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Our RPG guides are written by roleplayers with other roleplayers in mind. Learn from others roleplay experience and provide others with your own
  • soggymuse

    Tips on Skinning

    By soggymuse, in Coding,

    @"Claire" asked for some tips on making her first skin but my reply got so big I figured I'd turn it into a guide.

    You always wanted to know how to annotate your face, right? ;P

    DISCLAIMER: I am not actually a drunkard like this post would suggest. (Seriously, the most I ever drink is a (very large) glass of Baileys at Christmas. Every night for a month. It's like a grown-up advent calendar.) The "wine" stains were in fact blood stains from all the hair-pulling.

    DISCLAIMER THE SECOND: I don't really have one, I just felt like saying "disclaimer the second".

    DISCLAIMER THE THIRD: Oh, look, I did have a second disclaimer after all: I may or may not add to this list of tips in the near or distant future if my brain should decide to spill its guts some more. Who knows.

    Type: Look & Feel Software: Jcink

  • Guest

    InsaneJournal Navigation guide

    By Guest, in Software,


    Foreword: This documentation was written by Blackjack Bart of RPG-D & DF. This guide has been updated from the original version, and there my be changes that are not obvious to first-time IJ users.


    Topics that are covered in this thread include:

    1. Navigation: The Sidebar
    2. Abbreviations & Slang
    3. Creating an Account
    4. Posting threads
    5. Journal & Community customization
    6. IJ Resources.

    Software: Journals (Tumblr, Wordpress, Livejournal, Insanejournal)

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