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General tips for making your site sparkle.

Simple section to provice tips and tricks if you found any so others can do things.

General information topics about NaNoWriMo and the current year's goings-on. If you're new here, or we're coming up on a new NaNo, peruse this forum and remember to post in the Write-In Availability thread!

Discuss all things solo writing here.

Discussions around interesting Rps you joined and various other things.

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Movie Club Test

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No posts here yet

IPS Character Manager is a custom made mod for the Initiative and copyright to this site. If you want features or to request changes please utilize this forum.


If you would like to verify compatibility we have the IPS Character Manager as well as the Initiative up to date at all times and you can check posting here:



If you're able to successfully post or create characters here on the Initiative then you can rest assured that it's functioning. If you cannot please post in this forum with the issue you're having.

Topics and such from former NaNoWriMo years. You can safely ignore this forum, it's really more of an archive.

Our current NaNoWriMo discussions and events!

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Topics relating to map building. From cities to entire worlds, share it and discuss it here.

General world building discussion topics.

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This is where to chat about anything that doesn't have to do with Roleplays, from art to entertainment post and chat about it here.

This is a forum exclusively meant to express stories and adventures that you have while in real life. These stories are not meant to incite a specific discussion but instead give people a laugh, a cry, a heat felt moment, outrage etc!


Please feel free to utilize the anonymous posting feature if you wish that you remain anonymous when publishing the story or adventure.

A place that you can ask the staff those burning questions that you were always wondering about them.

This is the place to play games, be random and silly or just test something.

Cooking Recipes

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This forum is intended for recipes and shares of updates, additions, successes and failures of such recipes. Enjoy sharing and creating!

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