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Our RPG guides are written by roleplayers with other roleplayers in mind. Learn from others roleplay experience and provide others with your own
  • Josie

    It can be tough knowing where to begin when it comes to hiring staff. A lot of people start off thinking that they need them simply because that seems like the normal thing to do. It might seem “normal” to have [insert number here] staffers when you first start out. Well friends- it’s silly to do things just because everyone else is doing them that way, and this article is here to help you out with the process of hiring on new staff members.

    Type: Member/Forum Management

  • VirusZero

    Combating Spam in MyBB

    By VirusZero, in Software,

    If you have a MyBB forum then you likely have at some point had to deal with spam. Most admins do inevitably have to cross this bridge. So, with that in mind, this guide will attempt to show you some of the most common ways to handle spam and what I feel are the most effective ways to manage spam and keep your forum clean. Some updated information can be found in Kit the Human's guide found here.

    Software: MyBB

  • Josie

    A common problem I’ve seen people asking help with is dealing with unpleasant and difficult members. They aren’t breaking the rules, but they make you feel like you aren’t at home on your own forum. When an admin doesn’t want to be a part of their own forum this is a big issue, and the cause of this should always be dealt with as swiftly and carefully as possible.

    Type: Member/Forum Management

  • Josie

    Whether you are an admin or a player, there's probably been at least one time in your role playing career that you felt you were obligated to be social and chat- and just didn't know how. Or perhaps you want to, and still don't know how. Either way, here's some tips and tricks on being social when that's not your strong area!

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