per se, just a communication issue that rocked a lot boats). It ultimately led to another new staff member, Blue, stepping down because she disagreed with how we handled it. Emotions were running high at the time and a lot of feelings got hurt. Because of the fallout and the stress it caused the team, we gave Red a warning so that she could learn from it and we could move on. If it happened again or no improvements were made, she'd be demoted from staff. The crisis was averted and we've since grown a lot stronger as a team and know what to expect from each other now and what things aren't acceptable. It aired out a lot of issues that we were able to fix. For that, I'm grateful. However, drama of the same nature has since popped back up, and though it's much smaller and more isolated than last time, it's still there. Red has made a lot of improvements, and her work on the staff team is valued! But some of her communications with fellow staff are...increasingly passive aggressive, which is causing stress among the team. And we know she can't work with certain members because they don't respect her authority due to things that happened in the past (both the past incident and things that supposedly happened before our site) that are out of our control. And, frankly, we don't know what to do about it. We value Red as a friend and a great writer, but it seems her presence in the team is causing anxiety. And I find myself making excuses for her because of that. We just don't quite know what to do, so I'm asking for some advice. How do you deal with drama within the staff? Have you ever asked someone on your staff team to step down? Would you do so in this case? And how do you do so while still communicating that they're a great member of the community, but maybe not the best for staff? Anonymous poster hash: 2daba...d6e
  6. ASK MOUSIE ANYTHING I pretty much haunt boards like this in search of places to give advice, and new documentations I can write. I'd like to get an idea of what questions people have about anything/everything related to forum RP that I might be able to help with. Thus, I invite you to ask me anything! No question too silly, too dumb, or too out there. Feel free to use the anonymous function if you're not comfortable with having it attached to your username. I've been a board admin since 2003, with a break there between 2013 and 2017. During that gap, I continued to roleplay and manage communities---just outside of the forum RP space. My longest-running RP forum was seven years from opening to hiatus, and has been brought back online because it kind of felt like I was missing an arm or leg without it. In that time, I've encountered all sorts of things: Firing my whole staff Finding my "board philosophy" Ejecting toxic members On-board OOC drama Broken RP partnerships Learning to skin.. multiple times Changing board software Adding/removing features Running contests Running board-wide plots Establishing a strong community Advertising like a boss Surviving quiet periods Recurring ghost members Closing the board Reviving the board Investigating board issues Admin burn-out And so much more... Absolutely any questions are okay! About my board, my style, the RP forum sphere in general, particular trends, or even advice on a scenario you're facing. I'm here to help!
  7. HANDLING STAFF INACTIVITY I frequently see people asking advice on what to do about staffers that have gone inactive. Unfortunately, there is no one way to handle this situation. But if you find yourself in this particular predicament, this document has some suggested courses of action for you. ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS Before you can determine what to do, you need to answer the following questions: How long has this staffer been inactive for? Did this staffer give me any warning about their inactivity? Is this a reoccurring behavior? Is this staffer making comments about “returning” or doing their job, but never actually does it? Is this staffer active on other forums or media, but not my own? What jobs does this staffer perform, and how vital are they to the site? Is there someone on the forum that can replace them, or can I take over their duties while looking for a replacement? Can I afford to wait any longer with this person? How much longer am I willing to give this person to get back into gear? How much energy am I willing to put into this situation? The answers to these questions will help you figure out if this person needs to go immediately, or if you might still be able to salvage your staffer. CONTACT THEM In the event that you do not immediately need to remove this person from their staff position, your solution is to generally (attempt to) get in touch with them. Whenever you do this, make sure you have a complete and well thought-out message to send to them, instead of writing it all up on the fly. You will need to communicate to them these things: Your concern for them and their lack of activity. The jobs they have fallen behind on. The fact you need these jobs done, and the time-frame you need them done by. Do they wish to return to performing their duties? It’s all right if they don’t want to, you just need to know. You might also give them an ultimatum, stating that if their duties are not resumed you will have to find a replacement. Remember to speak with them calmly, and do not be accusing. There is no need to make people feel guilty or to hurt feelings. Try to be as understanding as possible, while also making your needs clear. Keep in mind that you might not get an answer (or a timely one). Know ahead of time how long you are willing to wait to hear back from them before you retire the staffer. The way your staffer responds to this will more or less tell you what to do: you either wait and give them a bit more time to get things in order, or you replace them and find someone else to do their work, or resorb it yourself. If they say they will resume their duties but do not by the specified time, then remove them and explain to them why. Which, conveniently enough, is what you should do in the event you don’t want to spend any more time waiting on this person and wish to remove them from staff at once. Let’s move on to handling that part. IF YOU DECIDE TO LAY THEM OFF... Before contacting the staffer, have your message already written up. Do not write it off the top of your head on the fly in an instant messenger- this just provides the opportunity for them to put you on the defensive and engage you in a giant mess without ever having the chance to professionally get your point across. Explain to them the following: They are being removed from staff due to inactivity. State this clearly. Do not make it sound optional or like it is up for debate. That their efforts have been appreciated. Refrain from insulting them or using degrading language- it makes them feel like a small person and turns you into one. An example of an appropriate termination letter is as follows: “Dear Snufflewumps, I must remove you from The 100 Acre Woods’s staff team, as many applications have not been reviewed in a timely manner or have been left in waiting. I understand that this is a busy time in your life, and do not want the forum’s needs to become more demanding than your own. I greatly appreciate all the help and support you have offered me as a staffer, and hope to still have the chance to play with you. Thanks for your time and understanding, Hungry Henry” If they wig out at you for that, then treat them as you would any other member causing problems. And voila! That’s how you do. Is there something you would like to see a guide for? Reply to this topic with your request! Have something you need advice on? Contact me privately and I'll respond to it in my blog!
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