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Information on software both hosted, like Jcink, Icyboards, as well as guides on how to delve into the world of self hosting or piggy back hosting.

42 guides in this category

  1. Character Mod: Playby list

    I've been asked a few times on how to make a custom Playby List without having to create a separate directory for claims. This will work for many different things that only have one level like Faction or Species. Job lists, if you want them separated by location, are more complicated and will be covered in another guide.

    Software: Invision Power Services (IPS)
  2. Lonely/Open Threads Listing

    Lonely, open or other threads listing! An automatic listing of threads with a specified thread prefix replied to within the last specified amount of days with less than a specified amount of replies.

    Software: MyBB
  3. Simple custom fields change for the Mini-Profile in the Character Mod

    Centered custom fields, while default for IPS, normally look a little messy when you have more than one or two things listed, this is a simple guide on how to make some minor changes to make a big difference, feel free to adjust as you like.

    Software: Invision Power Services (IPS)
  4. Image Rotator for Characters in the Character Mod

    The rotating avatars is for character accounts, with the wonderful character mod


    But you can adapt for use with regular accounts if you want. You will need to use different variables.

    Software: Invision Power Services (IPS)
  5. How to use custom fields in the character mod

    The basic information on coding for the IPS Character Mod using Custom fields to be able to make custom mini-profiles and profiles.

    Software: Invision Power Services (IPS)
  6. How to have a Big Avatar in posts

    By Default IPS doesn't allow for large avatars as the overall styling of the site really doesn't fit with that. It doesn't, however, mean that you don't get to have one. Follow these steps and you'll be able to have a large avatar on your site.

    Software: Invision Power Services (IPS)
  7. Useful Extensions For phpBB

    A simple list of current PhpBB extensions that would be helpful for RPG sites. This is by no means a complete list just some that I found useful.


    Software: phpBB
  8. Automatic Open Thread List - A guide to finding your variables

    IPS is a powerful product. Most of the time, if I need to achieve something, I can do it with page blocks. Sometimes, I just need to alter those page blocks a little bit in order to achieve what I want to achieve.


    In this guide, I hope to help guide you through looking for the correct variables and writing a simple if statement. At the end of the guide, you should have a working automatic open thread list.

    Software: Invision Power Services (IPS)
  9. Using Style Tags (CSS) In Posts

    As the title suggests I am going to show you two ways to allow style (<style></style>) tags (CSS) in posts on your board!

    Software: MyBB
  10. How to individually customise forums and categories

    Want to customise your forums individually? A different background image for every forum? A different colour for every category? This guide will show you how to do it for mybb.

    Software: MyBB
  11. Recent Posts w/o Plugin

    This guide offers two options to installing and running recent posts on your forum. It also uses the recent posts from the portal so portal settings will dictate how this will work but I have updated this to include thread prefixes and username/group display to properly show.


    Version 1.8.x

    Software: MyBB
  12. Auto Counting Additional Statistics

    A lot of boards like to use census totals for characters of specific sex, group (like factions, clans and so on), posts in specific boards and so on so forth. Here I will explain a base script to allow such counting and a few tips on pointers on where to go to further your abilities with what I have given you here. I will also do my best to explain what I have done while keeping it simplified and avoiding an overly defined/long guide.

    Software: MyBB
  13. Absence List w/ Account Switcher Attached Accounts

    An absence list (using the "Away" status option via User CPs) that also displays attached accounts (using the "Account Switcher" plugin).

    Software: MyBB
  14. Face Claim Listing

    Face Claims are a big part of the RPG community, an automatic listing of who has who will make every ones lives much easier. Ooo and did I mention this list was searchable!?

    Software: MyBB
  15. Specific Board Time

    MyBB has the current time setting, which can have a default enabled though if a user has a time zone selected the time will then update to their time. A lot of boards run big events or other things by a specific timezone/set time for the board. Here I will show you how to insert your own!

    Software: MyBB
  16. Installing an SMF Theme

    Installing a new SMF theme is a clickity click away! Here's a quick and handy guide on how to get the pretties operating on your SMF install.

    Software: SMF
  17. How to make separate author panes Per user group

    With IPS, unless you have it set to highlight specific groups posts, there is no real way to differentiate the author types save for their icon and group color. As you can see here at the Initiative we are able to accomodate a different look per user group to show off all of our awesome staff members, patrons and contributors.

    Software: Invision Power Services (IPS)
  18. How to create custom total Blocks with the Character Mod

    As it stands there is a default total block in the application itself however that only works for groups and if you want other sorts of totals manually updating them is... well lets face it, a pain in the ass. For this guide I'm going to give you the code and how to edit it. This should only be used on things that only have one selection on a select box (so no arrays). You can do this for factions, genders, whatever you have that needs a total.

    Software: Invision Power Services (IPS)
  19. InsaneJournal Navigation guide


    Foreword: This documentation was written by Blackjack Bart of RPG-D & DF. This guide has been updated from the original version, and there my be changes that are not obvious to first-time IJ users.


    Topics that are covered in this thread include:

    1. Navigation: The Sidebar
    2. Abbreviations & Slang
    3. Creating an Account
    4. Posting threads
    5. Journal & Community customization
    6. IJ Resources.

    Software: Journals (Tumblr, Wordpress, Livejournal, Insanejournal)
  20. Combating Spam in MyBB

    If you have a MyBB forum then you likely have at some point had to deal with spam. Most admins do inevitably have to cross this bridge. So, with that in mind, this guide will attempt to show you some of the most common ways to handle spam and what I feel are the most effective ways to manage spam and keep your forum clean. Some updated information can be found in Kit the Human's guide found here.

    Software: MyBB
  21. How to manage moderators

    This guide is meant to show JCink administrators how to manage their moderators. From adding them to a single forum to making global mods.

    Software: Jcink
  22. IPB 1.3 Custom ACT Pages

    How to make custom pages into your IPB 1.3 forum

    Software: Jcink
  23. Add Premium to all your forums!

    A short guide to adding your premium service to all your Jcink forums! 

    Software: Jcink
  24. Inline Moderation/Multi-Quote Issues (After 02/10/2017)

    After an update on Icyboards (I believe around 02/10/2017), it seems that a few of Icyboard hosted forums are having some issues with inline moderation (as well as a few other things such as multiquote).


    There is a possible quick fix/solution to this issue and I would like to address it here, have no fear this will almost certainly fix your issues, especially if they just started happening out of the blue and you haven't touched anything in the coding.

    Software: MyBB
  25. Default Avatar Fix (If Not Showing)

    For an unknown reason, sometimes when we try to place user avatars in particular areas, the default avatar (if they do not have one) does not show! I'll explain here a little HTML (image scroll tag with javascript) fix that will solve all your problems. Usually this problem will occur while putting the image in the header area or somewhere else. If you are having this problem on posts or profiles, this solution may work as well you'll just need to play around with the variable used for the users avatar.

    Software: MyBB

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